Instant Social Media: Brand News Travel Fast


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Word-of-mouth has been electrified through the rise of social tools on the Internet. New channels have arrived in the form of micro-blogging, video and online news but the real changes to PR have been influenced by the medium itself. Holler gives hands-on tips from process to hiring the right resource. (held @ AIMIA event on June 24 2009)

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Instant Social Media: Brand News Travel Fast

  1. 1. Brand news travel fast What are two CDs doing on the panel? The news travel without you It is driven by real people Socializing a brand is change management It has an inwards as well as outwards effect
  2. 2. Let’s meet the social people
  3. 3. Let’s meet the social people All media is inherently social. All people are by nature social. Brands are becoming more social. People are more important than speeches. (Jack Welch) Who are the best people to run this thing? What environment do brands have to create for these people? Goal: be nimble, react fast, stay honest, transparent and in dialogue
  4. 4. Skill set Project Manager - Social Media, Football Federation Australia “Here's your dream job. We’re looking for a football tragic to run social media from our soon-to-be-launched FIFA World Cup Bid website. You’ll need to really know and love Australian football, and be highly skilled in the use of social media and online communication. It’d be good if you had experience in corporate environments, but we won’t discount you if you don’t.” Is this a good job ad for a (potential) crisis communication manager?
  5. 5. Skill set writes in an educated, consistent, responsible and branded tone has a natural curiosity for people and communication can gather news in real time, research backgrounds, sift through material, weigh and prioritize has a feel for what is interesting does not want to be Woodward & Bernstein has own social influence uses online tools knows and likes brand challenge: marketing mind set challenge: don’t leave them stranded (rule of +2, appoint great talent)
  6. 6. Find a resource internal or external Full time or otherwise quantifiable write the skill set (not a job description yet) use social media and social circles to spread the word
  7. 7. Hired to... Listen Tell Interact
  8. 8. Train the resource on brand/campaign on legal on tools get to know people in the company get to know relevant people online, e.g. fan clubs of your sponsorship
  9. 9. Align the departments shared vision common collaboratively-written documents agreed procedure personal connections
  10. 10. Example for guideline Personal computing and publication: • Know company's conduct • Personal Responsibility • Identify yourself • Use disclaimer • Respect laws • Don't provide confidential information • Cite others • Respect your audience • Be consistent • Don't pick fights • Try to add value
  11. 11. Funnel interest and dialogue maintaining all channels equally is not sustainable media richness: blog simplify tracking one place to stay up to date, relevant and engaged add product/service improvement (e.g. GetSatisfaction)
  12. 12. Working across all platforms Facebook Flickr YouTube Tumblr Twitter Ebay Website Email Phone Forums
  13. 13. Insights into effectiveness and trends
  14. 14. Insights into effectiveness and trends
  15. 15. Real time communication from within
  16. 16. Earned search engine results
  17. 17. Online assets into main stream media
  18. 18. Check List Organizational change: Take your personal knowledge about relevant platforms (e.g. facebook) to 100% Check social guidelines and get in touch with legal department about your plans Objectives and success metrics: Prioritize, write goals for brand & product marketing, sales and PR Build an ROI model that supports your investment Write scenarios for “brand news” Allocation of resources: Calculate time, people, skills/training needed and allocate accordingly Start with Monitoring: Evaluate and choose tool and services to listen properly Fuse with analytics of your websites Make Publishing more effective: Analyze and decide on platforms (reach, audience & functionality) Diversify: produce once - publish multiple times Once you know more, start interacting