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Ad Exchange Capabilities

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Max Marketplace Introduction

  1. 1. Client Name On Line Advertising Proposal Recommendation April 6, 2009 A New Online Monetization Platform We Call MAX
  2. 2. The Next Generation Advertising Marketplace Unique characteristics of the MaX Exchange. •Liquid – aggregates diverse inventory from small to medium sized websites, the fastest growing segment on the web. The true Longtail. •Frictionless – seamless integration with the worlds largest, independent ad server serving over 25 billion monthly ad impressions to over 200,000 websites. •Accessible and Flexible – no need for “exchange seats” linking arrangements, or large minimum fees for advertisers to participate. Lets sellers also become buyers, and buyers become sellers. •Fair – advertisers succeed in capturing the best inventory, for the best market-determined price in a real-time auction based platform. •Expressive - exceptionally rich target data applications with the ability to incorporate 3rd party research and advertiser provided data.
  3. 3. Unparalleled Access to High-Quality Inventory MaX Media Services Marketplaces Direct Publishers Ad Networks • AdECN • Earthlink • • OpenX Market • Yahoo • Valueclick • Right Media • USA Today • Adconion • Doubleclick Exchange • iVillage • 24/7 • PeoplePC • Interclick • Big Soccer • Metacafe MaX Media Services has the ability to reach more than 150 million US users through a diverse array of sources 3
  4. 4. Basic Objectives of the MaX exchange • Enable buyers to define and buy ad inventory based on their unique criteria across a vast pool of diverse, primary publisher inventory. • To provide advertisers and marketing organizations superior research and targeting applications that enrich and add significant value to their on-line buying efforts. • Improve market access to premium Longtail publisher inventory via a simple-to-use marketplace where multiple classes of buyers bid for each ad impression. • The Exchange and ad server platform is a single solution to address all on-Line needs:
  5. 5. How MaX Works…. 2. The Market enriches the impression with relevant data 3. The data-enriched impression is 1. Publishers pass inventory sent to advertisers to the Market Data 1 3 2 Websites Market Publishers 5 Advertisers 4 6 #1 #2 #3 4. Advertisers bid on the impression and provide targeted creative 6. The winning creative is displayed on the publisher’s site 5. The Market determines the winning bid and creative via an auction mechanism
  6. 6. Market Features for Advertisers Publishers participating in the MaX exchange market come from the network of over 200,000 websites that use the MaX ad server, or from other high-quality sites selected by MaX. Publisher Controls Advertiser Benefit •Set CPM floor: the price that the MaX •Risk free pricing, never overpay. marketplace must beat. •Access to cross-section of publisher •Defaulted inventory returned to premium inventory…not just remnant. publisher for pricing assessment. •Market set pricing across ALL available •Provides access to all site inventory. classes of inventory. Provide creative attribute requirements. •Total control over spend and ROI.
  7. 7. MaX Exchange’s Immense array of publishers
  8. 8. MaX Premium Publishers, Premium Inventory
  9. 9. Technology and Data Providers • MaX exchange market is designed to accommodate third-party data and technology providers:  Leverage collective assets and knowledge of the industry.  Better structure marketplace inventory and facilitate matches.  Realize greater value for all participants. • MaX incorporates premium data layering for enriching marketplace impressions:  Advertisers can tap into premium data to make better decisions on ad targeting and bidding.  Ad buyers can also bring their own data.
  10. 10. Targeting Features for Advertisers What targeting options are available? Advertiser Benefits? • Geographic •Structuring of high quality inventory. Zip code, IPA, County, MSA, DMA, State, Region, etc. •Organizing fragmented site categories by a • Demographic variety of targeting capabilities. Age, sex, income, plus up to 4,000 other variables • Contextual •Ability to integrate on-line and off-line Content driven ad placement based on keyword selects. targeting strategies to define prospect. • Retargeting •Maximize budgets by zeroing in on precise Tracking visitor activity and re-serving ads on other sites. target groups minimizing wasteful reach. • Domain •Develop more efficient buying strategies. Target individuals visiting competitive / in-category web sites. • Behavioral •Improve on conversions, actions and ROI Tracking and profiling visitor web browsing activity. measurements.
  11. 11. Robust Reporting, Deep Insight into Performance. Sample Reporting Elements •Target DMA, County, Zip Code •Target Segment •Impressions •Clicks •Conversions •Cost/1000 Impressions •Cost per Click •Cost per Conversion •Click Thru Rate •Conversion Rate •Cost per Click Index •Click Thru Rate Index •Conversion Rate Index Totally Customizable, Total Accountability REPORTING
  12. 12. About Mathews Mathews Marketing has been a leader in marketing research and highly-targeted marketing Mathews Services solutions for over 100 years. • Mobile Advertisng Mathews Marketing began as the Julius Mathews Special Agency in 1892 originally representing newspapers, first in New England, then nationally. • SMS Text Marketing • MaX Ad Xchange As media options grew and evolved so did Mathews, but one thing has remained constant – “Know your customer”. Unparalleled market research as always been the secret to Mathews success and • Hyper-targeted Email longevity. Regardless of media, if you know your customer, then you’ll know how to reach them – • Alert Me Now! – Relevant it’s that simple. Email and SMS • FSI – Free Standing Insert This is why some of World's top brands, like British Airways, Holland America Cruise Lines, Mercedes, Programs Land Rover, Volvo and many more have trusted Mathews with their marketing challenges. Mathews is pleased and exited to offer the latest media options in the most effective manner to exceed your goals. Our newest offerings include mobile display advertising, SMS marketing, hyper- targeted email, and situation-relevant SMS, email and mobile marketing. Mathews is a full-service marketing solutions provider that can help your organization thrive with meaningful, responsible and fully-accountable marketing programs. Forget the egos, forget the tech-hype, if you’re ready to talk results it’s time to talk to Mathews. Contact…XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXx East Coast Central West Coast Steven Bogue Melissa Prince Mark Landon (401) 845-6899 (972) 867-4177 (310) 517-1824