FHS Band New Members Information


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FHS Band New Members Information

  1. 1. Welcome to theFriendswood Band Program“If it is worth doing, it’s worth doing right!"
  2. 2. Band Directors and Staff: Gregory Dick – Director of Bands Aaron Brown – Assistant Band Director Julio Sanchez – Assistant Band Director Ron Barnett – Color Guard Director
  3. 3. Friendswood Marching Band Program Marching Band (August –November) The marching band is one group composed of students from concert bands, drum line and color guard Marching Band is required for all members of the band program unless an FHS sport that practices at the same time conflicts P.E. and Fine Arts credit is awarded Includes Summer Camps in June and August Rehearsals: Mornings and Evenings Some weeks may include a Saturday rehearsal Schedule will vary according to school calendar Rehearsals during the calendar week do not exceed 8 hours a week as per UIL extra- curricular guidelines. This „rule‟ usually begins the first week of school and will be noted on the band calendar. On performance days, UIL allows a one hour “run through” above the 8 hours a week. (A detailed rehearsal schedule was available when you came in)
  4. 4. Percussion and Color Guard ProgramsPercussion – Julio Sanchez, Director Percussion meet as a class during the fall semester Percussionists will participate in one of the concert bands during the spring semester which does mean their class schedule will change slightly Percussionists have mandatory summer camps – May 30-June 1 & June 3 – June 7 Tryouts for marching positions will take place in MayColor Guard/Winter Guard – Ron Barnett, Instructor The „Guard‟ incorporates dance, body, and equipment work to complement the field production outdoors, and performs as an entity called the „Winter guard‟ January-April Color guard meets in three different class periods during the year Color guard includes mandatory summer Camps – May 30 – June 1 Mr. Barnett will have additional information for guard parents
  5. 5. Friendswood Concert Band ProgramConcert Bands (August –May):Ensembles include: Wind Ensemble (1st band) – Mr. Dick Symphonic Band (2nd band) – Mr. Brown Concert Band I (3rd band) – Mr. Sanchez Concert Band II (4th band) – Mr. Dick Concert Band III (5th band) – Mr. Brown All ensembles form the marching band in fall semester Ensembles perform at co-curricular concerts Some ensembles participate in competitive festivals in the spring Fall Band assignments will be posted before school is out and are based on the audition in May. Band is a „full-year‟ course; marching and concert participation is required within a school year. All students are highly encouraged to take private lessons. The quality of the individual playing in our program is directly related to studying privately. Over 90% take lessons.
  6. 6. Other Band Fees during the year:• Freshman Region Band fee - $15• Region Band entry fee - $15• Region Orchestra fee - $15• Solo & Ensemble entry fees - $8 for each• Solo accompanist fee - $30-40 paid directly to the accompanist• Ladies will need black flats with closed toe for concert season• Gentlemen will need a tux shirt, bow tie, and black shoes for concert season• FISD instrument/percussion rental fee - $50 per semester per instrument, $25 summer
  7. 7. 2013 Marching Summer Camps For all camps, students must provide their own transportation and meals Brass/WW/Percussion/Camp – May 30 – June 1, 2013 June Percussion Camp – June 3 – June 7 June Color Guard Camp – May 30 – June 1 Summer Band Marching Camp starts Monday, August 5 Morning rehearsals are used for marching instruction outdoors Afternoons are usually held indoors; evenings are outdoor marching Participation is mandatory in all camps Absences hinder the instructional progress of the band.
  8. 8. Marching Summer Band Camps cont. Band camp activities are held at Friendswood HS. Drumline and colorguard members should expect additional rehearsals. For safety reasons, students must bring plenty of water, use sunscreen, and eat healthy meals before and during band camp sessions. Students are required to wear white t-shirts, shorts, flexible tennis shoes, sun glasses, and a ball cap at all outside marching rehearsals. Water Bottles–All students should have a water bottle labeled with their name at every outdoor practice –insulated water bottles are highly recommended. For health reasons, students should not share water bottles. Large bottles are recommended. A detailed summer schedule will be emailed to you. Social activities will be planned for the August Band Camp. Attendance is highly encouraged.
  9. 9. Marching Band Assignments Months and months go into the planning of our competition show. Music is chosen and written and the drill is written before school is out. There are only a certain number of positions in each section of the Varsity Band due to many factors. Those factors include eligibility, ability to play, ability to march, ability to march and play at the same time and dependability. All students march at football games, parades, and play in pep rallies, etc., but only the Varsity Band marches at contests. The Junior Varsity assists at contests. Marching auditions will be held in May and the first week of the August camp. Marching assignments will be based on ability, eligibility, attendance, and the audition. Attendance is mandatory to be considered. The marching audition in August includes marching, marching while playing, and playing the opener of the show by memory. Students will be assigned to the Varsity or Junior Varsity Marching Band. The initial assignment to a marching band is contingent on a student maintaining all of the requirements to hold a position. Junior Varsity students should be ready at any time to move up into the Varsity Band.
  10. 10. Marching Band Chain of Command Head Band Director Assistant Band Directors Marching Techs, Color Guard Instructor Drum Majors Section Leaders When students have questions or concerns, they should start with their section leader and then work their way up the leadership chain to get an answer.
  11. 11. Performances and Competitions Attendance is mandatory for all band members and each performance is a graded activity The Marching Band performs at all home and away football games All games are on Fridays until the playoffs begin This year‟s first game is August 30 Competitions are held on Saturdays starting at the end of September Check the band calendar before registering for the SAT or ACT Bus transportation is provided for all away games Students MUST be picked up within 30 minutes of our return from an event. Game day itineraries will be done on a weekly basis & available through the website. Check the calendar on the band website for calendar for all events. www.fiendswoodmustangband.org
  12. 12. What‟s Expected of Students Consistent Attendance Positive Attitude Responsible Behavior Active Participation Individual Practice Thoughtful Communication Pass classes Stay Informed –www.friendswoodmustangband.org
  13. 13. Common Student/Parent Concerns Time commitment Academic pursuits/ Eligibility Marching Band physicality/ roles Music Memorization/Marching Skills
  14. 14. What‟s Expected of Parents Support your student in their musical endeavors Keep your contact information up to date in Charms Stay Informed –www.friendswoodmustangband.org The band calendar is on the band website Keep your student eligible Contact your child‟s director if you have questions
  15. 15. Mustang Band Boosters The booster club serves as a support organization for the students in the Friendswood Band The group furnishes financial support for supplemental instructional assistance, band equipment, scholarships, meals, water, coolers, truck rentals, mass communications, public relations, photographs, audio and video recordings, social events, etc. We need you to become involved with this wonderful team and volunteer your time for the success of the kids. Many different volunteer opportunities are available-most are „learn-as-you-go‟ activities 6500+ volunteer-hours are spent each year supporting the band program That‟s nearly 24 hours for each student in the band! Please be active with our boosters in supporting the band!
  16. 16. Other Informational Resources Our Website – www.friendswoodmustangband.org Includes calendar, contact information, booster information, photo albums, maps, and directions Band Member Handbook (online soon) It includes grading procedures and other pertinent info Charms – This is our database system for all communication, finances, acquisition of forms, etc.  Parents are to keep their contact information current.  All forms needed for band registration must be obtained through Charms.  If you have any question about Charms, contact Mrs. Mary Austin-Cox after this meeting.
  17. 17. Pertinent Contact Information Friendswood High School Main #: 281-482-3413 Mr. Dick, ext. 155: gdick@fisdk12.net Mr. Sanchez, ext. 135: jsanchez@fisdk12.net Mr. Brown: rabrown@fisdk12.net Mr. Barnett: rbarnett@fisdk12.net Visit website for booster officers‟ contact information