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CGA July 2010 Newsletter

CGA July 2010 Newsletter



CGA July 2010 Newsletter

CGA July 2010 Newsletter



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    CGA July 2010 Newsletter CGA July 2010 Newsletter Document Transcript

    • “Excellence in Education for All” Newsletter July 2010 Some girls are still members of the riding Sue Kayser Stands Down as Chair of club they were introduced to in year 7. Governors Since Sue ‘retired’ from teaching she has been busier than ever. Already on the John Sue Kayser’s long Kelly board she became Chair of Governors association with John in 2008 and when John Kelly became The Kelly Girls’ Technology Crest Girls’ Academy she continued in this College and more role. recently The Crest Girls’ Academy, began Always a ‘hands on’ person she has worked in 1990 when she tirelessly to ensure that the transition from became head of the John Kelly to The Crest Girls’ Academy has modern languages department. She taught been as seamless as possible. Her German and led a large and thriving innovative ideas about the new academy languages department. buildings and structures will form part of her legacy. While continuing as head of department she took on a new role in initial teacher training Whatever Sue decides to take on next she at the SSAT and when this became a full will surely pursue it with her customary time job Sue left John Kelly. enthusiasm and zeal and of course she will be continuing the weekly horse riding However she did not stay away for long. lessons at The CGA. When she returned she fulfilled a number of roles; Assistant Principal, Head of 6th form Mrs P Webber, Assistant Principal and the college bursar. Sue believes that our students’ lives should Year 10 Brent Art Competition be enriched by a diverse range of activities ‘Hate Crime’ which they would not normally be exposed to. As head of department she organised Year 10 GCSE art students were invited to trips abroad and when she became a local take part in an art competition based on magistrate she set up workshops for pupils the theme of ‘Hate Crime’. The competition in Brent to experience the workings of a was organised by Brent police and fourteen magistrate court first hand. schools in Brent took part. One of Sue’s great passions is horse riding The students investigated the theme and and she has enabled our students to have came up with a wide variety of different the opportunity to attend horse riding ideas. lessons, an activity that was unique to pupils in Brent when it started. Hundreds The competition was judged at Capital City of girls have attended the weekly lessons, and Anastasiya Kurlovich came second. taken part in competitions, participated at Ethel Fuenzalida , Mehrun Shah, Kristen events in Wembley and helped with fund Beaumont and Samana Gurung were all raising activities. runners up.
    • “Excellence in Education for All” Newsletter July 2010 Ms C. Blackburn, Curriculum Leader Expressive Arts NFTE Win, Lose or Draw by Anastasiya Kurlovich The £1 Game The Year10’s attended an awards ceremony at Al-Khoei Foundation on 7th July. The ceremony began with a speech by the Mayor of Brent and was followed by speeches by other notaries. The girls really enjoyed the speech by Chris Preddie from Crime stoppers. Sarah Teather, MP for Brent gave out the awards. After the ceremony the girls were given lunch and prizes; a £10 voucher for the cinema and Anastasycia received art books from the Tate Gallery. Anastasycia will now The Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship be helping at the Willesden Gallery for the (NFTE) five day programme gives year 9 an day with Lorenzo Belenguer helping him opportunity to learn about how to start and mount his next exhibition. This will give her run their own business. an interesting insight into the working practice of an artist. Day 1 was a fun packed day full of The five runners up also went to the South inspirational business ideas. The students London Gallery on the 18th July for a day of had to complete a pre-task called the NFTE workshops and art events. Well done to win, lose or draw. The students had to them all. take £1 and try and make profit from it. Razieh Mohammed from 9E purchased a scarf for £1 and sold it for £3. She then took the £3 she had made and purchased another three scarves and sold them for £3 each. Razieh kept going back and forth to buy and sell her scarves.
    • “Excellence in Education for All” Newsletter July 2010 She made SALES of £120 and a PROFIT of £119! Razieh donated all the money to charity (even the £1 she started off with!). Ms Halai, NFTE coordinator Brent and Harrow Science and Technology Challenge The students are always very eager and they participated in all the activities with Twelve of our year 8 gifted students participated in the Brent and Harrow great enthusiasm. Science and Technology Challenge day held Ms van der Walt, science teacher on Thursday 24th June 2010. They worked in teams with other schools on Year 10 Geography Trip to Worthing a rota basis and completed three of the four challenges on the day; bridge building, programming a toy robot, building a model car and designing a floating buoy. The students did very well and enjoyed the day. The geography department took forty two year 10 students to the seaside in Worthing, West Sussex on Monday 12th July. The students collected data for their GCSE coursework as well as enjoying the sea and Science Primary Outreach the tourist attractions of the town. Everybody had a wonderful time – Amina We had yet another successful year giving Adan wants to go again as soon as primary school pupils the opportunity to possible! visit The Crest Girls’ Academy and experience working in a laboratory. We look forward to taking the new year 10’s there next year. The topics this year varied from micro organisms with Wykeham Primary school to Mrs Sheehy, geography teacher states of matter with Brentfield Primary school.
    • “Excellence in Education for All” Newsletter July 2010 Day Trip to Wimereux, France EMTAS/SEN Trip to Greenwich On 20th July the EMTAS and SEN On Tuesday 13th July eighty students from departments organised a trip to Greenwich. year 7 and year 11 went on a day trip to France with seven members of staff. We Fifty girls took part in this ‘new experiences left at six o’clock in the morning and day’. Some girls had never been to central returned at ten in the evening. London before and this trip gave them the opportunity to encounter a whole new We travelled on the ferry to Calais and then world. drove to Wimereux, a lovely town by the sea. The students played by the sea and We took the underground to Westminster ate their lunch on the promenade. Some where we looked at The Houses of students used the French they had learnt in Parliament, Big Ben and the London Eye. the classroom to buy ice-cream from the From there we took a boat and had a shops. guided commentary along the river Thames. Not only did we learn a lot about the surrounding buildings but we were greatly amused as the presentation was very humorous. Then we went to City de l’Europe, a shopping centre where girls bought lots of souvenirs and sweets for their friends and family. The students were well behaved and enjoyed their very long day, but they were very tired in lessons the next morning. On arrival at Greenwich we admired The Royal Naval College and had a picnic in the Ms Hemamda, Curriculum Leader, park. We played and ate ice cream. modern foreign languages
    • “Excellence in Education for All” Newsletter July 2010 For our return journey we took the DLR With an increasing number of Brazilian girls which allowed us to have a close look at the now in the academy it also provided a good beautiful buildings in Canary Wharf. opportunity for the rest of the girls to learn a little bit about the history and culture of The day was full of fun and everyone their new friends. enjoyed it immensely. Mr MacKenzie, Spanish teacher Ms Stoyanova The First Crest Girls’ Academy Sports Year 8 Brazil Stop the Clock Day Day On 9th July The Crest Girls’ Academy completed their first sports day at Willesden sports centre. There was glorious sunshine which made the day special. The girls took part in a variety of events from football to a On Wednesday the 8th July all of year 8 tug of war tournament. Other events participated in a Stop the Clock day included 100m, 200m, 300m, long jump, 3 workshop organised by Mr Mackenzie and a legged race, space hopper race and finally team of Brazilian facilitators. the 4x100 relay. Inspired by images taken by a group of The event which caused the most stir was street children from Rio de Janeiro, the day the bucking bronco competition. It was so involved learning about aspects of Afro- popular that even the staff joined in on the Brazilian history and participating in some fun. cultural activities. These were then used to explore some of the difficulties faced by the The houses became alive throughout this poorest and most vulnerable groups in event and a real sense of pride and Brazil today. belonging became more apparent. There were house songs and banners and looking Through these activities, which include down the stands all you could see was a ‘Capoeira’ (a Brazilian martial art form), sea of colours. The girls poured their heart percussion, theatre and image analysis, the and souls into their events with Turquoise girls saw how culture is being used House becoming overall house champions. creatively to challenge negative stereotypes and empower young people in Brazil.
    • “Excellence in Education for All” Newsletter July 2010 CABARET Expressive Arts Performance On Thursday Evening 15th July fifty actors, musicians and dancers presented a “Cabaret!” in the main hall at The Crest Girls’ Academy. Led by Thank you to all students and staff for Chante Joseph and making The Crest Girls’ Academy first Elleyne and Elham sports day so special. Asghari as our incomparable hosts, the audience of Ms T Ayles, Year Director of Learning, families and friends were presented with a year 8 whirlwind of famous scenes and songs from stage and screen. Food Technology comes to the CGA Highlights included scenes from “Titanic”, “Finding Nemo”, “Blood Brothers” and there From September was a surprise highjacking by the evil Dr 2010, we are finally Zorg (who looked uncommonly like a opening the doors to teacher in the technology department…) our Food Academy Thank fully the twins were armed with for all students. This unlicensed nuclear accelerators strapped to has been a 2 year their backs and they saved the world from project for the Design Technology imminent destruction by Dr Zorg’s ray-gun. department and we are very excited that we are now ready to start cooking! There were moments of real tenderness, especially in the scenes presented by the Licence to Cook is an entitlement for all year 10 drama class. We were taken to the students in secondary schools in England. It trenches of World War 1 to that special provides a programme to enable students Christmas Eve when there was a voluntary to learn to cook and understand the ceasefire, and then to the drawing room of principles of diet and nutrition, health and a soldier’s wife who shared a letter with us safety and wise food shopping. from her husband, and who never made it home from the front. More details to follow…. But – as Chante so aptly put it – “life is a Mr McGill, Assistant Principal cabaret old chum!” and the evening finished on a high note with Siti Awled and Maryam Osman leading the great Queen song “Somebody To Love”.
    • “Excellence in Education for All” Newsletter July 2010 It was a mammoth undertaking at such a busy time of year and thanks must be made to the students behind the scenes, without which, the evening would never have been a success. Special thanks to Shilan on the sound desk, April on audio-visual, Baiyan and Koular on lighting, Shukri and Charlotte for stage management, the sixth form girl’s film crew Finally, the moment had arrived… the and the front of house girls. announcement about the winning house, Thank you also to the expressive arts team who had gained the most house points – and supporting cast, Mr Kaveris, Mr Turquoise had won. Congratulations! McDonnell, and Mr Tydda. We couldn’t have done it without you! Ms K Whitlocke, head of music The Third CGA Celebration Assembly On Thursday 22nd July the students and staff celebrated their third celebration of This has been a fantastic first year for the the year. Our special guest was Sue new house system and especially thanks Kayser, performing her last task as Chair of must go to the heads of house: Ms Ahmed Governors. The hall was full of students and Ms Appah (acting head of house for eagerly anticipating the result of the house two terms), Ms Ercan, Ms Halai, Ms Hartley, point competition. But first we were Ms Patel, Ms Pindoria, Ms Seymar, and Ms treated to acts from the ‘Cabaret’ Shepherd. performance from the night before. Many students received prizes and certificates from their heads of house and Mrs P Webber, Assistant Principal Ms Kayser.
    • “Excellence in Education for All” Newsletter July 2010 A Tribute to Muska Khpal Hence, in 2004, Muska’s continuous hunger Medical Doctor for new learning experiences found her being chosen to participate in a Channel 4 Documentary “My Shakespeare”. Produced and directed by Baz Luhrmann and Paterson Joseph, this was a production of Romeo and Juliet, using young amateur actors, some, like Muska, who had never acted before. Muska won the coveted role of Juliet, and four weeks later went on to become a star receiving standing ovations at a RADA Theatre, when she played “Juliet” to Fourteen years ago, in 1996, a young girl, perfection. The documentary was shown an Afghan refugee arrived in the UK with on Channel 4 in December 2004. her family. They had emigrated here to escape the war in Afghanistan. Muska Khpal’s ‘A’ level results were again The young girl’s name was Muska Khpal. amongst the best the school had seen, and She arrived; unable to speak a word of she was given the opportunity to study English and she came right here to The medicine at the highly esteemed St. CGA, then known as John Kelly Girls’ Georges University of London Medical Technology College. School. Muska first spent a year working at JKGTC Muska quickly established a reputation for as an LSA, helping students who were in a herself, studying very hard, and learning similar situation to herself, when she first English with such alacrity, that she was arrived in the UK. soon top of the class in not only that subject, but virtually every other subject Muska Khpal worked very hard indeed. Her too. Teachers and staff remember her as a idea of rest and relaxation was continuing cheerful student, always asking advanced her interests in acting, and subsequently questions about her subjects. appearing as an actress in the film “Exodus” in 2007. She passed her GCSEs with flying colours, getting some of the best results of her This summer, 2010 – Doctor Muska Khpal year, and joined the sixth form to study graduated from St. Georges University. biology and chemistry. Her ambition was to Muska is an inspiration to every student, in become a doctor and build hospitals to every school, regardless of race, colour or treat children in Afghanistan. creed. She has taught us that through hard work and ambition, you can achieve your Muska was an all round student, who goals, your dreams. embraced everything positive that life had Her legacy to us is simple; work very hard to offer. She did not have a privileged and you can achieve anything! background, but that didn’t stop her from attaining her goals. Mr T. Akinbule, ICT Systems administrator
    • “Excellence in Education for All” Newsletter July 2010