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V Tinal Fssue 3


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This is a quarterly newsletter provided by Triumphant Christian Center Visionary Times writing staff. It provides information that informs and inspires the Christian community.

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V Tinal Fssue 3

  1. 1. Triumphant Christian Center July 2009 Volume 1, Issue 3 Visionary Times By: Detra Wilson Inside this Issue: Holiness of the Believer Apostle J. Woods Sr. Page All Christians should bear Without holiness, it is God gives us grace during fruit which according to the Matters of the Heart 2 impossible to see God in the period of time that He scripture is love, joy, peace, peace. Holiness is the aspect expects us to become like patience, kindness, Single Mothers 2 of God’s nature that makes Him. The price for exceeding goodness, faithfulness, Him separate from sin God’s grace is higher than gentleness and self-control Bible Trivia 2 because He is pure and anyone can afford. The Bible (Gal. 5:22). undefiled. In essence, says in Romans 6:23 that the Signs of the Times 3 holiness is sanctification. The wages of sin is death. process in which the spirit, However, it is important to soul, and body are set apart not only seek wisdom but to Prophets Speak 3 Christians must yield to the take heed to the knowledge for God is sanctification. Holy Spirit, and learn to walk that you acquire. You are Teen Talk 4 in holiness. held accountable for what God has already covered believers’ sins with the blood you know (Psalm 119). Health 4 The Bible says that if we of Jesus. However, the believer has the follow seven steps we will If you are a Christian, you Money Minute 4 never fall or be moved (2 Pet should know where you are responsibility to stay clean and free from sin; or it is like 1:5-7). If we consistently add going. If you know your Praise 5 virtue, knowledge, contract rights and the a dog going back to eat its own vomit. Furthermore, it is temperance, patience, principles of God, you will Marriage 5 godliness, kindness, and love find out your ultimate our responsibility to guard what we allow to come we will not be barren or purpose and destiny. Cartoons 6 unfruitful. through our ear, mouth, and Recipe 6 eye gates. The Correspondence What Is Your Life Speaking? Pastor V. Woods Ministry is accepting submissions for the next Are you talking the talk, or constantly complaining The reason is because you issue. You may e-mail your walking the walk? Walking in without even realizing it. If are not letting the spirit have submission to the spirit means that you are this is you, then you are complete control over you moving closer to God. trying to live on your own (Eph 5:18). At your weakest or you may give your strength. Always remember moments stop and ask submission to any staff writer by October 15th. Is your life changing or are that the power of God makes yourself who’s in control. you in the same stupor, you Triumphant! stumbling through life without God wants you to have direction? Don’t forget that The consequence for not peace over any situation that God requires us to live holy walking in the power of the you cannot control and in public and in our private Holy Spirit is an unstable victory over temptation. God lives. spiritual life. is calling us all to a higher standard. In order to walk in the spirit, For instance, you may be on you must be filled with the fire for God and ready to Let us grow together at the spirit. If you are depending preach the gospel on the next Women’s Ministry which on the Holy Spirit, God’s street corner to anyone who is held on the fourth Saturday power will transform your life will listen one minute. Then of every month. Before our (I John 5:5). the next minute, you don’t next meeting, try to spend even want to go to church, some time with God Check out your life. You may for no apparent reason. meditating on the question: be discouraged, worried, and What is Your Life Speaking?
  2. 2. Visionary Times Page 2 of 6 Matters of the Heart What hurts the most? When soul is the fact that what you Life is not always a bed of you are up late at night, can control is limited. Life’s roses. If it were, how could tossing and turning are you greatest problems cannot be we appreciate their sweet thinking about the promises changed by us, but they can smell? If you’re always of God? (Phil 4:8-9). Most be controlled by God. All we walking on the clouds, then it likely if you are not resting, can do is change the way would be that much harder to you are thinking about how to that we react to them. carry your cross. solve your problems. You can make choices that Learn from your experiences Instead of agonizing over contribute to your problem. In and let God change you. your situation, try meditating fact, if you are making Make sure you understand on God’s word. Follow his choices that are adding to what the Master wants (Eph instruction to pray and be your mess you are taking 5:17). Live your life and stop anxious for nothing. control. You are giving your letting your circumstances circumstances power over live your life for you. I know that the part that you. scratches the bottom of your Single Mothers’ Ministry Amber Franklin As a part of Triumphant • To provide a Christian Centers Outreach The goals for this ministry support system to program “Saved to Serve” are to: single mothers of all TCC is now introducing the • Disciple as many ages and races. Single Mothers’ Ministry. single mothers as possible and get • To direct single This ministry will inspire, them to join the mothers in encourage and build up vision of TCC. application of the Single Mothers of all ages. word of God on a • To instill in all single daily basis to avoid The vision for this ministry is mothers that even making the same to form a strong network of though we may mistakes again. Christian Single Mothers have had a child or inside of TCC that will be children outside of able to go out into our marriage we can If you would like to be a part surrounding community and still be Virtuous of this ministry, please bring other Single Mothers to Women. contact me at 614-419-3563. Jesus Christ. Bible Trivia Bible Scholars: Test your is "Jesus wept" but money? knowledge with Bible Trivia. why did Jesus You can find the answers in cry? 5. In the Bible, who did the margins on the page four. the sun and moon stand still before? 1. What scripture is 3. Why was Jeremiah located in the known as the middle of the bible? "weeping prophet? 2. The shortest 4. Who tried to buy the scripture in the bible Holy Spirit with
  3. 3. Page 3 of 6 Visionary Times Signs of the Times The Bible tells us that there is In fact, according to co- if we don’t pick up our cross a definite sequence of events author, Barry Kosmin, and follow Jesus, we will that must occur before Christ “…people are just making up never be worthy of him. When will return. (Matt. 24, Mark, their own stories of who they it is time for our reward, he 13, Luke 21) Prior to the are.” Kosmin states that will tell us that he never knew Second Coming there must people say, “’I’m everything, us. be a great falling away. (2 I’m nothing. I believe in Thes. 2:3). myself.’” The Bible warns us that people will be unaware of the The Greek word translated as Unfortunately, some of these world events leading to His “falling away” is apostasia, people who now believe in Second Coming, just as the which means apostasy of themselves used to believe in Jews didn’t recognize Him as defection from the truth, or Jesus. Essentially they have the Messiah. Sadly, enough better yet a final rebellion betrayed Jesus just as the some will be preoccupied with against God. The day of Bible predicts. their own problems, hopes, rebellion cannot come until fears, and pleasures (Matt. the falling away of God’s truth We are living in the “do your 24: 37-39). has occurred. own thing” era. Or better yet as Grossman says we’re in Remember Christ’s warning Cathy Grossman’s article the land of the “freelancers.” to watch world events and featured in USA today, “Religion has become more pray in order to escape the explains that the percentage like a fashion statement, not a trouble that mankind is bring of people who call deep personal commitment upon itself, lest we be themselves Christians has for many, “says Kosmin. unprepared for his Second dropped more than 11% in a Coming. (Luke 21:34-35). generation. It appears as if The problem with that is that we all may be a part of the last generation. Let the Prophets Speak John McFadden IV The wealth of the wicked is He is getting ready to We are no better than the laid up for the righteous transfer the wealth to people of Judah who were (Prov.13:22). You may have believers, so that we may stripped because of their heard this for years and have life more abundantly disobedience. Even the wondered if this is really (John 10:10). prophets were shut down going to come to pass. But because of their failure to now is the time. It is important for God’s obey the Lord God. So don’t “We are no better than people to be wealthy think that when the exchange the people of Judah Some of you may have been because we will be a of wealth comes, we can’t be who were stripped in a pit just like Joseph, but blessing unto others not a stripped too. let’s not forget that God took curse. In order to sow into because of their Joseph out of the pit and into the kingdom and do the work If you have been in a pit or disobedience.” a palace. of the Lord, we must have locked up in prison, you will the heart of God. be elevated soon. But God has promised us that He remember that God expects has riches laid up for us and However, God is warning His you to obey Him when you the Lord is faithful to fulfill his people that we must use the are blessed. promises. wealth that we acquire to glorify Him. We must make People of God, take heed to There will be a stripping in sure that our heart is for God the warning of God and get the world (Isaiah 19).God is or God can cause distress to ready to live in your palace! tired of ungodly rulers and come to us(Isaiah 29:13).
  4. 4. Visionary Times Page 4 of 6 Teen Talk Just because you are young You have the power to resist will tell you the right thi to thing does not mean that Satan him, but if you don’t then you do. You don’t have to know will not tempt you. will lose your closeness to all of the scriptures by heart Remember that Satan does God. If you are not close with to do the right thing and not tempt unsaved people God, then you may lose your resist t temptation. like he does believers. desire to be used by God. When you feel like you can’t Don’t be surprised when he As a Christian, you have the handle the temptation tries to tempt you with Holy Spirit that gives you a remember that God will alcohol, drugs, pornography, greater sense of what is right rescue the godly from etc. The Bible says to”… he and what is wrong. When temptation (2 Pet 2: 9). resist the devil and he will you have to make important Remember that God will not Bible Trivia Answers flee from you” (James 4:7). choices, remember that God allow temptation to go is always with you and He beyond what we can resist (I Cor. 10:13). 1. Psalm 118:8 2. Because Lazarus 3. died He wrote about sad Health and Wellness Tiffany Gilmore conditions of God’s Now, you may be asking Sabbath day and then a Maybe you aren’t even M people which were yourself, “W , “What does health junkyard the other six days? aware of it but Satan has and wellness have to do with Is the condition of your launched a two two-fold attack the result of our spiritual or mental physical body worthy of the against you. He seeks to judgment because of growth? I'm glad you asked. ? indwelling of the Holy Spirit destroy you both physically or has Satan convinced you and spiritually. continual sin "Know ye not that your body now that it really doesn’t matter? (Jeremiah and is the temple of the Holy The T upcoming articles we will Lamentations) Ghost which is in you, which God did not design our explore different ways to ye have of God, and ye are bodies to be diseased, weak, defeat Satan’s physical 4. Simon Magus (Acts not your own? (1 Cor. 6:19). own?” unhealthy and overweight – attack so that we will have 8:18-21) Now take a good, honest even in this imperfect world. the strength and inner 5. Joshua look at yourself. Is your body He designed us for long life. fortitude to defeat his attack God’s temple only on the on our soul soul. Money Minute Brittany Mayo Are you a frivolous spender? (1 Timothy 6-6-8). Ask never seen a UU-haul behind A prudent consumer is one yourself this, “Am I a a Hurst.” The things we have who enjoys the fruits of their frivolous spender? Do I are not go going with us when labor yet guards against spend money on things I we leave this e earth. materialism. The ability to already have or don’t need?” purchase something after a Know this, God gives us our So spend in moderation, so long hard work week can be resources. that you can enjoy the very rewarding, but it can benefits of being a con content also be dangerous. Every good and perfect gift is person, and a prudent from above. Let us be good consumer. God warns us to beware of stewards over what our idols, and not to put anything Father gives us, and entrusts May God bless you on your to us. He expects us to use journey to financial wisdom. before him. The Bible says wisdom and grace as we “Godliness with contentment shop and spend money. is great gain” As our Apostle says, “You’ve
  5. 5. Page 5 of 6 Visionary Times Triumphant Christian Center The Privilege of Praise Rhonda Richardson How Awesome the Lord is to will align with God’s plan for open up our hearts in spirit dwell on the tip of our our lives instead of just our and in truth God brings the tongues with a Hallelujah and own selfish desires. revelation. Sometimes the at our fingertips with a things He shows us hurts, If we stay in the will of God, handclap! The Lord resides but we praise Him anyhow. we can be assured that our in praise and worship. It is We know that it will all work prayers are heard, the door to revelation. It is out for our good. understood and then not a ritual that only takes ANSWERED by God. What I believe having the ability to place in the sanctuary. am I saying? Praise and praise God is one of the It is not a song’s pace or worship is nothing more than greatest gifts any of us have wording that is most prayer that HE inhabits and ever been given. important. No, praise and carefully considers. When we can’t think of the worship is a privilege. It is the Praise and worship has so words to say or the right way to open up one’s heart much hidden revelation in scripture He understands. unto the Lord. each moment because it When we can only wail Praise and worship is gives us the opportunity to because of our pain, He is essential to getting the take our eyes off of us and right there to help. Better yet, attention of God. We need to focus on God. To uplift our when we can only laugh get our minds and hearts on hands in adoration towards because of our joy, He is the will of God before we all that He is and was and there to just bask with us in make our petitions unto Him. will be. Praise and worship is the happiness He brings. If our minds are focused on a sacrifice because when we How awesome and great is the will of God, our requests our God! The Two Shall Become One Elder Vicki Ashley Marriage tery is a beautiful union a good marriage entails is yoked together pulling a between one man and one derived from the models of wagon. If both horses woman. It is a mystery how our experiences including our constantly pull in separate two of anything can come parents, relatives, movies, directions at the same time, together taking all of their novels, and yes even the end result is the team of individual properties and the fairytales. While these horses will be pulled apart. “One of the initial outcome yield to something sources can shape what we Furthermore, the reigns that new. ingredients essential to think about marriage, only held them together will be God’s word gives us the broken. Sadly enough, the marital success is that the For instance, there is an exact ingredients to combine most despairing thought is expectation of what the two people must come so that our marriage that neither of them realized finished product will look like together in submission to relationship is what God they were stronger together after pulling together all the intended from the beginning. than they are separately. God.” ingredients of a favorite recipe, and following the One of the initial ingredients In a Christian marriage, we prescribed pattern. Marriage essential to marital success is submit to the process of is much like this, but many that the two people must marriage, become one, bring times the two people who come together in submission children into our union, and have come together to pledge to God. Amos 3:3 says “Can live as examples before their life and fidelity to each two walk together, except others. As we do this, let us other have very little they be agreed?” remember: Today’s children knowledge of the “recipe” for are tomorrow’s parents— a good Christian marriage. Let’s look at it this way. what are we modeling before Imagine there are two horses them? Many times our views of what
  6. 6. Triumphant Christian Just For Fun Center 904 Thomas Ave. Columbus, Ohio 43215 PHONE: (614) 225-0421 SERVICE TIMES: Sunday Morning Worship Service 11:00 a.m. Thursday Prayer 6:30 p.m. Thursday Bible Study 7:30 Apostle Juan Woods Pastor Vernice Woods Administrator Mechele Woods Correspondence Ministry Staff Writers: Eld. Vicki Ashley Tiffany Gilmore About TCC… Brittany Mayo Detra Wilson Triumphant Christian leadership at TCC train, youth and leaders of this Center is a T.E.A.M. equip, and release mature generation by bringing ministry with a prophetic saints to operate in the them together in unity roar of praise and power- five-fold ministry gifts starting with this city, speaking restoration to (Ephesians 4:12). moving on to the state, this generation. The traveling to the nation and TCC ministers strongly to branching out to the world. Make It In 1-2-3! Lemon Pepper Chicken This dish proves that sometimes the simplest 1. In a shallow dish, combine lemon juice, oil, ingredients make for surprisingly complex flavor. pepper, honey, salt to taste. Add chicken breasts, turning to coat with the marinade. Set What You'll Need aside for 10 minutes to infuse with flavor. • Juice of two lemons 2. Preheat the broiler. • 1 tbsp. olive oil 3. Broil chicken for 3 or 4 minutes per side, until • 1 tbsp. coarsely ground black pepper no longer pink inside. • 1 tsp. Honey • 2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts (5 oz./150 g each) Serve with quick-cooking barley tossed with fresh thyme leaves or chopped parsley; steamed baby carrots and green beans. Serves 2