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SFPC The First Day
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SFPC The First Day


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. School for Poetic Computation Opening Day 10.16.2013
  • 2. Hi I’m Taeyoon.
  • 3. I build circuits. Magnetic, electronic and poetic circuits
  • 4. with Transistors, Capacitors and Resistors
  • 5. building circuit is like building tiny cities
  • 6. Sculpting with signals
  • 7. Making memories
  • 8. Adding and subtracting numbers
  • 9. software fiction and hardware noir Input=Output Signal=Circuit
  • 10. things get complex very soon (making shift register with D-type flip flops)
  • 11. this is a good place to be.
  • 12. July, 2008 Interactivos? Eyebeam a bit of personal history leading up to sfpc
  • 13. I organized Interactivos? with Zach Lieberman, Frederic Kirchner and Medialab Prado team at Eyebeam.
  • 14. spontaneous collaboration
  • 15. and spending time together
  • 16. September, 2008 OFLAB, Ars Electronica
  • 17. We built a lab in an art festival visitors could submit an idea in the first floor
  • 18. second floor was full of hackers realizing public’s dream over night.
  • 19. Top floor hand lounge area to relax and enjoy art
  • 20. a place for everyone
  • 21. making something strange.
  • 22. Doing something silly is good.
  • 23. building community and friendship is more important than code.
  • 24. Spring, 2009 Zach also invited me to teach at Design and Technology Department, Parsons School of Design with him.
  • 25. For few years, I organized free classes with The Public School New York, making art and becoming inspired by Occupy movement to practice activism in daily life.
  • 26. Student debt, unfair access to education and technology, and commoditization of social practice in art... There are many constraints teaching in institutions. What is the school we would like to see?
  • 27. April 12nd, 2013 Zach announced sfpc!
  • 28. April 17th, 2013 Kitchen Table Coders, Bushwick and we started having meetings.
  • 29. June 17th, 2013 We called for student on the Internet.
  • 30. July 5th, 2013 Zach’s Keynote at Eyeo Festival, MN
  • 31. Some drawings I made for the talk but were not used.
  • 32. July 21st, 2013
  • 33. July 21st, 2013 Amit Jen Zach Taeyoon
  • 34. August 11th, 2013 Teachers meeting
  • 35. September 7th, 2013 Cleaning our space at 33 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn NY
  • 36. September 7th, 2013 Thank you our friends!
  • 37. The First class of sfpc Fall, 2013