FAST FACTS                                         IS DELTA SIGMA PHI RIGHT FOR ME?
WHO IS DELTA SIGMA PHI?                                WHY SHOULD I JOIN DELTA SIG?                          I WANT TO JOI...
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Recruitment Pamphlet


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Crated this information pamphlet in the spring of 2009 for the chapter recruitment.

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Recruitment Pamphlet

  1. 1. FAST FACTS IS DELTA SIGMA PHI RIGHT FOR ME? If you possess and/or value the following Nationally… characteristics, then you should check out Delta Founding Date: December 10, 1899 Sigma Phi: Headquarters: Indianapolis, Indiana  Leadership  Campus Involvement Chapters/Colonies: 110  Athleticism  Academics Total Initiates 115,000+  Well Roundedness  Initiative Colors: Nile Green & Carnation White  Social Personality  Friendliness  Chivalry  Honesty Chapter (ΔΟ) Involvement  Diversity  Motivation  Open Mindedness  Community Service Philanthropy  American Cancer Societies Relay for Life  Delta Sig Down Hill Derby  Breakfast with Santa  Families of Fallen Soldiers Fund Community Service  Monthly Road Clean-up WHAT DO YOU WANT YOUR LEGACY TO BE AT WCU?  Tuckaseegee River Clean-up WITH DELTA SIGMA PHI, YOU CAN MAKE IT A REALITY  Habitat for Humanity  RHC Hall-o-Ween Nearby Chapters  UNC-Charlotte Current brothers and Alumni through the years come together to  Virginia Tech celebrate the 2008 WCU Homecoming game in style  East Carolina  North Carolina State University  Duke University  Wingate University IF YOU ANSWERED YES... THEN CONTACT US  High Point University For More Information, stop by the 800 house in  Georgia Tech the village, or contact: Tyler Tadlock, Recruitment Chair (704) 258-8737 John Williams, Recruitment Chair (828) 273-0011 Wil Goode, Recruitment Chair (828) 551-6681 Alumni, active brothers, and newest member enjoying Homecoming 2008 CHECK OUT OUR CHAPTER ONLINE! BETTER MEN. BETTER LIVES.
  2. 2. WHO IS DELTA SIGMA PHI? WHY SHOULD I JOIN DELTA SIG? I WANT TO JOIN, BUT I BET IT COSTS A LOT OF MONEY… For over 105 years, Delta Sigma Phi has Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity was founded developed the finest leaders, scholars, and December 10, 1899, by a visionary group of executives. Here are a few of our distinguished Actually, the cost is probably a lot less than what young men at the City College of New York. The Brothers: you might think. Considering that your one-time fraternity was unique at the time because itʼs payment to the National Headquarters for pledge founderʼs valued diversity and refused to allow and initiation fees covers your Delta Sigma Phi societal pressures to advance their interest in membership for life… it’s really quite a bargain! personal and professional growth. From the Per Member… inception, the founders created an organization Pledge Semester Fee $450 based on the universality of human brotherhood in Active Brother Dues $400/sem (Payment Plans are available) which the question of nationality or religion of its individual members need not and must not play any part whatsoever. THIS SOUNDS LIKE A FIT FOR ME… HOW Delta Sigma Phi, a values-based CAN I JOIN? organization that encourages development nd th through the fraternity experience, has grown to During the week of February 2 – 8 , formal rush become one of the nationʼs largest fraternities. for all fraternities on campus takes place. Each Our members focus on academic success, being night you have the opportunity to meet our sound in mind and body, campus and civic brotherhood and see if it is what you are looking leadership, and building strong bonds of for. You do not have to attend each night of rush, brotherhood. but the more events you attend, the better you WHAT’S THE ADVANTAGE OF JOINING? can get to know our brotherhood. Once the week is completed, bids will be handed out on February th Being a member of Delta Sigma Phi requires a 8 at midnight as an invitation to join our dedication to success and the desire for brotherhood and begin your education as a new excellence. The rewards, however, are member. extraordinary and Delta Sigma Phi provides the following:  An immediate opportunity to practice and refine your leadership skills  A quality social environment  A focus on scholarship and personal Phi Mu Challenge, Spring 2008 development  A terrific opportunity to network with alumni  A Positive new member education experience Delta Sigma Phi is not the stereotypical For more information OR a ride to the house, contact: fraternity- rather a lifelong experience. Delta Sigs Tyler Tadlock, Recruitment Chair are “down to earth” and support one another in (704) 258-8737 building better men and preparing brothers for experiences beyond WCU. If you are interested in John Williams, Recruitment Chair (828) 273-0011 leadership opportunities, building lasting bonds, making a difference and being challenged to Wil Goode, Recruitment Chair a greater good, then DELTA SIGMA PHI IS (828) 551-6681 THE FRATERNITY FOR YOU! One of our Chapter founders, “Rosie,” with our Delta Sig Angels Chapter Website: Nat’l Website: