Unit 15 N.I.


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Future with present continuous and going to.

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Unit 15 N.I.

  1. 1. What are you going to do tomorrow? Future with present continuous and going to By Profr. José Ma. Jaramillo Salazar. March, 2009
  2. 2. Play Football Play volleyball Play tennis Play American Football
  3. 3. Go Running Go Walking Go Fishing Go Swimming
  4. 4. Go Dancing Go Shopping Go Hunting Go Cycling
  5. 5. Read Watch TV Play TV games Read a book talk on the phone
  6. 6. Clean Cook Use a computer
  7. 7. Take a bath Study Email friends exercise
  8. 8. go for a walk ride bikes collect things lift weights
  9. 9. Present Continuous We use this tense to talk about what is happening right now. But now we are going to use it to talk about FUTURE. I’m go ing to Monterrey next weekend. Susan is cook ing tomorrow night. We are hav ing a party next Saturday. Time expressions Tonight Tomorrow On Friday This weekend Next week
  10. 10. What are you do ing next weekend?
  11. 11. Questions What are you do ing next Saturday? I’m watch ing a new movie with Tony. What are you cook ing tonight? I’m cook ing rice and salad. Where are you go ing tomorrow? I’m go ing to school tomorrow.
  12. 12. Questions with be Are you go ing to the CAADI tomorrow? Yes, I am. Is your sister do ing laundry next Saturday? Yes, she is do ing laundry. Is Miguel work ing tonight? No, he isn’t. He is work ing tomorrow.
  13. 13. Going to We can also use GOING TO + VERB to talk about FUTURE. I’m going to swim in the Sabino next weekend. My girlfriend is going to study in Monterrey next year. My parents are going to work in U.S.A. We are going to pass 2nd Level. The teacher is not going to work on Friday.
  14. 14. Questions What are you going to do next weekend? I’m going to visit my family in Monterrey. Where are you going to go next vacaqtion? We’re going to go to Tampico. What are you going to cook tonight? I’m going to cook my favorite dish hamburgers .
  15. 15. Questions with be Are you going to pass to 3rd. Level? Yes, I am. I’m going to get a 100 in the exams. Is Miguel going to have an exam tomorrow? No he isn’t. He is going to have it on Monday. Is the teacher going to go to McAllen Next weekend? Yes, he is. He is going to go on Sunday.
  16. 16. Let’s practice!
  17. 17. Let’s practice with your books! More information: [email_address]