20110722 our position on yeouido judgment


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Tongil Foundation's position on the judgment by the Seoul District Court on the Yeouido Holy Land.

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20110722 our position on yeouido judgment

  1. 1. We must defend our Yeouido Holy Land - Our position on the District Court judgment in Yeouido Holy Land trial -To our beloved and respected leaders and members of the Unification Movement.We would first like to express how sorry we are for the deep sadness and pain you must beexperiencing after hearing the result of the district court trial over the Yeouido Holy Land announcedby Seoul Central District Court on July 20. We also apologize to True Parents that we are not ableto offer a report of victory. True Parents, having issued a declaration containing their stern command,are now waiting for the return of this Holy Land to them so that they may directly administer it in amanner consistent with the original intent.We feel this sorrow and regret, because we know only too well what the Yeouido Holy Land meansto True Parents and to the leaders and members of the Unification Movement. Donations were madein the early days of our church by people determined to contribute anything they could, even if itmight amount only to the value of a single brick, for the vision of building the world headquarters onthis land. Some, finding they had no other way to create funds to donate to this purpose, even wentso far as to sell their blood. When True Parents would return to Korea from overseas, they wouldgo first from the airport to this property and offer their prayers and sincere dedication. This is theimportance of the Yeouido Holy Land.Y22 attempted to sell off this Yeouido Holy Land in a way not reflecting the desires of True Parentsand the Unification Movement, and Tongil Foundatoin was forced to file suit in order to stop suchsales. The original contract came about under Rev. Kwaks leadership during the time he was boardchairman, so we started the court case from a disadvantaged position. Many lies came to lightduring the course of the court proceedings, however, making our position stronger as time went on.For example, they insisted strongly in the initial phase of the trial that there was no relationshipbetween Y22 and Rev. Kwak. During the trial, however, Pak Seung Tae (a.k.a. Pak Seoung Hun), aformer Tongil Foundation board member called as a witness for Y22, testified that it was Rev. Kwakwho had asked that he testify in the trial. Also, an employee of a financial institution testified that itwas Rev. Kwaks second son, Kwak Jin Hyo, who worked to resolve a situation where Y22 founditself in financial difficulty.As the trial proceeded, Y22 saw their lies being revealed one by one. So at one point, theysuddenly changed their position, and began to say that everything had been reported to True
  2. 2. Parents, that they absolutely followed True Parents instructions, and that Rev. Kwak had donenothing on his own accord. They passed all blame to True Parents. What a monstrous and absurdstatement! How could True Parents give instructions to sell off buildings that were to be the worldheadquarters, especially after they had invested so much of their sincerity and dedication andmembers had poured out so much of their tears and sweat? How could True Parents haveinstructed that Rev. Kwak enter into a contract that was so blatantly unfair? True Parents trustedRev. Kwak and, in their true love, left everything up to him. Rev. Kwak, however, responded to thattrue love with complete betrayal.Respected leaders and members, the truth is that the successive board chairmen other than Rev.Kwak were not allowed to have anything to do with the plan to develop the Yeouido Holy Land.Chairman Kook Jin Moon forcefully opposed the plan for reasons related to the development methodand the lack of transparency in the ownership structure. In the end, it was Rev. Kwak who arbitrarilypushed through a biased contract. Yet, he now denies everything. He says he never allayed theconcerns of members of the Tongil Foundation board by telling them the Yeouido Project would betransferred to Tongil Foundation after 17 years. He says he never said that board members neednot worry about Y22, because this was a company loyal to True Parents. He obstinately insists thatsuccessive board chairmen having no relationship with him, namely Pak Hong Jo, Hwang Sun Jo,Lee Jae Suk and Ahn Jin Sun, each gave the contract with Y22 careful consideration. In fact, theseformer chairman say Rev. Kwak took charge of the Yeouido Project himself at all times, allowed nointerference from anyone, and did not allow them to know the details of the project.Despite these facts, the lies of the other side have managed to fool the court, at least for now. Wewill move forward with all possible legal remedies, including the appeal trial, with a conviction thatjustice and truth will win out in the end. It is a foolish person who thinks he can hide the heavensby holding up his hand. The truth will surely be revealed. True Parents have clearly stated in theirdeclaration as follows: "We instruct Hyun Jin Moon and other members of the UCI Board ofDirectors, also Chung Hwan Kwak (former UCI board chairman, Hyun Jin Moons father-in-law) andhis family and relatives, to return to True Parents, who are the founders, all rights related to theongoing construction project to develop the Yeouido Holy Land in Korea. The plan will bereestablished and the development will take place on a providential dimension." If they are childrenof the True Parents, they will uphold this instruction immediately. If they insist on disobeying TrueParents instruction, we will fight them to the best of our ability to the very end. As God and TrueParents are with us, we will be victorious.We are grateful for all the help you have already given us, and ask for your continued interest andprayers.
  3. 3. 21st day, 6th month by the Heavenly Calendar (July 21), 2011Hong Sun PyoSecretary General,Tongil Foundation