Engl 3120 final project

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A presentation for my ENGL 3120 class at Georgia State University.

A presentation for my ENGL 3120 class at Georgia State University.

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  • 1. Why having “freedom” is so amazing! By Tiffany Chuong ENGL 3120 Final Project Dr. Holmes
  • 2. Key Point #1: Parks aregreat places for exercise, meet for picnics, and playing. Key Point #2: Without parks, we wouldn’t have enough trees to give us air to breathe.
  • 3. There’s no place better to relaxand feel free.Swing to the sky! Slide fasterthan the wind!
  • 4. McCurry Park’s wide expanseof open space is often used notonly for simply enjoyment, butfor events like soccer games,archery tournaments, andmore. Without a park like this,people would probably feelcaged in their own homes ifthey couldn’t stretch once in awhile.
  • 5. Small and peaceful, great forwalking, jogging, running, andbiking!Let your energy walk, jog, run,and bike like the wind!
  • 6. Patriot Park is fairly new, havingbeen built only but a few years ago.Since then, however, theneighboring neighborhoods haveused it non-stop because of thesidewalks built into them leadingstraight to the park. Teens, youngadults, and adults are normallyfound here on a regular basis.
  • 7. Watch the ball fly! Chasethe clouds!A park that provides softballand baseball fields forpractice and normal play.
  • 8. Kiwanis Park is most oftenused for baseball and softballpractice, but anyone cancome here to play in the wideopen space. It’s the secondoldest park next to McCurryPark.
  • 9. Credits…. Dr. Ashley Holmes for the Project Idea The APA for research points (Website: http://www.planning.org/cityparks/briefingpa pers/communityrevitalization.htm) McCurry Park, Kiwanis Park, and Patriot Park for pictures! Music, “Deep Forest,” by Do As Infinity ENGL 3120: Electronic Writing & Publishing class.Thank You!!!