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Bing bing plan

  1. 1. Marketing Plan Presented to Elizabeth Ting By: Tomasito Bobadilla BFM Movimiento LLCThis program and its attachments contain BFM Movimiento proprietary information, which is PRIVILEGED, CONFIDENTIAL, or subject toCOPYRIGHT belonging to Movimiento LLC.. You are hereby notified that any dissemination, distribution, copying, or action taken in relationto the contents of and attachments to this program is STRICTLY PROHIBITED and Unlawful.
  2. 2. EXECUTIVE SUMMARYBing Bing will be riding a growth spurt, having discovered a healthy choice for consumers in a up-scalesurrounding. Bolstered by highly acclaimed food critics that have tasted a Bing Bing, we are able todeliver a very exciting product to the market place.We believe that by targeting and positioning Bing Bing as an healthy food choice for consumers, we cansuccessfully occupy an emerging niche that other food restaurants have not been able to target. With theimplementation of the new marketing focus outlined in this plan, we will position Bing Bing as the mosthealthiest of choices, high-quality, elegant surroundings, and a great working staff. Our ability to integrateemerging food choices with elegant design, provide complimentary pieces for a complete mindset,providing strengths, and establish reputation of unmatched quality. Bing Bing its a tasty thing. 2008 copyright by BFM Movimiento LLC - all rights reserved
  3. 3. SITUATION ANALYSISBing Bing product offering focus on the choice of a healthy choice for consumers. Who has anappreciation for the quality or organic craftsmanship in the making of a Bing Bing. Our market segmentsinclude high traffic areas, special events, corporate executives, small business owner, high school teens,and children. We will target these markets through a variety of media including the internet, word ofmouth advertising, large and small events sampling. Bing Bing offers a healthy food choice directly to theconsumer and wishes not to mass market its product.Rather our strategy is to make a product information readily available to those seeking a healthy foodchoice with specific points of purchase for the consumer to enjoy. Therefore, we will add variousproduction lines dedicated specifically to those consumers and various Restaurant partners. In addition,because our product assumes an organic feel, the use of advance technology will not be present.Therefore, the Restaurant location will also act as a distribution point.Bing Bing occupies a specific niche within the food restaurant. Therefore, our competition does notprovide comparable products, as they lack the combination of human power, healthy food choices, andthe highest standards of health and quality hand made craftsmanship. Our nearest competition includesDumpling House, Taco Bell, and Nobu. These companies distribute their products through channels suchas their own retail locations. In contrast, Bing Bing targets its potential customers base on their searchfor our type of product. 2008 copyright by BFM Movimiento LLC - all rights reserved
  4. 4. MARKET SUMMARYOur product is positioned very carefully: this is a high quality healthy choice for the customer whounderstands quality, is a believer of healthy choices, helping the environment, and is willing to spendmoney on the best. Unlike the mainstream products, we do not use oil to fry our dough, we do not usepreservatives, everything is done fresh, and by hand.Our marketing strategy is based mainly on making the right information available to the right targetcustomer. We make sure that those who have the budget and appreciate the product know that it exists,and know where to find it.The marketing convey the sense of quality in every bite, every promotion, and every publication bybranding our Bing Bing with the right high-end events, like the Oscars, The Emmys, The All Star Games,The Super Bowl will increase Bing Bing image across all channels.Our target market is a person who wants to have a healthy food choice with the latest organic materials,combined with an old fashioned sense of quality craftsmanship. This consumer can be in the corporatetowers, small or medium business, or in a home office, in the high schools. The common bond is theappreciation of a great healthy choice and the lack of price constraints. 2008 copyright by BFM Movimiento LLC - all rights reserved
  5. 5. MARKET DEMOGRAPHICSWE FOCUS OUR MARKETING ON THREE TYPES OF TARGET CONSUMERS:1. Corporate Executives: The Bureau of Labor Statistics ( reports thereare 18.1 million executive, administrative, and managerial employees in the United States,and that number is growing at 1.5% per year. Our target will include 1% of that number(144,000) as our market, its estimated to grow 1.5% annually.2. Small Business Owners and Executives: According to the most recent data available fromthe Small Business Administration (SBA), there are between 13 and 16 million small businessin the United States. That includes about 5.5 million employers and 11 milllions self-employed people. We take the top 1% of 15 million, to make our potential market of150,000. We estimate growth at 2.5%, of small business and executives.3. College Students: According to a story in the Wall Street Journal, there are 36 millioncollege students in the United States. Which means 27% of the country are students seekingalternative healthy choices as our potential market. 10% of those, (440,000) is our potentialmarket which we estimated 8% per year. 2008 copyright by BFM Movimiento LLC - all rights reserved
  6. 6. MARKET NEEDSBing Bing gives the discriminating consumer, who cares about healthy food choices, a qualityproduct, and environment, a combination of the highest integration of a healthy product, at arelatively high price. Bing Bing provides this discriminating customer with variety of healthyfood choices. We provide a quality working environment that includes the integration ofnatural ingredients (organic) that generally exist as part of the executive setting. The qualityof manufacturing materials and ingredients found in our product serves to enhance theappearance and image of our brand. 2008 copyright by BFM Movimiento LLC - all rights reserved
  7. 7. MARKET TRENDSOur market has finally grown to recognize the disparity between most food choices standardsand the way consumers are discovering those options. The development of the high-endorganic, healthy consumer, the baby-boomer executive, and the college and high schoolstudent is an important trend for us. We now have consumers who are looking for healthychoices and appreciate the old-fashioned craftsmanship of a good product. 2008 copyright by BFM Movimiento LLC - all rights reserved
  8. 8. MARKET GROWTHThe market for healthy choices, green market, or organic market choices is growingexponentially and is projected to increase. The market for restaurants to provide morehealthy choices for consumers is growing even faster, 30% percent per year, and is projectedto top 1 billion by the year 2012.As the cost of eating healthy continues to climb, the number of consumers looking foralternative food choices continues to expand. According to Green Markets, this is about 33today, growing at 15 percent per year. 2008 copyright by BFM Movimiento LLC - all rights reserved
  9. 9. SWOT ANALYSISWe are on the brim of major opportunity. Bing Bing has the strength, marketing strategies,and combined expertise in consumer product introductions and roll-out to take advantage ofthis opportunity. In a growing greener consumer mindset and new channels of distribution. 2008 copyright by BFM Movimiento LLC - all rights reserved
  10. 10. STRENGHTSSTRATEGIC MARKET SEGMENTATION AND IMPLEMENTATION STRATEGIES:Combination of skill in ownership: Owner and founder Elizabeth Ting has develop herbusiness strategy and long-term plans with a well recognize product line in high demand.With the assistance of experiential marketing agency BFM Movimiento.Diversified market segments: Corporate executives, small business owners, college and highschool students.Increased capital from successful growths in sales.. 2008 copyright by BFM Movimiento LLC - all rights reserved
  11. 11. WEAKNESESSESHigh-end Restaurant fixture and employee cost.Addition of 24hr in-house staff will add an aspect to Bing Bing functions that has not beenpreviously experienced.Marketing through sampling events, creates the need to hire additional staff personnel assamplers, uniforms, and data gathering. 2008 copyright by BFM Movimiento LLC - all rights reserved
  12. 12. OPPORTUNITIESNew channels of distributionWord of mouth marketing and salesSpecific niche: High-end upscale appreciation for quality materials (cherry, oak, bamboo),ergonomics and technology integration, infomercial on the way a Bing Bing is made. 2008 copyright by BFM Movimiento LLC - all rights reserved
  13. 13. THREATSGrowth in the consumer looking for healthy options and the Green market exploding. Thiscompetition could emerge from a variety of given sources including:1. Established fast food restaurant and the development of healthy food items.2. New start up companies generated by a slew of healthy consumers looking for greenerhealthy choices.3. New marketing strategies for established food providers and fast food companies. 2008 copyright by BFM Movimiento LLC - all rights reserved
  14. 14. PRODUCT OFFERINGBing Bing offers a very high healthy product line that fits in with todays consumers looking for healthy alternativechoices. The key to the product line is in the unique offerings by Elizabeth Ting, "Bing Bing". It looks like a donut, couldresemble a taco, could be mistaken for a sesame hamburger. But it is a delicacy discovered by 200 yrs ago by MarcoPolo. Bing Bing is intended to fuse the delicacy of todays healthy alternative choices that consumers are looking forwith a reflection of Chinese culture. Each piece is elegantly place on a branded platter, with its distinguished look andfeel, surrounded in a sea of cherry oak and bamboo ambiance.1. The Bing Bing is an elegant upscale healthy food choice designed to infuse todays healthy consumers palette, at thesame time, affordable, and ideal for the corporate executive, small business owners, college and high school students.The two critical elements are the healthy choice and price point. The Bing Bing restaurant and brand attributes areenhance throughout the restaurant with its high-end branded employee clothing as well as the ambiance reachatmosphere to relax and de-stress with a Bing Bing.2. We also make sampling pieces to cater to special events, office suite, including large and small size eventsthroughout the Metropolitan area.3. In addition, Bing Bing will make custom designs to merchandise to the consumer for extended word of mouthexcitement and branded attributes outside of the Bing Bing restaurants.Further supporting our competitive edge is our strategy, which is based on high-end image branding throughout eacharea of consumer eyeball appeal. That focus is not only a pleasure for our customers, it is actually a feature thatenhances the sense of quality in the choices of a Bing Bing.Bing Bing will introduce custom ingredients to our customer, with a line of organic ingredients to connect to thechoices of the up-scale consumer. It will also introduce lounge theme ambiance at each of its restaurant.Our main product line is the Bing Bing. This unique concoction by Elizabeth Ting. Each restaurant will also serveuniquely crafted dumplings, with various healthy sauces. Enrich soup line, with various organic herbs, and spices,along with fruit base Bing Bing. Healthy consumers will dine in an ambiance of clean, Amazon cherry oak and bambootables, couches, and flat screens surround sound. A fuse of bamboo trees and ceilings project a healthy image of cleanlines, and ergonomics furniture. Delivering a unique product and healthy choices, to enjoy a Bing Bing, and de-stressyourself for the Urban landscape, into a sea of calm serenity allure. 2008 copyright by BFM Movimiento LLC - all rights reserved
  15. 15. RESTAURANT OFFERING 2008 copyright by BFM Movimiento LLC - all rights reserved
  16. 16. PRODUCT BRANDING 2008 copyright by BFM Movimiento LLC - all rights reserved
  17. 17. STAFF BRANDING JACKETS 2008 copyright by BFM Movimiento LLC - all rights reserved
  18. 18. STAFF BRANDING HATS 2008 copyright by BFM Movimiento LLC - all rights reserved
  19. 19. MARKETING STRATEGYBing Bing is moving toward internal marketing controls through BFM Movimiento byestablishing programs such as an in-house branded sampling team, branded vehicles todistribute the samples to various events, branded employees, and the overall marketingstrategies and messages. Branded vehicle will allow the Bing Bing to expand throughout themarket place and allow us to track the success of our marketing and sales, and furtherintegration with established quality branded messages.Our target markets present great opportunities for company growth, as our niche is not atall saturated at this point. We will dominate the high-end, upscale, healthy consumerchoices by stressing healthy ingredients at a great price, quality craftsmanship in its designpresentation of its restaurant, and by increasing and stressing healthy product line at a greatprice point.The Corporate Executive, the small business owner, the college and high school student, willgreatly benefit from our quality healthy choices in terms of ingredients, and price with theappreciation of a greener environment. The key to reaching this market is to make themaware that our products are available to satisfy a healthy choice. We do not need toconvince them of anything but the assurance of quality price conscious food with the rightingredients. 2008 copyright by BFM Movimiento LLC - all rights reserved
  20. 20. MISSIONBing Bing produces the most healthiest of choices for the conscious healthy consumer andgreen advocate that incorporates organic hand made materials in manufacturing its foodline, in which real people can work happily side by side. We are sensitive to the look andfeel of good healthy food choices, as well as to high-powered energy wise food choices. Wealways provide the best possible value to our customer who care about quality, green foodchoices, green environment, and want every dollar spent with us is to be well spent.We also create and nurture a healthy, creative, respectful, and fun work environment, inwhich our employees are fairly compensated and encouraged to respect the customer andthe quality of our healthy food choices we provide and produce. We seek fair andresponsible profit, enough to keep the company financially healthy for the long term and tofairly compensate owners and investors for their money and risk. 2008 copyright by BFM Movimiento LLC - all rights reserved
  21. 21. MARKETING OBJECTIVESBing Bing marketing strategy assumes that we need to go into a high traffic area andspecialty channels to address our target customers needs. High-end upscale Image isperfect, because we cater to our kind of customers. We position Bing Bing as the deliciousdelicacy with the highest quality offering status and prestige levels of purchase.Our presence on the web will increase the availability of our products to the specific marketsegments that we wish to target because Bing Bings offerings concentrate on delivering apremium food to its customers. 2008 copyright by BFM Movimiento LLC - all rights reserved
  22. 22. FINANCIAL OBJECTIVES1. To grow our sales more than three times over a three-year period, from $250,000 in 2008 to $3.2million in 2011.2. To increase contribution margin from 20% to 30% over three-years. 2008 copyright by BFM Movimiento LLC - all rights reserved
  23. 23. TARGET MARKETSOur segment definition is of itself strategic. We are not intending to satisfy all consumerswith our unique Bing Bing, but rather, only those who are most demanding. We aredefinitely out to address the needs of the high-end consumer, who is willing to pay more forquality.In our particular market, we also seek the consumer who appreciates two attributes:quality of the product and the choice of a healthy snack, with an understanding of designand unique taste built in. 2008 copyright by BFM Movimiento LLC - all rights reserved
  24. 24. POSITIONINGOur competitive edge is our dominance in creating a healthy portion under $2 dollars.Although there are many restaurant, and many consumers, Bing Bing Restaurant creates awarmth feeling of intimacy and beautiful ambiance. We focus on a special kind of customer,the person who wants a very high quality healthy portion in a beautiful ambiance andappeal. Our customer might be College & High School students, Executive, EntertainmentIndustry Creative, Marketing Executives, and Blue Collar workers.The product strategy is also based on quality, the Bing Bing delivers a diversified healthyportion that is not fried but filled with healthy ingredients as fish, vegetables, or meat, andpoultry is not only a taste pleasure, but it is actually the most healthy bite. 2008 copyright by BFM Movimiento LLC - all rights reserved
  25. 25. STRATEGIESBing Bing will open a location in a high traffic area preferably near a Tier 1 College orUniversity. From this central location, Bing Bing will be sold and sample to various events,get-together, and social gatherings. 2008 copyright by BFM Movimiento LLC - all rights reserved
  26. 26. MARKETING MIXOur marketing mix depends mainly on product, the Image, and brand marketing. The ImageBranding are key to the growth of Bing Bing as an International Global Restaurant brand. 2008 copyright by BFM Movimiento LLC - all rights reserved
  27. 27. BFM RELATIONSHIPOur relationship will be a fixed retainer fee @ per month. For the eight months, BFMMovimiento will waive its commission and production services fee. After the six month, theagency negotiated rate on behalf of normal media and production services fee will be17.65% mark-up of the net cost to cover staff working respectively on its client Bing Bing. Aformal letter of Agreement will follow that details our arrangement. 2008 copyright by BFM Movimiento LLC - all rights reserved
  28. 28. ABOUT BFM PARTNERSTomasito sets the pace for BFM Movimiento with expertise in the development and implementation of marketing/promotion opportunitiesand business strategy development. Tomasito has been the creative strategist for such award winning programs as Marcos Diaz 2x AroundManhattan, 1-800 COLLECT En Español Festival Series, and WQHT HOT 97 Seaside Heights Beach Extravaganza.His big picture perspective and intense insights on the value of promotional programs within the marketing mix has also inspired thecreation and success of innovative programs, such as El Rey Del Corte, Red Bull Batalla De Los Gallos, Sanky Panky Invades America, andJuegos Patrios. Tomasito’s track record of fresh strategic vision against competing programs is unparallel.Before founding BFM Movimiento in 2007, Tomasito was the Marketing Manager for Red Bull North America, Where he co-authored thelaunch of Red Bull into the Hispanic Market in New York City. Tomasito also introduced all event marketing synergies between NorthAmerica, Latin America and the Caribbean. When he’s not zone in on his creative ideas, Tomasito can be seen schmoozing with his twochildren Tomas Andres, and Ariannie Shanel and his lovely soul mate Maribel at a baseball or soccer game, or kicking it back at the beach.Marvin Flores co-founder of BFM Moviento began his insights in the early eighties, when Marvin was a teenager, he was already anestablished player on the local street scene, working with Hip Hop pioneers such as DJ Red Alert, DJ Krazy Eddie and The Master OC amongothers. At age 15 he hooked up with Peter Pan, a local promoter from his hometown, Paterson NJ. At the time Pete was doing all of thelocal parties and hosted the early MC battle crews and DJ battles promoting the “who’s who” of Hip Hop. At the time DR Rock and TheForce MCs, Kool Moe Dee, Treacherous Three, Fat Boys, Boogie Down Productions and other legendary precursors of the genre could onlybe heard on WHBI, and DJ Red Alert was the only DJ on the air who played hip, one of the most popular Latin-Urban websites in the New York Metropolitan Area and the Perrealo DVD Magazine are thecreations of Marvin and his younger brother, Hector Alvarez. Both the website and the DVD Magazine not only promote the stars but alsoafford a promotional outlet for young, up-and-coming Urban Latino artists struggling for recognition. At the same time fans of the musicwho go up on the site or purchase the DVD Magazine can get an inside, personal view of the lifestyle and culture of Reggaeton and Latin HipHop.At present, Marvin continues to enjoy the privilege of working with the “who’s who” in the current Latin market over a wide spectrum ofmusic business activities; he has produced, remixed, promoted and managed acts. He is also a talented producer of film and video, which isreflected in the excellence of the Perrealo DVD Magazine.Years of experience and love of the business make Marvin a veteran music man who knows the industry inside out. 2008 copyright by BFM Movimiento LLC - all rights reserved
  29. 29. CONTACT TOMASITO BOBADILLA MANAGING PARTNER 201.988.0632 WWW.BFMMOVIMIENTO.COM 2008 copyright by BFM Movimiento LLC - all rights reserved