Jeopardy orchestra
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Jeopardy orchestra



Want to play jeopardy

Want to play jeopardy



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Jeopardy orchestra Jeopardy orchestra Presentation Transcript

  • Instrument Jeopardy General Music Class
  • Wood- Orchestra Strings Brass Percussion winds 100 100 100 100 100 200 200 200 200 200 300 300 300 300 300 400 400 400 400 400 500 500 500 500 500
  • Orchestra (100) ♫ The orchestra is made up of four instrument families. Info True or False? True
  • Orchestra (200) ♫ What is the name of the person who directs the orchestra? Info Answer: The conductor
  • Orchestra (300) ♫ What instrument family is featured in an orchestra and not in a Band? Info Answer: Strings
  • Orchestra (400) ♫ The average modern orchestra has 90 members. Info True or False? True
  • Orchestra (500) ♫ Where did the first orchestra begin? Answer: Info Egypt
  • Strings (100) ♪ What are the 4 main string instruments of the orchestra? Answer: Info Violin, Viola, Cello and Double Bass
  • Strings (200) ♪ What is the highest pitched instrument in the string family? Info Answer: Violin
  • Strings (300) ♪ The bodies of string instruments are made of wood and are hollow or solid? Info Answer: Hollow
  • Strings (400) ♪ The string section makes up more than half of the orchestra. True or False? Info True
  • Strings (500) ♪ What is the only string instrument that has pedals as well as several strings? Info Answer: Harp
  • Woodwinds (100) ♫ Woodwinds are all made of wood. True or False? False Info
  • Woodwinds (200) ♫ You have to blow into a woodwind instrument in order to produce a sound. Info True or False True
  • Woodwinds (300) ♫ What is the small piece of wood-like material that is used to produce sound on some woodwinds? Info Answer: A Reed
  • Woodwinds (400) ♫ What is the lowest pitched woodwind instrument of the orchestra? Info Answer: Bassoon
  • Woodwinds (500) ♫ What woodwind instrument plays the tuning note at the beginning of a concert? Info Answer: Oboe
  • Brass (100) ♪ All brass instruments have a mouthpiece and a bell. True or False? Info True
  • Brass (200) ♪ What lip technique is used to produce sound on a brass instrument? Answer: Info Buzzing
  • Brass (300) ♪ What is the only brass instrument that has a slide instead of valves? Info Answer: Trombone
  • Brass (400) ♪ The brass section is the softest in the orchestra. True or False? Info False
  • Brass (500) ♪ What is the name of the metal or plastic cone-shaped object used by brass players to soften the sound of their instrument? Info Answer: A Mute
  • Percussion (100) ♫ Sound is produced on percussion instruments by striking or shaking. True or False? Info True
  • Percussion (200) ♫ What is the instrument that produces a loud, crashing sound? Answer: Info Cymbals
  • Percussion (300) ♫ What is the lowest sounding type of drum? Answer: Info Bass Drum
  • Percussion (400) ♫ What percussion instrument looks like a large xylophone and is played with soft mallets? Info Answer: Marimba
  • Percussion (500) ♫ All percussion instruments are untuned. True or False? Info False To Final Jeopard y
  • Final Jeopardy
  • Final Jeopardy ♫ What is the one instrument in the orchestra that can be part of either the string or the percussion family? Info Answer: NYS Music Standards Piano
  • New York State Music Standards