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iPad Basics
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iPad Basics



Laura Moore's iPad Basics

Laura Moore's iPad Basics



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iPad Basics iPad Basics Presentation Transcript

  • iPad Basics
  • Commonalities Home ButtonTo open an app, simply tap on the icon. Tominimize the app, press the home button. To fullyclose the app, double press the home button,hold the app until it shakes, then press the minussign.Many apps have common symbols that performspecific tasks, just like icons in MicroSoft Officeapplications. Knowing these symbols will helpyou acclimate to new apps.
  • Multitasking Bar The multitasking bar allows you to quickly swap between recently opened apps. Double tap the Home button to bring up the bar. This reveals the most recently opened apps. If you swipe your finger from right to left, it shows more of your favorite apps.
  • Multitasking GesturesRather than pressing the home button, simply useyour fingers to quickly navigate between apps. Swipeleft or right with four fingers to switch between openapps. Slide up with four fingers from the bottom ofthe screen to reveal the multitasking bar, or pinchfour fingers together to return to the home screen. Ifyou find that you use these gestures accidentally youcan turn them off. Open settings, tap general, andturn off multitasking gestures.
  • Closing AppsWhile having apps open in themultitasking bar can be handy, someof them can drain the battery. Toclose apps, double tap the homebutton to bring it up. T and hold an apicon until it starts to shake. Now tapon the small minus symbol that hasappeared on the app icon.
  • Orientation and Mute Open Settings, tap General, and find Use Side Switch. Choose Lock Screen if you want the switch to lock the rotation, or Mute if you want the switch to make the iPad silent. You can easily access the other option you don’t choose from the Multitasking Bar and then swipe across it to the right. On the far left side, an icon will show the option you didn’t select.
  • Move and Delete Apps You can move the icons around on your iPad and delete apps you no longer use. Hold your finger on any icon for a few seconds and they will all start to shake. You can now drag them around to rearrange. You can also move them to other pages by dragging the icon to the edge of the current screen to go to the next page. The little cross on the corner of downloaded apps allows you to delete them.
  • Customizing Dock The dock at the bottom of the screen can hold your most used applications. While moving apps around, just drag the app you want down to the dock. Now they will appear on every page. The dock will hold up to 6 icons. Recommended apps on the dock are: Settings, Photos, iBooks, Safari, App Store, Tango (K-2), Camera
  • Making FoldersFolders allow you to group similar appstogether to help save screen space. Whileorganizing your apps, drag one app icon ontop of another. This then creates a folderwith both apps inside. You can then namethe folder to reflect the apps it contains. Tomove more apps into a particular folder,simply return to the main screen and dragthe other apps onto the folder icon. You canput up to 20 apps in each folder.
  • Creating App Icons You can add a new app icon for any website to your home screen. While browsing in safari, tap the arrow button and then tap add to home screen. Some websites supply an icon; if not then a screenshot of the current view is used. You can also rename the icon. Practice this skill by creating an icon for GroupWise Web mail. Don’t forget to check the box next to Use the basic interface.
  • BookmarkingSafari on the iPad comes with a BookmarksBar that you can use to quickly access yourfavorite web pages. By default this isdisplayed when you go to type something inthe address bar. To make the BookmarksBar visible at all times, go to Settings thenSafari. Turn on Always show BookmarksBar.
  • Save Safari Images While browsing Safari you can save images you like. T and hold an ap image until a pop-up appears. Choose Save Images. This will now be saved in your saved Photos album. Launch the Photos app to view the image.
  • Taking a Screenshot To take a screenshot, just press the Home button and the Sleep/Wake button at the same time. The iPad screen flashes white quickly and plays a camera shutter sound. The image will be saved in the Photos app.
  • Search FeatureDo a rightward swipe from the main screen(to access the next screen to the left) andyoull bring up a search screen. Type the nameof the song, artist, file or app that yourelooking for in the search box and whoop thereit is!To customize, go to Settings/General/Spotlight Search.
  • Security Settings NEISD has specific security settings located in Settings/General/ Restrictions. It is password protected and in most cases set up by your ITS. Please see your campus ITS for the passcode.
  • Speak SelectionWant to select text from websites, emails,iBooks, and more? Speak Selection lets youhighlight text in any application by doubletapping it. Even if you don’t have VoiceOverenabled, Speak Selection will read you thehighlighted text and give you formatting optionslike cut, copy, and paste. Turn on SpeakSelection in Settings/General/Accessibility/Speak Selection.
  • Cut/Copy/Paste Double tap a word you wish to cut or copy. For more than one word, drag your finger across the multiple words to select them. T cut or copy. ap Navigate to the area where you wish to insert the text. Double tap the area or touch and hold to press the paste button.
  • Split Keyboard Typing while holding the iPad can be awkward. To split the keyboard, place both your thumbs in the center of the keyboard and swipe them away to the edge of the screen. To return to the joint keyboard, simply tap and slide the hide keyboard icon down. It will merge and dock back to its original form.
  • iBooks and PDFsYou can open PDF documents, such as aPDF attached to an email, with iBooks.When you view a PDF email attachment,simply tap "Open in iBooks," located in theupper-right corner of the screen. iBookswill open and youll be able to view yourPDF using the iBooks app.
  • Using Graphic Organizers Find the QR Code reader app on your iPad. Scan the code or type the following address in Safari: http://bit.ly/JdpW14 Holt Interactive Graphic Organizers PDFs such as this can then be used in an annotation app such as Doodle Buddy.
  • MagnifyT hand hold your finger on some aptext to bring up a magnifying glass.Drag to move the magnifying glassaround and place the cursor whereyour need it.
  • Customizing Wallpaper T the Settings app and then select Brightness and ap Wallpaper. T the images below to bring up the ap wallpaper settings. At the top of the page, youll find the iPads default images followed by your own pictures (if youve synchronized photos). T any ap image to bring up the full-screen view. Now, youve got three options: set the lock screen, home screen, or both. Youre done!
  • Typing TipsDouble tap the space bar to automatically add a period to the end of a sentence.You can hold down some keys such as letters or punctuation to bring up extra options, for example tapand hold the ! key to use the apostrophe.Double tap the UP arrow for shift lock.If you see a red dotted underline on a word you can tap this and suggestions for alternative wordsautomatically appear.When typing an email address
  • Restarting ProperlyA hard-reboot can help to get your iPad goingagain. If an application refuses to start or your iPadhas frozen, just press and hold the Home buttonand Sleep/Wake button together for ten seconds.Ignore the slide to power off message and the iPadshuts down. Now just turn the iPad on normally andit should be working perfectly again.