Whee Lead Conv Selling Your Name
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Whee Lead Conv Selling Your Name

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This is a presentation I gave with a fraternity brother at a conference held by the Leadership Institute at WCU. ...

This is a presentation I gave with a fraternity brother at a conference held by the Leadership Institute at WCU.

We wanted to use popular movie scenes to drive the points we were talking about.

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  • Video: www.alsp.comSeason 10- “Smug Alert”
  • “Shrek The Third”- 1:07:22http://www.metacafe.com/watch/779743/shrek_the_power_of_princesses/


  • 1. Combining Leadership and Teamwork to Better Your Organization
    By Tyler Tadlock & Doug Williams
    SellingYour Name
  • 2. Today’s Goals…
    Introduce the importance of teamwork and leadership with the use of media to better relate the topics discussed
    Consider the importance of yourself, your organization, the community, and the WCU community at large by doing inventories of their qualities
    Have open dialogue to look at issues we currently have within our own organizations and how to get past them
  • 3. What Do You Want To Get From This?
    Don’t all jump up at once….
  • 4. Start With Yourself…
    Find your niche in your organization
    What kind of person are you?
    What can you bring to your organization?
    Ask yourself, “what kind of an impression do I want to leave?”
    Complete an inventory of yourself
    Find your strengths and weaknesses
    How can you use that to better your organization
    How have you changed since you joined your organization?
    “If your not a part of the solution, your part of the problem”
    Why is this important
    See clip: South Park- Season 10, "Smug Alert"
  • 5. Look at Your Organization…
    Do an inventory of your organization
    What are/is your organization’s…
    Strengths and weaknesses  How can you make your organization’s weaknesses your strengths?
    By acknowledging the “gaps” in your organization, you can then find the individuals who fill those gaps
    Ex. If your organization is lacking structure, go for those who not only possess leadership abilities, but also have the ability to be organized
    Acknowledge each individual member’s abilities to be used for the betterment of your organization
    Shrek The Third- “the princesses attack!”
  • 6. The Organizational Community…
    Evaluate the community comprised of your organization, and orgazations similar to yours.
    Is the community struggling? Why?
    How can this be fixed?
    How can organizations in your community come together to better each other?
    Set aside petty feuds with each other
    When someone is waiting for you to fail as a community, do you continue to work separately?
    The only way to counteract an antagonist, is to unite on a common front
    Once you come together as one and realize your commonalities, you not only are able achieve your common goal, but you catch the eye of others
    Step Brothers- commonalities
  • 7. The Community At Large…
    In our case… Western Carolina University
    How can we as a community come together for the betterment of WCU?
    Build relations with the overall community:
    Organizations outside of your own community
    Alpha Chi Omega working with the WCU Women’s Health Center to battle Domestic Abuse
    Delta Sigma Phi’s “Breakfast With Santa” reached out to not only a number of student organizations, but also the Jackson County REACH Center
    This very conference is an example, bringing campus wide student organizations for the goal of bettering student leadership
  • 8. Why Is All of This Important When Selling Your Name?
    If organizations continue to work against each other, there will be absolute failure
    All that is done, is canceling out each others own work
    By setting differences aside, your community, your organization's, and your own personal growth will flourish
    Why else…?
  • 9. At times, your organizations may feel like your are stuck between a rock and a hard place…
    But hey… it could be worse, we could be stuck in a bubble… so think outside of the bubble!