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Seeking employment in the service industry as  Ttara                              Server, cocktail server, bartender, bar ...
Hey,      Thanks for reading my resume!    If you’re interested in working together    please contact me at    720-220-588...
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Transcript of "Resume"

  1. 1. Seeking employment in the service industry as Ttara Server, cocktail server, bartender, bar back, etc. qualifications + 5 years experience in service industry booze + 3 years experience bartending Outgoing, fun, and loud personality works well THE BASICS: in a high volume bar settingFull Name: Age: Experience in high volume scenarios and canTara Lynn Booze 26 work effectively in a fast pace environment2709 W. 100th Drive Strong work ethic, willingness to grow/learn,Denver, CO 80260 accepts critical feedback well. Ability to make and serve drinks behind the bar,720-220-5882 with a continually growing knowledge of types and understanding of basic cocktails. RworkhistoryOld Chicago Cocktail Server and Bartender. Certified Trainer. Provide beer, liquor and wine as well as food.Superior, CO Gather cash, chits or tabs in correct amounts and liable for cash and(2007-Present) inventory for the time worked. Responsible for good operation of a bar, receipt and inventoryGM: Amy Lippolt accountability.720.304.2048 Provide entertaining, fun and welcoming atmosphere for new and returning guests Special Training:Serve Safe (Safe Alcohol service) expires 2013 Cocktail Server Greet guests, provide drink and food in a timely mannerThe Fox & The Entertain guests during their visitHound Some cash handling, cleaning & stocking Special Training: T.I.P.S CertifiedWestminster, CO(2004-2005) Floor Server Greet guests, provide drinks and food in a timely manner Provide a semi-fine dining experience General cleaning and stockingLonestar SteakhouseThornton, CO educationTeacher Education Program, Metropolitan State College of Denver, 2011(2004)BA History, University of Colorado, 2010
  2. 2. Hey, Thanks for reading my resume! If you’re interested in working together please contact me at 720-220-5882, Tara Booze2
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  4. 4. Continued from page 1 Pellentesque ut leo eu velit consectetuer imperdiet. Sed tincidunt nisi sit amet urna. Vestibulum faucibus felis congue libero. Aliquam varius, sem eget blandit dictum, diam justo viverra lorem, sit amet rhoncus nisi velit at libero. Etiam pulvinar placerat felis. Quisque tincidunt euismod ipsum. Donec fermentum luctus orci. Integer augue turpis, fringilla eu, tempor quis, tempus vel, dui. egestas Non leo: justo eget quam. Nunc et dui a enim varius fringilla. Class aptent Cras sit amet quam nec nisl taciti sociosqu ad litora torquent per conubia nostra, per inceptos viverra tempus? hymenaeos. Nullam nonummy, nisi in hendrerit mollis, sapien est Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, suscipit risus, ut aliquet mi ipsum eget arcu. leo dignissim consectetuer adipiscing elit. Integer et lorem vitae orci auctor dapibus. hendrerit. Nullam tempor liberoPhasellus Nulla facilisi. Duis ipsum diam, ullamcorper nec, varius vel, pulvinar, velit in interdum ultricies, vestibulum in, justo. Praesent eleifend molestie nulla. Aenean ipsum diam sodales augue, in ornare metus tellus id metus. Sed bibendum eleifend blandit ipsum. Duis nec ligula. Nulla sed ipsum sit amet semper ligula. Nulla facilisi. Duis magna sodales rhoncus. Phasellus libero sem, consectetuer vitae, iaculis nisl vitae eros. Proin hendrerit. congue sed, lobortis eget, magna. Praesent eget tellus. Nulla vestibulum tellus eu arcu. Vivamus quis odio. Mauris neque metus, congue at, nonummy nec, blandit id, felis. Donec gravida facilisis est. Aenean in dui ut neque euismod 1 Aenean adipiscing ultrices. Cras vitae metus. Nulla condimentum. Morbi eu eros a tincidunt ante. Suspendisse luctus, mi eget velit fringilla interdum. Aenean rutrum, enim eget viverra mattis, suscipit nonummy, ligula urna tellus orci sollicitudin arcu, ut mattis nisi pede quis ligula. Nulla pellentesque lorem, a sodales vitae lacus. Vestibulum rhoncus odio eu risus pellentesque nisl eros at est. pretium. Proin aliquet, risus id laoreet viverra, est arcu sollicitudin enim, id lacinia nisl justo nec nibh. Maecenas eget arcu vitae magna sagittis accumsan. Cras fringilla nibh quis massa. 2 Duis volutpat lorem. Phasellus consequat, ipsum ac Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes, scelerisque rutrum, lorem leo eleifend justo, eu vulputate nascetur ridiculus mus. Nunc mi mauris, fringilla eu, pretium at, mauris lorem . viverra nec, erat. Maecenas mollis tellus. Vivamus luctus, sapien at porta dictum, mi sapien convallis dui, nec sodales elit justo vitae magna. Quisque eu dui. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer 3 Etiam enim. adipiscing elit. Ut et lectus eleifend pede blandit posuere. Sed Quisque interdum turpis tortor. Ut porttitor gravida libero. Vivamus a nibh lacinia ipsum accumsan sem. Donec odio mi, dapibus id, mattis rhoncus, ornare hendrerit. In vehicula velit at turpis. Curabitur hendrerit semper non, tellus. aliquet purus. Integer quam augue, elementum ac, faucibus at, venenatis vitae, neque. Praesent pharetra dictum lacus. Sed dolor. Integer in eros4 id metus egestas ullamcorper. Maecenas quam. Nunc commodo lectus id nisl. Donec tortor quam, pulvinar non, adipiscing quis,
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