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  1. 1. A national presentation of Latin Rock IMAGE Branding Music Program 2008 Copyrighted by BFM Movimiento LLCProprietary Rights: The concepts, treatments, and production techniques detailed in this proposal remain the exclusive property of BFM MovimientoLLC until such time we are contracted to execute them. They may not be developed or produced by any other parties without the express writtenconsent of BFM Movimiento LLC. Unauthorized use of the attached materials will be considered a breach of proprietary, under which this proposal hasbeen developed and submitted. © 2008 BFM Movimientio LLC – All Rights Reserved www.bfmmovimiento.com
  2. 2. Tomasito sets the pace for BFM Movimiento with expertise in the development and implementation of marketing/promotionopportunities and business strategy development. Tomasito has been the creative strategist for such award winningprograms as Marcos Diaz 2x Around Manhattan, 1-800 COLLECT En Español Festival Series, and Quaker Oats Live Series.His big picture perspective and intense insights on the value of promotional programs within the marketing mix has alsoinspired the creation and success of innovative programs, such as El Rey Del Corte, Red Bull Batalla De Los Gallos, Red BullFutbol de Calle, Sanky Panky Invades America, and the Dominican Republic Government Juegos Patrios. Tomasito’s trackrecord of fresh strategic vision against competing programs is unparallel.Before founding BFM Movimiento in 2007, Tomasito was the Marketing Manager for Red Bull North America, Where he co-authored the launch of Red Bull into the Hispanic Market in New York City. Tomasito also introduced all event marketingsynergies between North America, Latin America and the Caribbean. When he’s not zone in on his creative ideas, Tomasitocan be seen schmoozing with his two children Tomas Andres, and Ariannie Shanel and his lovely soul mate Maribel at abaseball or soccer game.Marvin Flores managing partner of BFM Movimiento oversees the promotional buzz of its clients and the company. He has anextensive background and brings wealth of experience in music production, teleproduction, talent management, and live-event promotion. He is also a record producer. His formula for success has translated from record company to recordcompany. He is an accomplished recruiter of talent, a firm believer in delegating and empowering people.In the phase of his career, Marvin produced his first recording Act 4PM for Next Plateau Records. Marvin quickly learned thatthere is more to making it in the music business than recording music in a studio. He discovered his passion for the art ofpromoting and spend several years as Publicity and Promotions manager for several leading music corporations. Marvinprofessional career includes serving as Promotion Manager where he was responsible for the promotional initiatives of Kool& the Gang, Miguel Mateos, George Clinton, Victor Victor, Sergio Vargas, Pena Suazo y La Banda Gorda, Wisin & Yandel, JuanLuis Guerra, Joan Sebastian, and Pepe Aguilar. Two musical collaboration “50 years of Mambo” and “Raices Habaneras”garnish Latin Grammy nominees.Marvin played an active role in the musical careers of Boy Band Aventura, into an International sensation.Marvin is songwriter, producer and film director, and the father of three children, and attends the BridgewayCommunity Church in Haledon, New Jersey where he also mentors youths of the community. © 2008 BFM Movimientio LLC – All Rights Reserved www.bfmmovimiento.com
  3. 3. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to work with you. We have different levels ofinvolvement that we can provide Sprint. They range from short-term advice to near-full-timeon-site support. Through these pages is a program of our Brand building event/ContentCreation service. A more extensive description of the program are on the following pages.You are walking into the festival grounds for the first time. A slew of windsock brandingstrategically place throughout the grounds directs consumers to the Sprintnativo stage, whiledesignating Sprint involvement with the event.Sprintnativo is an image and experience program that delivers Sprint unique differences tolife. Sprintnativo will deliver Sprint innovative phones and its capabilities. By the end ofSprintnativo, Sprint will be the brand of choice with Hispanic Alternative music fans and theleadership of its video enhance phones.Sprintnativo is a branding strategy program design to inspire Alternative music fans andmobilize them through Sprint video enhance phones. We believe that Sprintnativo deliversthe Sprint brand position with music as seen with Sprint support of Pop Icon Juanes. Matterof fact, Juanes could have been discover through Sprintnativo if such program existed.Sprintnativo promises to uphold Sprint brand’s promise of Innovation and Sprint uniqueness. © 2008 BFM Movimientio LLC – All Rights Reserved www.bfmmovimiento.com
  4. 4. FUSE SPRINT INTO THE LIFESTYLE OF HISPANIC ALTERNATIVE MUSIC FANS.GOAL #1: To provide the ultimate platform for Latin America and U.S. Hispanic musicians and to enhance SPRINT video phones brand image within the industry and the music scene.GOAL #2: Solidify SPRINT as the lifestyle brand of choice within the Entertainment industry by introducing high quality original content into innovative media playground and providing local Sprint stores to leverage and activate. © 2008 BFM Movimientio LLC – All Rights Reserved www.bfmmovimiento.com
  5. 5. Backed by local media tie-ins, Sprintnativo is an experiential marketing campaign tailor toYoung Hispanic Adults 18 yrs old to 34 yrs male and female.Sprintnativo is a celebration of Latin Music Alternative genre, which celebrates the positive oftheir craft and lifestyle. Sprintnativo is truly the Art form that expresses the experiences ofLatin Music Alternative, Artist like Candela Soul, Maldita Vencidad y los Hijos Del Quinto justto name a few.Sprintnativo will target the largest Latino populated cities, hence will bring Latin MusicAlternative to one stage. Alternative Artist from the Caribbean, Central and South Americaand Spain with names like; Panda, Fanny Lu, Manu Chao, Cuco Radio are but a few the Artistthat will take part of Sprintnativo.Sprintnativo is a national music program to enhance Sprint brand image with Young HispanicAdults 18 yrs old to 34 yrs.The entire program is turnkey with BFM Movimiento handling all phases of activation. © 2008 BFM Movimientio LLC – All Rights Reserved www.bfmmovimiento.com
  6. 6. 1. SALES & IMAGE  Build Sprint brand value in the market place  Reinforce emotional connection with consumer to Sprint  Encourage consumers to up-load videos and photos on sprint enabled phones2. AUDIENCE REACH & APPEAL  Enhance Sprint sales kiosk prior to event with target market in major in market ADI’s  Reinforce Sprint phone experience effects3. MARKETING / SALES OBJECTIVE  Attract new users to Sprint  Sprint is seen hyper and cool with target audience  Sprint brings communication vitality to everyday life  Increase Sprint brand presence with retail partners © 2008 BFM Movimientio LLC – All Rights Reserved www.bfmmovimiento.com
  7. 7. Sprintnativo will travel to the largest outdoor festivals in the United States. Average estimated attendance 100,000Date Event Location Attend. Info.August 8, 10 Festival Latino Auburn, Washington 40,000 PAID Admission – 100% Hispanic quality entertainment, well organized, Sponsor Alaska Airlines, Go Mobile, local mediaAugust 23, 24 Viva Chicago Chicago, Illinois 1.3 FREE – Presented by the City of Chicago, Hispanic Affairs, top international Million entertainment, well organized, Sponsor, Anheuser Busch, AT&T, Delta, Chrysler, strong media leveraging with Univision TV & RadioAugust 31 Festival Atlanta, Georgia 80,000 FREE – Strong event, 100% Hispanic top quality entertainment, well organized, Peachtree Latino Sponsor, Wachovia Bank, Kroger, Best Buy, strong media leveraging with local Univision TV & RadioSept. 28 Fiesta DC Washington, DC 50,000 FREE – Strong event – 100% Hispanic quality entertainment, Sponsor, Target, Bank of America, Goya, Verizon, strong media leverage with local media Univision © 2008 BFM Movimientio LLC – All Rights Reserved www.bfmmovimiento.com
  8. 8. Name City of Origin Record Co. Albums Info.El Cuarteto Montevideo, None 1 Rock Alternative, hailing from Montevideo Uruguay. Band has been together sinceDe Nos Uruguay 2006. Extensive airplay, charting with “Ya no se que hacer” on Batanga, Boom, and nyremezcla.comLiquits Distrito Federal, Universal 3 Rock Alternative, hailing from Distrito Federal, Mexico. Band has been together since Mexico 2005. Right now charting with “Cuando apagues la Luz”Motel Mexico City, Warner Music 5 Rock Alternative, hailing from Mexico City, Mexico. Band has been together since Mexico 2001. Motel is Billy (guitarra), Pepe (batería), Rubén (bajo) y Rodrigo (voz). Charted with “Uno Dos Tres”.Manu Chao Barcelona, Spain Nacional Records 2 Rock Alternative, hailing from Barcelona band together since 2006. Has charted with various songs. Currently on the charts with “Politik Kills”. Spain most sought after indie musician Barcelona, Spain Satellite K 4 Rock Alternative, hailing from Barcelona, Spain, Muchachito Bombo Infierno, hasMuchachito been together since 2004. Charted various albums in Spain. Biggest song to dateBombo “Sera Mejor”Imfierno Bronx, NY Nacional Records 1 Rock Alternative, hailing from Bronx, NY. The two members have been together sincePacha Massive 2006. Charting on various Rock Alternative charts with “Prende La Luz”. LaTorreón, Palmerita Mgmt 2 Rock Alternative, hailing from La Torreon, Mexico, Band since 2005 currently seekingGlamur Coahuila recording agreement.Dinamita Mexico tino Los Meffitos Distrito Federal, Indie 1 Rock Alternative, hailing from Distrito Federal, In the studio recording new album. Mexico Charting on various Indie charts with “Crucificado” © 2008 BFM Movimientio LLC – All Rights Reserved www.bfmmovimiento.com
  9. 9. Backed by BFM Movimiento time proven techniques, Sprintnativo will receivethe following turnkey program elements at each performances.1.24 X 20 BRANDED SPRINT STAGE2.STATE OF THE ART SOUND & LIGHTS3.12-34 MALE & FEMALE CAPTIVE AUDIENCE4.PREMIER BRANDING5.LOCAL MEDIA TIE-IN & PUBLICITY CAMPAIGN6.BRANDED BACKSTAGE HOSPITALITY AREA7.PROFESSIONAL STAFFING8.ON-SITE EVENT EVALUATION © 2008 BFM Movimientio LLC – All Rights Reserved www.bfmmovimiento.com
  11. 11. Based on a maximum of 4 separate venues exhibiting for 10 days Item Cost Venue Fees 30,000.00 Artist Fee 60,000.00 Stage & Trucking 12,000.00 Tour Manager 10,000.00 Staff Labor 3,000.00 Lodging (six hotel rooms @ 150.00) 7,200.00 Administrative Labor Cost 2,500.00 Administrative Travel Cost (350.00) 20,000.00 Barricades 1,000.00 Event Insurance & Work Comp VIA SPRINT Parking (Truck & Overnight) 500.00 Artist Incidentals 5,000.00 Decoration Materials 1,000.00 Security for Artist 2,000.00 Day of event food 2,000.00 Branded Stage Graphics VIA SPRINT Branded Posters & Flyers VIA SPRINT Photographer 600.00 Web Page & Hosting 5,000.00 Sampling Activities VIA SPRINT Sub Total $161,800.00 Agency Fee 15% $24,270.00 Total 186,070.00© 2008 BFM Movimientio LLC – All Rights Reserved www.bfmmovimiento.com
  12. 12. Sprintnativo is a highly targeted national promotion enabling Sprint to build long lasting and durablerelationships with 18-34 male and female consumers through grass root community festival events. As aBFM Movimiento client, Sprint will enjoy a first class promotion that is backed by local media tie-ins, timeproven event marketing techniques and hard work.ALL INCLUSIVEBRANDED 24X20 STAGECONCEPT DEVELOPMENT/GRAPHIC DESIGNEVENT SPONSORSHIP/VENUE FEESCATEGORY EXCLUSIVITY (when available)MEDIA (local)TOP LEVEL PERFORMANCE BRANDING & SIGNAGESPRINTNATIVO.COM - micrositeBOOKING OF ARTIST, LODGINGFESTIVAL VENUE NEGOTIATIONSMANAGEMENT STAFFING, TRANSPORTATION, & LODGINGEVENT STAFFINGBRANDED UNIFORMSDAILY BLOGSEVENT VIDEOGRAPHYVIP HOSPITALITY SERVICESADMINISTRATIVE LABOR & COSTCOST (4 events, executed for a minimum of 10 days) © 2008 BFM Movimientio LLC – All Rights Reserved www.bfmmovimiento.com