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This is a presentation I gave with a fraternity brother at a conference held by the Leadership Institute at WCU.

We wanted to use popular movie scenes to drive the points we were talking about.

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  • Video: www.alsp.comSeason 10- “Smug Alert”
  • “Shrek The Third”- 1:07:22http://www.metacafe.com/watch/779743/shrek_the_power_of_princesses/
  • Whee Lead Conv Selling Your Name

    1. 1. Combining Leadership and Teamwork to Better Your Organization<br />By Tyler Tadlock & Doug Williams<br />SellingYour Name<br />2009<br />WHEE<br />LEAD<br />CONFERENCE<br />
    2. 2. Today’s Goals…<br />Introduce the importance of teamwork and leadership with the use of media to better relate the topics discussed<br />Consider the importance of yourself, your organization, the community, and the WCU community at large by doing inventories of their qualities<br />Have open dialogue to look at issues we currently have within our own organizations and how to get past them<br />
    3. 3. What Do You Want To Get From This?<br />Don’t all jump up at once….<br />
    4. 4. Start With Yourself…<br />Find your niche in your organization<br />What kind of person are you?<br />What can you bring to your organization?<br />Ask yourself, “what kind of an impression do I want to leave?”<br />Complete an inventory of yourself<br />Find your strengths and weaknesses<br />How can you use that to better your organization<br />How have you changed since you joined your organization?<br />“If your not a part of the solution, your part of the problem”<br />Why is this important<br />See clip: South Park- Season 10, "Smug Alert"<br />
    5. 5. Look at Your Organization…<br />Do an inventory of your organization<br />What are/is your organization’s…<br />Values<br />Purpose<br />Strengths and weaknesses  How can you make your organization’s weaknesses your strengths?<br />By acknowledging the “gaps” in your organization, you can then find the individuals who fill those gaps<br />Ex. If your organization is lacking structure, go for those who not only possess leadership abilities, but also have the ability to be organized<br />Acknowledge each individual member’s abilities to be used for the betterment of your organization<br />Shrek The Third- “the princesses attack!”<br />
    6. 6. The Organizational Community…<br />Evaluate the community comprised of your organization, and orgazations similar to yours.<br />Is the community struggling? Why? <br />How can this be fixed?<br />How can organizations in your community come together to better each other?<br />Set aside petty feuds with each other<br />When someone is waiting for you to fail as a community, do you continue to work separately?<br />The only way to counteract an antagonist, is to unite on a common front<br />Once you come together as one and realize your commonalities, you not only are able achieve your common goal, but you catch the eye of others<br />Step Brothers- commonalities<br />
    7. 7. The Community At Large…<br />In our case… Western Carolina University<br />How can we as a community come together for the betterment of WCU?<br />Build relations with the overall community:<br />Faculty/staff<br />Departments<br />Organizations outside of your own community<br />Ex.<br /> Alpha Chi Omega working with the WCU Women’s Health Center to battle Domestic Abuse<br />Delta Sigma Phi’s “Breakfast With Santa” reached out to not only a number of student organizations, but also the Jackson County REACH Center<br />This very conference is an example, bringing campus wide student organizations for the goal of bettering student leadership<br />
    8. 8. Why Is All of This Important When Selling Your Name?<br />If organizations continue to work against each other, there will be absolute failure<br />All that is done, is canceling out each others own work<br />By setting differences aside, your community, your organization's, and your own personal growth will flourish <br />Why else…?<br />
    9. 9. At times, your organizations may feel like your are stuck between a rock and a hard place… <br />But hey… it could be worse, we could be stuck in a bubble… so think outside of the bubble!<br />