Mara Jakobsone: "Connect Latvia"


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Telecentre-Europe Summit 2012 - Parallel Session of Mara Jakobsone: "Connect Latvia"

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  • « Connect, Latvia! » is being conducted already 4 years and 1500 seniors were educated in 2011.
  • Even though Latvia is among the world’s top countries for high broadband adoption, fast average connection speed and 70% of citizens are Internet users, a part of society don’t have access to modern technologies – 73% Latvians aged 55+ don’t have computer literacy skills which leads to social and economic issues.
  • Computer literacy helps to reduce the digital divide – barriers to modern technologies, which create the threat of being excluded from information, socialising, employment opportunities. Considering population ageing and rising life expectancy, older people will longer remain in labour market, be financially and socially active part of society.
  • Computer literacy – Lattelecom covers the planning and coordination, teacher, study materials, books both Latvian and Russian preparation. The creative, senior-age friendly study program help the elderly to gain basic computer and Internet use skills such as switching on a PC, searching for information, using e-mail and Skype.   Communication – f or application in April were launched project and dial toll free number 8000822, communication maintained with national, regional media relations, events – cost-free computer literacy consultations in customer service centers, “seniors graduations” in five schools with Lattelecom and counties representatives participation, up to six closing events in November.   Evaluation – maintained individual communication with partners to ensure successful implementation and regular feedback, each senior fills web survey after classes, after project will be conducted detailed evaluation.
  • Project is aiming four times greater impact (in 2011 were educated 1500 seniors) and to make cost-free computer literacy available nationwide, Lattelecom within this social initiative united various partners – government, IT teachers from all country, more than ½ of Latvia’s counties, media.
  • Longterm impact 81% of those who mastered basic computer skills, and have started to use these skills, confirm that their quality of their life has improved and that they feel like a part of modern society. 99% positively rate teacher professionalism and responsiveness, 90% evaluate the classes as useful. 85% would like to continue to develop the skills gained even more. Project also strengthens enterprise reputation, develops its relations with ministries, county governments, schools, pensioners associations and seniors .
  • Mara Jakobsone: "Connect Latvia"

    1. 1. Computer literacy project «Connect, Latvia!»
    2. 2. Unique project to Seniors aged 50+reduce the digital divide Lattelecom Initiatives to Improve Digital Skills
    3. 3. Goal: educated 6000 seniors Lattelecom Initiatives to Improve Digital Skills
    4. 4. Lattelecom Initiatives to Improve Digital Skills
    5. 5. Support from government,apr.50 counties, 99 schools Lattelecom Initiatives to Improve Digital Skills
    6. 6. Seniors as Old as Ninety-one and Ninety-three Master Computer Literacy in LatviaLattelecom Initiatives to Improve Digital Skills
    7. 7. Computer literacy project «Connect, Latvia!»