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The recruitment presentation I developed to be presented to 100+ men during the recruitment kick off event in the Spring of 2009.

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Recruitment Presentation

  1. 1. ΔΣΦ<br />Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity<br />Est. 1899<br />Better Men. Better Lives.<br />
  2. 2. What sets us Apart from the rest?<br />Oldest Fraternity on campus- Founded 1959<br />Alumni Support<br />Original chapter founders still active to this day with the chapter<br />Over 100 alumni active with the chapter<br />Only organization with an ACB (Alumni Corporation Board) that works with them on all things chapter related<br />ΔΣΦ<br />2009 WCU Homecoming<br />Better Men. Better Lives.<br />
  3. 3. What sets us Apart from the rest?<br />We honor and cherish the ideal of Diversity<br />When founded in 1899, we were the first fraternity to openly do so, and have continued that time honored tradition to this day<br />Scholarship<br />Our ACB has a scholarship fund of about $70,000, of which they give scholarships each semester to brothers excelling in academics, leadership, and community service<br />
  4. 4. Bettering the Community.<br />Philanthropy<br />Families of Fallen Soldiers Fund (chapter)<br />Started in 2006 with the death of two brother’s father<br />Currently working with The Pentagon, possibly turning<br /> this event into a national philanthropy<br />Breakfast with Santa (chapter)<br />Started this past December<br />Funds raised goes towards American Red Cross and Families of Fallen Soldiers fun<br />We achieved national recognition from Delta Sigma Phi for our efforts<br />American Red Cross Blood Drives (National)<br />“Blood, Sweat, and Cash campaign”<br />Nationally committed to get 50,000 pints of blood donated (blood); 75,000 hours of service (sweat); and contributing $100,000 to the Red Cross<br />American Cancer Society Relay for Life (National)<br />Raised $ 1967.00 for WCU’s Relay For Life in 2008<br />ΔΣΦ<br />Better Men. Better Lives.<br />
  5. 5. Bettering Men.<br />All expense paid travels across the country to build your leadership skills to better the brotherhood <br />The Summit<br />Travel to Indianapolis to learn the ins and outs of running a chapter, doing recruitment, and how to better your own leadership abilities<br />Regional Leadership Academy<br />This year in Atlanta<br />Allows you to network with other chapters, build on how to run a chapter as a brotherhood, share skills between chapters, and expand upon the values of what it means to be a leader<br />The Leadership Institute<br />Brings men together in an intimate setting to build upon their leadership skills together through discussion and analysis activities, group building activities, and individual reflection.<br />ΔΣΦ<br />Better Men. Better Lives.<br />
  6. 6. Bettering Men.<br />Delta Sigma Phi National Convention<br />This year in St. Louis<br />Engage in discussions on fraternity matters as well as professional development and life skills.<br />Conduct the business of the Fraternity including Grand Council elections and voting on proposed changes to the by-laws and constitution.<br />ΔΣΦ<br />Better Men. Better Lives.<br />
  7. 7. Parent Questions…<br />Are your parents unsure about you going Greek?<br />We have individuals on hand and ready to talk with your parents to put aside any concerns they may have<br />Brothers<br />Alumni<br />Can give your parents a personal account on the impact that Delta Sigma Phi has made on their lives through the years<br />Parents of current brothers<br />These parents have offered their personal time to sit down and talk with your parents about the impact Delta Sigma Phi has made in the lives of their sons<br />We are more than happy to set this up by one of three ways:<br />A weekend visit<br />By phone<br />By e-mail<br />ΔΣΦ<br />Better Men. Better Lives.<br />
  8. 8. Membership Dues…<br />During your first semester as you go through the new member process, dues total $450. Although this amount may seem high, the money covers many things:<br />Once crossing over as a brotherhood, membership drops down to $400 a semester. If you feel as though this may be a problem, we do have payment plants and other ways of helping out!<br />
  9. 9. Why Delta Sigma Phi?<br />We are a small chapter, but you can use that to your advantage<br />You can get your voice out! Not having to fight to get your voice heard over 30+ brothers<br />Quickly climb the leadership ladder in our brotherhood<br />Leave a legacy within the brotherhood that will be remembered for years to come<br />More importantly… YOU have an opportunity to make it into the Fraternity that YOU want it to be<br />Local Alumni involvement unlike any other<br />Work with the very men that founded our chapter in 1959<br />Form relationships with alumni, opening you to opportunities during your college years and beyond (internships, career advice, and job offers)<br />ΔΣΦ<br />Better Men. Better Lives.<br />