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Industrial Interface Presents to TechAmerica about Online B2B Lead Generation. T. Brian Jones and Chris Powell, co-founders of present.

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  • When I was a manufacturing engineer, I spent hours every single day looking for new suppliers. Our research tells us that engineers across every single industry of manufacturing spend 25% of their time shopping for suppliers. Engineers design stuff, they're not supposed to be shoppers. Just yesterday an engineer used our system and was on the phone with a relevant supplier... who he is now pursuing business with... within 6 minutes of visiting our site. How incredible is that?
  • Industrial Interface is the quickest, easiest, and most efficient way for engineers to find industrial products and services. An engineer posts a project to our website, we notify relevant suppliers of the sales opportunity, and sometimes within minutes, the engineer is collaborating with a supplier who has a solution. Suppliers can review all the technical details of the leads we share with them, but the posting engineer remains anonymous. When suppliers find sales opportunities that are a good fit for their business, they pay us for the engineer’s contact information.

    Our customer base is two sided–Engineers and Suppliers.
    The engineering side includes anyone who sources industrial products and services. This group includes degreed engineers, technicians, purchasing agents, project managers, manufacturing supervisors, maintenance personnel, among others. They currently rely heavily on past experience with suppliers or dated online industrial directories to find products and services for their projects. It literally takes weeks or months for an engineer to find an appropriate supplier for a particular need.
    The supplier side includes anyone who sells industrial products and services. This group includes sales reps and sales engineers at manufacturers and rep groups. These salespeople currently must sift through endless cold leads to find a single sales opportunity. This is because current industrial marketing avenues cost a lot of money upfront and don’t guarantee any value over time.
  • Industrial Interface makes sharing a design problem with dozens of relevant suppliers as easy as sending a single email. Engineers don’t need to call dozens of suppliers to track down the few that can fulfill their need, because our system does the work for them. We anonymously share their project with relevant suppliers and they either contact the engineer directly or share that lead with a colleague that is a better fit. We’ve leveraged the knowledgeable and well-networked supplier base to help us find engineering solutions.
    Our system also makes it incredibly simple for suppliers to qualify sales opportunities, collaborate with engineers, and share opportunities with colleagues, something our users do millions of times a day in the real world and are already doing on our website.
    By using Industrial Interface, engineers can shave weeks off their development time. We also allow them to find the best solutions during the concept and design phase of their projects, ensuring great savings over the lifetime of the design. Suppliers save time sorting through leads because every email they get from us is a sales opportunity. If they call an engineer from our site, it’s guaranteed that the engineer is ready to buy.
  • Real World Feel according to the Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab’s report on what makes a website credible:

    1) quick response to customer inquires
    2) list company’s physical address, phone numbers, and emails
    3) photos of organization’s members
  • Online B2B Lead Generation from Industrial Interface

    1. 1. INDUSTRIAL INTERFACE Generating B2B Leads with a Simple Internet Strategy TechAmerica Marketing Bootcamp Workshop - 12/3/09 T. Brian Jones,, 858-539-6351 Chris Powell,, 619-850-0540
    2. 2. What is Industrial Interface? ENGINEER SUPPLIERS Engineer posts a design problem or sourcing need... Supplier screens project and pays $50 for access to engineer ALERTED OF PROJECT VIA
    3. 3. Acquiring Industrial Suppliers Real Project KEY DATA Posted to • Project Value: $1M Industrial • Project Status: Active Interface • Engineer contacted by 3 Suppliers • Solution needed by 6/1/09 • Industry: Aerospace • Company Size: 10K+ • Location: NY
    4. 4. Acquiring Engineers - Our Brand Online Real World Feel Names Pictures Contact Info Face-to-Face Awareness / Retention Blog Engineering Search Social Networks Engineering Toolbar Search News Relevant / Interesting Fun to read Not Just Marketing Messages Current topics Not Just White Papers
    5. 5. Online B2B Leads • Generation mimics real life • Endless Opportunities Online • Require Nurturing • Customers are already • Worth a lot of money trying to find you • Small numbers are OK • Exponential Growth “Spend an average of 8 “Top 5 resources engineers hours per week online for ENGINEERS use to research their work purposes.” purchases are all online.”
    6. 6. Resources on our Site Industrial Sourcing Technical Search Engineering Resources Engineering Toolbar Tech News Design Blog
    7. 7. Get New Leads Tomorrow with Linkedin • Personal • Professional • Wide B2B Audience • Niche Groups • Direct Marketing
    8. 8. Niche Social Networks • Personal • Highly Targeted • Distribute your content • Demonstrate expertise and knowledge • Become a group leader • has everything
    9. 9. Twitter • Test platform for a blog • Viral distribution model for good content • Quick and simple • You already share this information at work • Early tech adopters & engineers
    10. 10. Twitter’s Counterpart: Tweetspinner • Twitter’s counterpart • Set it and forget it! • Automate growth • Automate promotional messages • Constant visitors to site
    11. 11. Company Blog • Extension of Twitter • SEO - Feeds off social networks / news • Demonstrate Expertise • Personalize your company • You are already generating much of this content • Timely, Current, & Deep source of information
    12. 12. Social News Sites • Find your niche • Encourage promotion of your content • Viral distribution • General appeal results in targeted leads
    13. 13. Summary 1. It’s not always about marketing your products 2. Choose the right mediums 3. Trust your product 4. Monitor the right metrics and constantly adapt 5. Don’t be a business QUESTIONS