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BA401 What's the BIG Idea?
BA401 What's the BIG Idea?
BA401 What's the BIG Idea?
BA401 What's the BIG Idea?
BA401 What's the BIG Idea?
BA401 What's the BIG Idea?
BA401 What's the BIG Idea?
BA401 What's the BIG Idea?
BA401 What's the BIG Idea?
BA401 What's the BIG Idea?
BA401 What's the BIG Idea?
BA401 What's the BIG Idea?
BA401 What's the BIG Idea?
BA401 What's the BIG Idea?
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BA401 What's the BIG Idea?


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  • 1. Corporate Presentation
    Insight and Innovation to grow your business
  • 2. Company Background
    Big Idea Group (BIG) uses open source networks to help leading organizations and entrepreneurs in the process of insight discovery, innovation generation and innovation execution. BIG’s online communities deliver consumer insights and critical feedback, uncovering opportunities for innovation. In addition, the company takes consumer insights and frames them as calls for innovation to its 13,000-member problem-solving and creative network. BIG then organizes, winnows, polishes and presents those innovations to clients to feed new products, services and brand development. BIG can also help launch innovations, drawing on its network of experts to bring new products and services to market efficiently and successfully. BIG, founded in 2000, is partially owned by WPP, one of the world’s largest communications service groups
  • 3. Timeline of Case
    Collins founds BIG
    First Hunt held
    D’Arbeloff becomes chairman
    First viewing of Tiny Totes concept
    July 2000
    Sept 2000
    Oct 2000
    Mar 2001
    May 2001
    June 2001
    Aug 2001
    Sept 2001
    Tiny Totes contract drafted
    Second Product concept sold, Initial meeting with Skil
    Third Product concept sold, Skil letter-of-intent signed
    Fourth Product concept sold, Tiny Totes debut at Pre-Toy Fair
  • 4. BIG – Royalty Pros
    BIG help companies find, refine, and monetize innovations Database of over 8,000 inventors—largest inventor network in the world— and over 200 inventions reviewed per month BIG inventor network was built via roadshows, contests, hunts, and word of mouth 60 products in development (royalty or direct deals) BIG have assisted large and small companies with their innovation flow and process: Sunbeam, Staples, QVC, Gillette, Advantus, Demco, Toys “R” Us, etc.
  • 5. Big Client Service
    BIG can complement your existing research and development capabilities in a variety of ways.
  • 6. Insight
    BIG connects you with consumers and constituents for insights into products, services, and marketing. We set up and manage consumer panels and communities to uncover insights that lead to innovation opportunities.
    Stage an online consumer club to explore unmet needs and innovation opportunities.
    Make an informed pitch, this program delivers rich findings in less than a week.
    Get fast consumer reactions to concepts, products, and more.
    Experience what users are doing, perceiving, and feeling with this program that puts the camera in consumers' hands.
    Rapid Reviews
    Video Insight
    Pitch Insight
    Insight clubs
  • 7. Innovation
    Call on BIG open source network of 13,000 problem-solvers and inventors to solve your innovation challenges. With talent from industrial designers to marketing pros and experienced inventors BIG network can generate ideas in products, services, and marketing. BIG can also work with your customers or employees to create and develop new concepts.
    BIG has designed and managed highly successful programs
    to engage employees and customers in innovation competitions.
    Generate hundreds of ideas for new products or services in as little as three months.
    BIG can also tap our members for innovative branding and marketing concepts, producing dozens of fresh treatments.
    BIG’s creative have proposed hundreds of names for new snacks, toys, tools, household appliances, and more.
    Innovation Contests
    Idea Hunts
    Marketing Hunts
    Naming Hunts
  • 8. Innovation Execution
    The challenges in getting a product or service successfully launched can be daunting—especially when an innovation takes a company into radically new territory. BIG can assist by drawing on our network resources, consumer insight, and entrepreneurial experience in bringing over 80 products to market.
    Quickly get a read on the viability of your new venture, line, or program from our entrepreneurial team and consumer panels.
    Keep innovations on track on their way to market by consulting a panel of your target consumers.
    Let BIG do it all—from assessment to launch. Drawing on our entrepreneurial experience and resources, we’ll independently build your raw concept into a successful venture.
    Turning to our network of global resources, we can help introduce your product to market.
    Opportunity Assessments
    Market Launches
    Business Incubation
    Rapid Reviews
  • 9. Process
    STEP 1: Generating Ideas
    Outsourced Flow
    Industry Outreach
    Professional Inventors
    Internet Request Programs
    Orphaned Product & Ideas
  • 10. Process
    STEP 2: Winnowing
    STEP 3: Refinement
  • 11. Process
    STEP 4: Capturing Value
  • 12. Steps
    ContractExclusive to your area of business. Education.Series of meetings where we share experiences and observations. We develop a common view and strategy.ProcessWe establish a team, process, and criteria for reviewing innovations.Flow.Reach out to employees, customers, inventors. We have a series of programs available.ExecuteRegular movement of items through the process. Continually refine and improve the process.EvaluateIs process working? How can it be improved?
  • 13. BIG’s “Innovation Engine”
    Outsourced Flow
    Industry Outreach
    Internet Request Programs
    Orphaned Product & Ideas
    Professional Inventors
    Superior Deal Flow
    5-6 deals per
    year vertical
  • 14. Member of theGroup
    น.ส. ณัฐกานต์ มีสัตย์ 4902682055 น.ส. วริษฐา ภิรมย์รัตน์ 4902680521น.ส. อัจฉรา บัญชากร 5002686094นาย หฤษฎ์ พรรณพานิช 5002686185