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TE summit 23-24.10.2013.-Wilfried Paroubek-Improving the IT skills
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TE summit 23-24.10.2013.-Wilfried Paroubek-Improving the IT skills


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Published in: Education, Technology
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  • 1. Improving the IT skills of our youth so they can realize their full potential 25 October 2013 Wilfried Paroubek Area Sales Lead Microsoft Learning eXperiences CEE & Germany
  • 2. Global skills gap: youth unemployment 13.5 80 13.1 78 12.7 76 12.3 74 11.9 72 11.5 70 11.1 68 10.7 66 10.3 64 9.9 62 9.5 60 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013
  • 3. Microsoft tech skills in demand “must have” “good to have” 35.6M 2009 41.4M 2014 “nice to have”
  • 4. Value of skills Sources: 1 US Bureau of Labor Statistics; 2 IDC MS White Paper, Cloud Computing's Role in Job Creation, March 2012; 3 IDC, Climate Change: Cloud's Impact on IT Organizations and Staffing, Nov 2012 **Microsoft Skills Gap Survey, IDC, June–July , 2012; 4 IDC
  • 5. "... There's no less potential, no less opportunity today to make a fundamental impact on a wide swath of society's issues through the power of information & software, We're excited to have a chance to go work on that.“ “Every successful corporation has a responsibility to use its resources and influence to create opportunity and to have a positive impact on the world.”
  • 6. Microsoft Youthspark
  • 7. Youthspark in Europe 11Million reached - Microsoft Community Technology Skills program since 2008 630,000 trained & Certified Microsoft IT Academy on Industry needed skills, in last 10 years. 17,000 Students connected to Jobs via Student to Business program Imagine Cup - 1.65M Students in 190 countries participated in last 10 years. 16,000 new start-ups supported Bizspark
  • 8. Across EU countries Available jobs by technology Microsoft Spain* 11 4 32 135 Netherlands* 121 285 261 >1000 Belgium* 97 7 58 358 7 18 23 177 60 14 76 376 Sweden* 40 17 42 376 Malta 0 ~10 ~20 ~600 14 12 36 272 France** Sources: *, July 2012 **Monster, February 2013 Cisco Ireland* Strong hiring interest from MPN ecosystem Apple Italy* Certifications: “must have” “good to have” “nice to have” Ability to earn college credits* Google Austria* Public funding for Microsoft certs available in many countries Country 52 11 127 393 United Kingdom** 438 110 667 >1000 Germany** 201 82 229 >1000
  • 9. Validating skills for youth employment Hiring Managers consider employee certification as a criterion for hiring1 Hiring Managers feel that certified individuals are more efficient1 Hiring Managers feel that certified individuals perform better 1 Individuals believe obtaining a certification makes them more marketable2 Sources: 1 MCP Program Satisfaction Study 2010; 2 Intrepid Survey; 3 Certiport Research,2009 Supervisors say that Microsoft Office certified employees are more proficient users of Microsoft Office programs3
  • 10. Microsoft Certification Framework Get Recognized Get Ahead Get Hired Information Workers IT Professionals & Developers
  • 11. Microsoft IT Academy Program Technology Education Solution The Microsoft IT Academy Program is a complete technology education solution connecting students, teachers, employers and local communities through a life-long learning model of leading-edge technology skills development. Bridge the Gap The program was developed to bridge the gap between education and the real-world by equipping students with the IT skill sets they need for successful careers in today’s technology centered job market, and providing professional development resources for educators. Accredited Academic Institutions Membership is open to public or private K-12 schools, vocational schools, correspondence schools, junior colleges, colleges, universities, or scientific/technical schools that are institutionally accredited by an accrediting agency nationally recognized by the Ministry of Education.
  • 12. MS IT Academy Program Objective Empower academic institutions to help students achieve industry recognized skills and reach their career potential through high-quality training and certification.
  • 13. IT Academy Program benefits
  • 14. IT Academy Solution Benefits Overview E-learning on Microsoft Technology OFFICIAL CURRICULUM CERTIFICATION LAB RESOURCES PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT ALLIANCE WITH MICROSOFT • • • • • Prepares for Industry Certification Multiple Languages Mobility - anywhere, anytime access Applied Learning More than 250 courses Lesson Plans for educators mapping to Industry Certification Objectives Microsoft Official Academic Curriculum for Educator Certification Vouchers for E-Books Library Subscription – DREAMSPARK Professional Development Curriculum for Marketing Resources Office Skills and Entry-Level IT Learning Access to Full versions of Microsoft developer software for students/teachers Teachers to Validate Skills teachers/staff –with real-time tracking progress access to more than 700+ Microsoft Press digital books • • • • Posters Flyers Logo Use School Locator Tool
  • 15. Office App Word Excel PowerPoint Outlook Access SharePoint OneNote Transportation, Distribution & Logistics Science, Technology, Engineering & Math Marketing Manufacturing Law, Public Safety, Corrections Information Technology Human Services Hospitality & Tourism Health Science Government & Public Administration Finance Education & Training Business Management & Administration Arts, A/V Tech & Communications Architecture & Construction Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources MOS Exams Mapped to Career Clusters IT Academy
  • 16. IT Academy Value For €1.200 (estimated annual price) every ITA membership receives €40,000 worth of content and benefits The cost of IT Academy for all of your educators, students and staff is typically comparable to IT training for one individual. Microsoft Office Specialist Information Worker Courses Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert /Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist Courses Microsoft DreamSpark Software & Microsoft Office Lab Licenses $3,500 value $34,900 value $3,499 value Microsoft Press EReference Library Microsoft Certified Trainer Marketing Materials $1,250 value $400 value $300 value Certification Starter Kit Exams (MOS, MTA and MCE) Savings on Microsoft Certified Professional Exam Vouchers (30) Digital Microsoft Official Academic Courseware Books $1,615 value $2,340 value $8,850 value
  • 17. Please Welcome
  • 18. Growing IT Academy Program Footprint Continuing education (3%). Other (3%). K12 (52%). University and 4 year college (21%). Technical and 2 year college (21%).
  • 19. Large Alliances Driving Skills for Employability Washington State 703 ITAs Arkansas 343 ITAs Virginia 357 ITAs Hawaii 52 ITAs Alabama 133 ITAs Delaware 36 ITAs Utah 208 ITAs Louisiana 307 ITAs The Netherlands 950 ITAs Switzerland 65 ITAs North Carolina 628 ITAs UK 401 ITAs Georgia 441 ITAs Wales 136 ITAs China 145K Certs Morocco 371 ITAs Puerto Rico 407 ITAs Saudi Arabia 500.000 Certs Nigeria 450 ITAs Chile 450 ITAs UAE 252 ITAs Australia 289 ITAs
  • 20. Morocco This Key Engagement signed with OFPPT)- the vocational training arm of the Moroccan government is a key strategic win in Morocco LARGEST EVER ACADEMIC MCP CERTIFICATION SALE GLOBALLY with 30,000 Microsoft Certifications purchased –over 3 Years Providing every OFPPT student the ability to graduate and become workforce-ready, live a productive life and successfully compete in the rapidly evolving 21st-century economy Microsoft Morocco seen as a strategic trusted advisor for the Moroccan Government by supporting on countrywide economic development objectives to capitalize on job and workforce demands, “The use of new technologies can actively contribute to human development and growth of the national economy” improving workforce readiness skills by providing career-related education while preparing the next generation Morocco workforce for IT/STEM and IT-infused jobs across industry sectors “The use of new technologies can actively contribute to human development and growth of the national economy” -- M. Bencheikh , CEO of OFPPT (June 2012, launch event, Morocco)
  • 21. Slovenia University of Maribor Faculty of Economics and Business Integrates MOS Certification into Programs “Microsoft Office skills are stated in a majority of job advertisements as a basic requirement,” said Dr. Simona Sternad, FEB Assistant Professor of E-business. “Earning an official certification would give our students leverage to differentiate themselves from the rest of the job applicants.” “A diploma alone is not enough to find a job, since new graduates do not typically have much to add to their list of experiences. I realized i needed to take advantage of everything FEB offered to improve my resume, and the MOS certification helped tremendously. MOS certification showed i had knowledge to perform tasks using Microsoft Office tools, and also that i was hardworking and ambitious.” According to feedback from both present and former students, the skills they learn while studying for MOS exams help them become more efficient with their assignments. Many have been hired part-time and some full-time due to their excellent Microsoft Office skills.
  • 22. CAPE ACADEMY PROGRAM – Florida (USA) • PROVEN RESULTS FOR CERTIFICATION Key Performance Indicator Non-CAPE Academy Students CAPE Academy Students without Certifications CAPE Academy Students with Certifications Average GPA 2.46 2.58 3.0 Dropout Rate 2.1% 0.9% 0.3% Graduating 12th Graders 73.9% 85.9% 96.1% Source: Tracking Student Performance in Career and Professional (CAPE) Education Report 2010-2011 • •
  • 23. Confidential The content of the following presentation is confidential and under embargo till November 5th, 2013, 15hr00 CET XXX X + other social media
  • 24. GET CERTIFIED – GET A JOB • • • Underprivileged Youth & the unemployed Youth job seekers / trainees in telecentres Focus on informal education, but formal education is accepted channel as well Territory: Europe, with a desired focus on an even split between East and West, and involving as many of the EU28 countries as possible, as well as some candidate states. Focus will be on the countries where Local Coalitions are developed.
  • 25. Distribution & Partners TE supplemented by E-SCN LCs (10 countries) TE members and partners (10 countries) In this campaign, the focus will be on the ten countries where Local Coalitions are well established: Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia and Spain. However, the greater network of Telecentre-Europe will still be used as a channel, supplemented by partners/alliances of E-SCN. LC partners, MS local subsidiaries, ITAs, training and testing centers Underprivileged Youth & the unemployed Youth job seekers / trainees in telecentres Voucher distribution in additional countries upon approval of local business plan by both Microsoft and TE. We also anticipate that more vouchers will be distributed to countries where LCs exist (up to 1,000).
  • 26. How to train the students Based on an approved business plan per Local Coalition, Microsoft LeX will consider donating up to 10 free ITA memberships valid through 30 June 2014 to LCs / TE partners in Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia and Spain. Additional membership requests will be reviewed per business plan
  • 27. Timelines Get Certified – Get a job Oct-Nov 2013 Launch Campaign Jan-May 2014 Distribution Vouchers to all Participants Nov-Dec 2013 Partners in Place Nov-Dec 2013 Partners in Place Nov-Dec 2013 Distribution Vouchers to Early Adopters Jun 2014 Reporting and wrapup Jan – May 2014 TE and E-SCN support partners Jul 2014 Evaluation
  • 28. Next steps: • The TE/LC partners meet during the lunch to discuss initial thoughts on the business plans • E-SCN / TE deliver webinars and one-to-one consultations on the campaign • Web section dedicated to the campaign • Official Launch of the campaign is November 5th, 2013 at 14hr00 CET
  • 29. Thank you for your attention…………. Questions?