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Question 3
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Question 3


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  • 1. Q3. What have you learntfrom audience feedback?
  • 2. Using similar storylines Q3Girls fighting in the street is occurring allot in TV soaps and in everyday life. This is why ibrought this storyline into my soap so it will link into the theme of hollyoaks. This will relate toboth genre as everyone has argumentsOne of the main storylines in my trailer is teenage pregnancy which mytarget audience can relate to of how the characters must be feeling. Thesame issue is shown on Hollyoaks, this helps me know that my some hassimilar conventions to Hollyoaks.
  • 3. Target Audience In order to appeal to my target age group of 16-24, i will make sure my characters are dressed how normal everyday teenagers dress and make sure fashionable as it is a posh location. If teenagers are more mainstream they will shop on the high street at e.g Topshop, Topman, urban outfitters and Hollister The mainstream teenagers are more than likely to listen to music from the charts. This is why i chose Florence and the Machine “Shake it out” as it was ranked number 4 in the top UK 40 for a few weeks.
  • 4. Finding the target audience for our soap- The soap should be shown on popular channels such as E4 as our target audience can relate to this Our soap is similar to brand and this channel represents Hollyoaks and Skins as our target audience very well. there target audiences are both teenagers/young adults Who is are target audience? Teenagers and young adults The storylines should be should be interested in our relatable for the target soap and will be audience. entertained by the characters and storylines.
  • 5. Finding the target audience for our soapBefore receiving my audience feedback, i started to decide what type of audiencei wanted our soap to be seen by. I created an audience demographic to showwhich type of audience i want to relate to my soap and who is more likely towatch it- Our soap would appeal to both male and females as our soap involves bothgenders and therefore the audience will be able to relate to the storyline.- Our will appeal to all different races and ethnicity backgrounds.- Our soap is aimed at a target audience of teenagers/young adults- 16 to 24 yearolds, who are still in fulltime or part time education at university or college- thismeans that they can relate more to the storylines while E4 already represents thisto the there target audience.- We chose the age 16-24 as being teenagers ourselves we knew that our soapwould relate to that age range and we knew the storylines would be relatable andentertaining the audience
  • 6. Who would watch our soap then?We decided within my group that we wanted are soap to be shown on E4 as a“Hollyoaks” type of programme as we thought are soap can relate to the sametarget audience as Hollyoaks because they are the same type of soap. We chosethis because it would appeal to are target group of teenagers 16+. Therefore weused 17-18 year olds as the characters in out trailer so our target audience canrelate to our characters and the storylines.Target AudiencesEven though E4 has the same target audience as we want to do for our trailer, bydoing some research we found out that E4 expands to an even larger audience thanwe thought, of 15-35!Therefore we than had to make sure that our soap just like E4 will be able to relate tothe older audiences so they will enjoy it. This is why we chose to have a different agerange in our soap as all the characters were 17 to 18 we then had an older characterof 34 appearing in our soap. This shows we can draw in the larger target audience. “Im not your mother”
  • 7. Audience feedbackEveryone seemed to enjoy my trailer and thought it related to the correct target audience and it fitted in the mychosen brand institution. I turned to my peers to help me make my soap trailer even better, these are some of thethings they said what could be improved--Title cards match some of the drum beats but need to make editing sharper so alltitle cars do that.-Music worked apart from the jolt as the text is received to the phone-Florence’s voice is so distinctive it sometimes effects the dialogue throughout-Instead if using the song with lyrics use the instrumental instead so itdoesn’t interfere with dialogueWe took the audience feedback as positive criticism and we then edited our trailer to seewhat worked and what didnt even changing the backing track to an instrumental version ofthe song, we also made the title cards match all drum beats. But there was also positive feedback Yes there is a variety of shot types, followed conventions well. Allot of range of shot types Good variety of shot types and angles which draws the audience in -The Title cards match the brand identity for E4 as there are purple and have the same font. The audience can tell exactly what is happening throughout the trailer -distinctive
  • 8. This is the table i made and i wrote in the audience feedback column afterthey had watched my trailer and i wrote everything the said down