TE Summit 23-24.10.2013. Birgit Jæger-The Digital Divide


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TE Summit 23-24.10.2013. Birgit Jæger-The Digital Divide

  1. 1. Users and Non-users: The Digital Divide among Senior Citizens Professor Birgit Jæger Dep. of Society and Globalisation Roskilde University
  2. 2. Learning Environment • Pedagogic of understanding • Taking point of departure in the old participants • Equality • Helping teachers • Repetition and speed • Workshops • Support
  3. 3. Non- and ex-users Non-users Voluntary situation Ex-users Resisters Rejecters Forced situation Excluded Expelled
  4. 4. Resisters • Have never learned how to utilize IT – and do not want to • Barriers: • Personal attitudes • Identity • Lack of education and knowledge skills
  5. 5. Yes – it doesn’t interest me in the least… there is no way that I feel like it… that’s just the way it is – and I don’t have any use for it, so it would just be for the sake of entertainment. Interviewer: Well, you could easily manage your daily routine without it and… - I have been able to do so all my life.
  6. 6. Excluded • Would like to learn how to utilize IT but feel excluded • Barriers: • Social structures • Lack of suitable teaching • Lack of knowledge about how to compensate for disability
  7. 7. Rejecters • Have learned how to utilize IT but do not want to • Barriers: • Interpretation of technology • Lack of rules • Identity
  8. 8. Yes – I have tried it, and I was also easily able to figure it out. But I must admit that I prefer human contact. I just don’t feel like sitting there and staring into a screen… I don’t really have any use for e-mail – we don’t know anyone … in Timbuktu. And so – I would rather talk with the people I am communicating with than sit there and write on a computer… What I use it for – have just used it for – is that I study history and have to make a presentation about King Frederik VI. So I write on the computer, but that is just like writing on a typewriter. I mean – it isn’t really very computerlike.
  9. 9. Expelled • Have learned how to utilize IT but have no longer access • Barriers: • Illness • Economy • Space
  10. 10. Conclusion • It is possible to overcome the digital divide based on age • However, it requires the establishment of some learning environments where the training is tailored to aging people • This requires resources. Hence, the government has to take responsibility and support with resources to the establishment of telecentres across the country • Finally, the question of how to motivate the people who resist using ICT needs further investigation
  11. 11. Thank you for your attention!