Business success tips presentation final


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This handout has amazing information (mostly free) that you can use in your business NOW to raise your profile & on the way to success. AMAZING websites are provided that you simply can't miss!

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Business success tips presentation final

  1. 1. ©TBP Women’s Business Alliance 2011 TBP Women’s Business Alliance 10 Steps to help you achieve Useful Websites business success. 1. Make marketing a priority. Devote 30 minutes at Use this site to survey your customers & the start and end of each day to marketing. There prospects before you create your products. are many low cost methods of marketing. Create your own you tube business channel for free at Upload videos and The place where people share things they presentations (1-2 minutes each tops) .A Cisco flip will do for $5. Eg graphic design, audio products, etc. camera is an easy product to use (available from Officeworks for $149 rrp). This is an inexpensive option – it is a 2. Understand your figures. Learn how to read your seamless, automated system which profit and loss and balance sheets. Knowing accepts orders for cd & dvd products; exactly where you are at financially will make manufactures, prints, assembles, running your business easier so you can focus ON packages, wraps, and ships your product your business. If you struggle with this try reading in minutes. “Financial Foreplay” by Rhondalyn Korolak., Managing your cash flow is imperative for any business. Cash flow is to your business like petrol is to your car. You can engage a copyrighter to come up with product titles, graphic design etc. Off shore competitive rates for freelance work. 3. Leverage your knowledge and create multiple Save on GST & lower cost. income streams by selling books, cd’s, dvd’s webinars etc based on your expert knowledge. http:/ Survey your customers and prospects to determine music what products they would buy. Make money while you sleep by selling these products online. Have an Go to I-Tunes & type in the search field online presence. If you do not have a website women in business podcasts. Most of MYOB has a free offer for start up businesses to these are free & you can download & play create a website. Choose your keywords carefully. on your Ipod or Iphone. Check your top ranking competitors web sites. Website: | Email: Phone: (03) 9751 2322 | Mobile: 0408 340 817 , refine your unique selling proposition, establish
  2. 2. ©TBP Women’s Business Alliance 2011 TBP Women’s Business Alliance 1Ma TBP Women’s Business Alliance Useful Websites 4. Create Expert Status: Become an expert in your field. Refine your unique selling proposition. Establish your brand. This is royalty free music for Australia. Click on music Speakers are perceived to be experts in their field. search,business Survey your customers & prospects as to what they find most valuable in terms of your knowledge. Find www.istockphoto/audio how to promote yourself to your target market eg This is also a site for audio music. industry magazines etc. A great place to start for Type business in the search box. speaking engagements , Meet Up Groups (,associations, community groups, local libraries, etc, TBP Women’s Business Alliance also has a speaker Bureau that finds work enre/podcasts for experienced & non-experienced speakers at Search women in business. Most of these podcasts are free. I like Wonderful Web Women Radio, Her Business Insights for women Useful Resources for Audio Marketing in business, The Podcast Sisters ( Olympus WS-310M 512MB Digital VoiceRecorder & a microphone. Or Type in “Camtasia” in the quick Logitech ClearChat Pro headset which has noise search box & Click on Camtasia reduction. This can be used with Camtasia Studio& download a free 30 day Studio software to record your audio. trial. Use Camtasia Studio Royalty free music for fade in/out (does not attract software for editing audio & ongoing royalties. videproducts. Google free headline creator software for a catchy Website:your products. title for | Email: Phone: (03) 9751 2322 | Mobile: 0408 340 817
  3. 3. ©TBP Women’s Business Alliance 2011 TBP Women’s Business Alliance 1Ma TBP Women’s Business Alliance 5. Have an exit strategy – will you sell your Useful Websites business, have someone manage it so can earn an income, franchise, and work towards your end goal. Suggest not having your business as your name if you come to sell your business it is not as appealing as the business is associated with you only. Use a Sites that will duplicate your audio products if you have the artwork registered business name. completed. 6. Build a strong database this represents your business. Communicate regularly and add This is an online site for loading value. Have an “unsubscribe” option to comply your press releases to gain free with the Spam Act. publicity. 7. Establish an army of advocates for your business – network, network, and network! This site has free membership. They optimise your press release for SEO Work on your skills to create relationships with results, distribute your releases to others. All business is built on relationships. social media & journalists etc. Refer The more networking you do the more people to site for details. will relate to you and feel comfortable doing business with you. Exhibit your goods and Google Adwords Keyword Tool services an expo table at expo events. Have a mailing list on your table with working that by select/KeywordToolExternal adding your details you are giving permission to If your website is mainly focussed be added to the mailing list under the Spam Act. on Australian visitors click Advanced Options,Australia. This tool is helpful to figure out what 8. Implement a referral program to encourage your keywords people use when current clients/customers to refer new searching on google. clients/customers to you. Website: | Email: Phone: (03) 9751 2322 | Mobile: 0408 340 817
  4. 4. ©TBP Women’s Business Alliance 2011 TBP Women’s Business Alliance – 1Ma TBP Women’s Business Alliance FeF Useful Websites 9. Join a mastermind group if you would like to achieve more in your business. I liken mastermind groups to having a personal trainer for your business. You will achieve much more than you would on your own. Mastermind groups typically cost anywhere from $5,000 - $25,000 but TBP Women’s Business Alliance has a very Sites that will duplicate your audio products if you have the artwork affordable option with a 100% money back guarantee completed. which costs much less. You become accountable to the group for achieving your goals & will be assigned a “goal buddy”. Ask Maree for more information if you are at this Ph 1800 777 275 level. Small Business Support Line You need to read “Think & Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill . email Maree for a free copy of this life changing book. 131791 Enterprise Connect This is a free service which provides (especially important read pg 169 & chapter 10) a free business audit. IP Australia 1300 651 010 10. Refine your skills on creating relationships & communicating with people. Master networkers are those This is a service provided by the that can be in a room & attract people as they are government for intellectual approachable. This is a task that takes much work but all property. business is built on relationships & the better you can relate to your customers & prospects, the higher your chances of business success. Website: | Email: Phone: (03) 9751 2322 | Mobile: 0408 340 817