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This is the corporate brochure of CDT-A Barry-Wehmiller Company. CDT provides products and services to meet the rapidly changing landscape of product development, product lifecycle management (PLM), and global project collaboration. As a "total solutions" provider, CDT offers the full-line of PTC software products Creo, Windchill, Arbortext, Mathcad, cadtogether with a comprehensive suite of services including implementation, training and core engineering services. CDT is Platinum level partner and "National Reseller" for PTC spanning the entire United States and with offices globally. CDT has a unique perspective on manufacturing with more than 100 years of manufacturing technology experience from Barry-Wehmiller. CDT has offices and trainign centers in St. Louis, Kansas City, Dallas and Chicago. For more information, go to

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Cdt a barry-wehmiller company - ptc creo windchill arbortext mathcad

  1. 1. Business OverviewKey Features■ CDT offers the complete suite of PTC products ■ Product Lifecycle Management Services: Unique■ Training centers located in St. Louis and Kansas 7-step PLM methodology City, MO, Dallas, TX, and Chicago, IL ■ PTC-Certified Windchill implementation team■ Domain-centric and process-driven approach ■ Product Engineering Services: Value and Sustaining■ Tailor best fit solution to your business needs Engineering and Controls and Embedded Systems■ Thorough understanding of the impact of technology ■ Enterprise Solutions: Consulting, implementation, solutions on product development and integration support for ERP, CRM, and EAM■ Provides solutions to drive innovative product systems development
  2. 2. Business Overview“Your TOTAL SOLUTIONS Partner”CDT, A Barry-Wehmiller Company, offers end-to-end advanced  Manages all product content and business processesengineering and enterprise solutions for the engineering and throughout the product and service lifecyclemanufacturing domains. As a “National Reseller” for PTC across  a central repository for all product and process Is informationthe U.S., CDT offers the complete suite of PTC products that include  Tracks and manages qualityWindchill for Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Supply  a scalable optimization solution IsChain Management (SCM), Creo, MathCAD, and Arbortext forComputer Aided Design (CAD) and Documentation, and Divisionfor Service Lifecycle Management (SLM). CDT also offers PTC  Award-winning design applications  Built from Pro/Engineer, CoCreate & ProductViewproduct training, engineering services, and expertise in enterprise  Suite covers Parametric, Direct, Simulate, Illustrate,applications including ERP, CRM, and EAM. CDT’s solutions Schematics, View MCAD, View ECCAD, Sketch,enable you to effectively address business challenges posed by the Layout, and Options Modelerrapidly changing landscape of product development, PLM, andenterprise applications. The Industry standard software for engineering calculations, empowers you to:CDT combines the powerful suite of PTC products with the  Calculate quickly  Analyze completelyengineering experience of the Barry-Wehmiller companies, a  Document automatically  Share and reuse effortlessly120+ year old manufacturing company with revenues surpassing$1.2 billion, to offer technology and engineering solutions tomidmarket manufacturing companies. End-to-end dynamic publishing solution to create, manage, and publish technical information for:The CDT and BWIR partnership can offer your company TOTAL  Technical Author  Technical Illustrator  Publishing Manager  Compliance ManagerSOLUTIONS for your engineering and enterprise journey. The Barry-Wehmiller Story… Barry-Wehmiller was founded in 1885 in St. Louis, MO as Barry-Wehmiller Machine Co. They provided conveying, transportation, and washing machinery to local brewing and bottling companies. After close to 50 years of tumultuous growth and decline, in 1988 Bob Chapman, as president of Barry-Wehmiller, established a strategic acquisition business model. To support integration requirements, the IT and Engineering Consulting arm of the company was established in 1986. In 2001, to ensure the machines we were offering, servicing, and implementing were exceeding industry expectations, it was external sources of revenue were required. Since then, the IT and Engineering Consulting division has worked with eight Barry-Wehmiller companies and over 350 external companies worldwide and grown to over $200 million in revenue. In early 2010, the Engineering, IT, and Consulting division decided to diversify into the technology products business. After evaluating all the major PLM and CAD solutions, it was decided to partner with PTC. In the same vein, Barry-Wehmiller acquired us CDT, PTC Gold partner based in Kansas City, MO. Since Barry-Wehmiller has made over 60 acquisitions without reselling even one, CDT knew they were serious. CDT takes partnerships just as serious and is proud to be a part of the Barry-Wehmiller family. Today, Barry-Wehmiller claims revenues surpassing $1.2 billion and more than 5,600 employees around the world. Our fundamental philosophy states, “We measure success by the way we touch the lives of people.” Our machines and engineers create products that touch almost every home in North America. Contact us at to understand why the world’s leading companies trust Barry-Wehmiller. Building 51 Corporate Woods | 9393 W. 110th St., Suite 340 | Overland Park, KS 66210 USA +1 (913) 317-8040 | |