SKILLAGE online assesment tool for testing your digital skills- PPt from Online Educa Berlin 2013


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  • 40 member organizations in 28 countries, including between themselves 20,000 community telecentresPhoto taken at the Malta Summit
  • 90% of new jobs will require digital skills, not talking here only about the ICT professions, but all jobsBy doing that, telecentres respond to some big problems on the agenda at the moment: youth unemployment reaching high rate in Europe and lack of digital skills for jobs. Of course it is very hard to keep up with technology these days, but young people have to start somewhere and to question their skills, to evaluate themselves, learn and improve the areas where they’re behind.
  • Due to partners that understood the value of the applicationDevelopment in 3 months, initial costs 10,000 eur
  • Skillage looks into 5 areas, 5 categories of skills
  • Each question has a number of possible answers that will explore a particular ICT skill. Some have straight answers, but some will make you think a bit. You might even disagree with some of the answers, but its designed to make you think about each topic, and consider if you really know how to do it.
  • Skillage could be useful in one or more situations listed below:High-school students preparing for informal ICT trainingUniversity students preparing for jobsYoung people wishing to test their skills before ICT trainingFirst level assessment for young people with basic ICT skills aspiring for ICT careers
  • SKILLAGE online assesment tool for testing your digital skills- PPt from Online Educa Berlin 2013

    1. 1. What is Telecentre-Europe A Europe Wide Membership Association A Europe-wide movement that brings digital opportunity and equity to all European citizens, improving their quality of life, employability and social and civic participation A membership organization that increases the effectiveness of telecentres to provide citizens expertise in digital technologies by fostering knowledge sharing, capacity building and advocacy
    2. 2. Why Skillage Assessing youth’s digital skills for jobs Telecentres help new generations to channel their digital capital towards an increasing economic participation Problems: Youth unemployment and lack of digital skills for jobs Start somewhere: be aware of your skills and improve the areas where you’re behind 90 % of new jobs require digital skills
    3. 3. What is Skillage Online application that assesses youths’ digital skills for getting a job and for keeping that job 15 questions quiz drawn randomly from pool of 100* questions - aligned to DIGCOMP Framework for Developing and understanding Digital competence in Europe) Available in 16 European languages, covering 23 countries
    4. 4. What is Skillage The 5 categories Employability Productivity process of getting a job, from searching to applying, interviewing, and the first day at a new job save time, be more productive, accomplish more tasks and reach more deadlines tools for communications - tricks, shortcuts and pitfalls Communications Social Media how social media influences and affects jobs Content management and safety protect yourself and the computer while online, file management habits, ability to simplify work
    5. 5. What is Skillage The questions You are asked to find duplicate customers records in a database with thousands of records. What’s the best action to take? Create a table Create a query ✓ Create a form Create a report Creating a query will let you look for duplicate records, as well as carry out many other actions on the data held in the database. A table is used to store the data, a form can be used to input new data, or edit the data in the database, and creating a report displays selected data for printing or analysis.
    6. 6. What is Skillage
    7. 7. What is Skillage The user report At the end of the test, a report shows your broad levels of digital skills It also provides more specific advice on where you can go for help to improve their ICT skills
    8. 8. How it is used National examples BELGIUM LATVIA ROMANIA Skillage is used by Interface3 in telecentres with young girls as an entertaining assessment of their ICT skills, but also as a learning exercise that will further encourage them to attend trainings and pursue ICT careers. In Latvia, LIKTA encourages young people to take the Skillage test before they engage in the learning pathway of the Employment Toolkit. Using Skillage as a teaser, LIKTA manages to motivate more young people to use the Employment toolkit in telecentres. EOS promotes Skillage in schools. Besides the formal tests, professors use Skillage in the ICT classes at the beginning and at the end of the courses, to assess the progress of their students.
    9. 9. What data it generates Analysis of data and reports Skillage enables current, comparable data on digital skills levels in different thematic areas to be able to target support effectively Over 23k people taken Skillage so far Average score: 57% 2 thirds of respondents are aged 16 to 24
    10. 10. Who helped so far Thank you!
    11. 11. How to work together Call for partners Designed and developed on Windows Azure as a customizable, updatable tool for multiple purposes We look for partners interested to adapt the tool, translate and promote it We look for partners that can support the development of Skillage
    12. 12. Contact us Thank you! Laurentiu Bunescu