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Photography for bloggers
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Photography for bloggers


Presentation for wc phx intended for photography tips for real estate bloggers.

Presentation for wc phx intended for photography tips for real estate bloggers.

Published in Art & Photos , Business
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  • Test attached to first slide
  • I don't have anything to sell unless you want to buy a home in Minnesota in which case I would be happy to hook you up. Google has my contact information.
  • Since day one pictures have been a big part of my blog. So important on a re blog. We are like life style bloggers. I can write and I write professionally but people notice the pictures and they remember me because of them.
  • And the Internet is the perfect place to share them. They are social Very effective on a real estate blog. Maybe not so important for political bloggers. For years we have been told that video is all that for realtors and yet few have mastered the humble still photograph. Still photography is not dead it is growing and is more high tech. So we move from crappy still shots to crappy moving shots.? Using video is not going to improve our photography.
  • Sense of place. My own phrase. My blog looks like St. Paul and that has worked well for me. it is one place where our local blogs can shine. On the third party sites every state looks the same. You can't tell where you are. If you can take your own they are unique.
  • Pictures of real estate The ordinary it might be new to them News photos street construction Fire hydrants The zoo Local parks Bridges Historic homes & buildings Real estate Neighborhood amenities What you photograph is as important as how you photograph it.
  • A wide range of cameras that will work. 500k + home The shot was taken without a wide angle lens That is why there are so many partial rooms on the MLS. Poor lighting and if a flash was used it was used incorrectly. It is crooked and I am not sure what it is supposed to say. Can agents tell a good picture from a bad one? This is a bad one.
  • This is what a dining room should look like. Show the whole room
  • The photo shows that I know the area and what is going on. Think before you shoot. Photography is mental. The picture of the huge parking lot with the store in the distance. I was not sure what the point of the picture was. Was she trying to show the business? Or the size of the parking lot? The cars? Before I take a photo I usually have a reason. Showing my readers St. Paul through my eyes
  • The disappointment of buying an expensive and amazing camera and still having crappy photos. That is how I buy cameras used from people who could not use them. People ask what kind of a camera I used if they like the picture but if I write something they like they never ask if I wrote it on my iPad or my pc. Why won't I tell you which camera to buy? Because there is no best camera or right camera. Just opinions and there are so many cameras on the market. Next year there will be a new batch of cameras and I will still be using a 2006 model. You have to learn how to use it. Cameras are like Wordpress some people get so hung up on themes and plugins that they never get around to writing posts. Panasonic lumix. Bought on a whim great camera. They sell a newer model.
  • Read reviews. Dps, , B&h Try cameras Personally I like camera stores but if there are none in your area best buy. I have rejected cameras because they took too much coordination to operate. No point in buying it if I can't make it work. A good point and shoot is going to cost at least $200 low end dlsr with lens about $650 ouch The higher end canon powershots have some manual controls. How many megapixels? The more the bigger the picture and the bigger the print. Consider storage space and computer processing. I use a computer optimized for gaming and a 1tb desk drive
  • Down load the manual you can almost always find it through the manufacturer in PDF format which is nice because it can be searched. I keep mine on my computer. Printed it is far easier to read than the one with the 2pt. Font that comes with the camera. DPS survey 73% wish they had better control of their camera. Most people don't get the most out of their camera because they only use a fraction of the features. Expensive camera or point and shoot What is wrong with this property shot? Room parts because who ever took it did not use a wide angle lens.
  • Point and shoot ready to go. Leave it on normal or simple so you don't miss a shot but if you know ahead of time that you bate going to be at an outdoor sports event select the right camera setting before you go. Same rule applies for dslr. Don't shoot in manual if you are likely to miss the shot. Doesn't hurt to leave the camera in the point and shoot mode. Guess what? There are some conditions where you can not get a good picture no matter which settings you use. Dimly lit rooms at conferences and bars are examples. A tripod, and off camera lights would work
  • There is a shutter delay with digital cameras Press half way down and you will have it focused. If you don't like what you see just let it go, move and press half way down. Then the rest of the way to get the shot. I know some cameras are so small 2 hands won't work. Avoid camera shake for a crisp picture. This also applies to iPhone shots. He is using a tripod. I use a tripod, mono pod or gorilla pod about half the time and always a tripod for interior shots with wide-angle lens.
  • Photography is about light. Party shots with flash washed out faces on a black background Blurry images - not enough light but you can compensate, see setting. Interior shots are among the hardest to take. A wide angle Lens and a tripos will help immensely.
  • People think noon with full sun. That is one of the worst times. It is hard to screw up a picture taken with any camera during the golden hour. We can't always be where when the light is right but if you can be there I promise your outdoor photograph will be better with the potential to be amazing. At the very least don't shoot at noon. I plan ahead for pictures for my blog to avoid the mid day sun if possible. And rain, high winds, subartic weather. On a cloudy day frame the shot so that there is less sky in it unless the cloudy sky adds to the picture. Cold weather shooting
  • This shot never had a chance. The Realtor pointed the camera at the sun which was high in the sky. We have a nice washes out look. I can see too places the photographer could have stood that might have worked. Some times we can not be there when the light is perfect. More like most of the time. Work with it. Move around. Try some angles.
  • Lights in the way Interior or exterior shooting from dark to light. Point at the dark to adjust for a brighter photo. Also hard to shoot from bright light to shade. Notice the two types of bulbs? They show up in the photo. The over head lights are cold and the lamp in the corner is warm.
  • Taken about two hours after sunrise it was the best I could do. The house faces North. You can't always have the best light but you can work with what you have by trying different angles
  • Point and shoot cameras often have party or night setting. Use them. Experiment. Be sure to turn on red eye reduction if shooting people. Putting the camera in burst mode when you really want to get the shot. Interior shots are the hardest to take.
  • So maybe lighting isn't the only rule. The rule of thirds can more easily be broken but composition is an extremely important in art and if you take a photography class it will be mentioned. Break the image down into 9 parts 3 horizontal lines and 3 vertical lines. There are 4 importance spots in the photo and that is were the lines intersect. That is where you put the points of interest in a picture. At least think about composition. I can see the end result in my head before I shoot. The editing takes place before I take the picture. I thought everyone could do that but I am learning that they can"t
  • The time I got the best shot on a photo walk because I turned around. Practice is key but taking the same shot over and over isn't practice. Move around.
  • Take more than 1 but not more than 2 from the same place with the same settings. Mention Flickr explore and getting feed back Sign up for the dps weekly news letter. For those who are really interested in photography check "meet-up" there are photography groups in every area.
  • 640 pixels or smaller. No my pictures do not turn out perfect every time. Picasa iPhoto Aperture.
  • Cropping is also a way to use the rule of thirds. It is rare that you want someone or something dead center in a picture.
  • Editing = resize which you can also do when you insert it into a post. Crop, flip any which way. If you are new to Wordpress codex is your friend. Great instructions on how to upload photographs. Give it a name that is what people will see when they mouse over it. Link to the image.
  • Give the picture a name for google Alternate text so there is a word on the mouse over. I some times put little messages in there.
  • One of the many advantages of next gen is smaller images can be used and when they are clicked on they go to full size
  • Wild flower gallery Housing style gallery
  • Being able to use a smaller picture and if anyone wants to see it in a larger size they click and it magically floats into a large photo that overlays the screen. Better than the click and the the picture is on a white background in the upper left corner of the screen.
  • Many of the same rules apply to video.


  • 1.
    • For your blog
  • 2. Teresa Boardman
    • Serial blogger for 5+ years
    • Minnesota Realtor licensed broker.
    • Happy to be some place warm.
    • Writer - columnist for Inman News
    • I don't have anything to sell
    • Photographer
    • Looking forward to photographing my first cactus.
  • 3.
    • Photography as content with a voice.
    • Understand the value of photographing the ordinary.
    • Tips for taking pictures
    • The magic of simple edits.
    • A little about WordPress and getting the most out of images.
    Photography for bloggers
  • 4. Discovery People love to look at pictures
  • 5. What photography does
    • Attracts readers
    • Keeps them coming back
    • Shows your area, gives your blog a sense of place.
    • Posts with photos get more views
    • Why not just by stock art?
    • Why just search the Internet, find a photo and use it?
  • 6. What to photograph
  • 7. But not your listings There is a wide range of images that will work for blog posts. For your listings the range is narrow. Listing photographs should be amazing. No wide angle lens
  • 8. Wide angle lens
  • 9. Photography is communication.
    • What we see
    • How we see it
    • Why we want to photograph it.
    • 1000 words - show your readers.
  • 10. Photography Mythology
    • Bright sunlight is best for taking pictures.
    • The main subject in a picture should be in the center of the picture.
    • Landscapes look best if the horizon splits the picture in half.
    • Cameras take good pictures or bad pictures.
  • 11. Photography isn't about the camera
    • What kind of a camera should I buy?
    • What kind of a camera did you use to take that picture?
    • Spending money on an expensive camera will not improve your pictures
    • Practice will improve your pictures
    • Cameras don't take pictures people do.
  • 12. Top cameras on flickr
  • 13. The magic manual
    • How to turn off the date stamp.
    • Control the flash
    • Settings
    • How to photograph: people, landscapes, close ups, sports, fireworks, the beach, snow.
  • 14. Settings
  • 15. How to Shoot
    • Check the settings
    • Hold the camera with both hands.
    • Keep it level
    • Press the shutter half way
    • Squeeze the shutter all the way.
  • 16. One rule - so simple
    • There are no rules
    • Lighting is everything.
  • 17. Best outdoor lighting
    • one hour before sunset to one hour after.
    • One hour before sunrise and one hour after.
    • The golden hours.
  • 18. Bad light = Bad Photo
  • 19. Bad lighting = bad photo
  • 20. Great lighting= better photo
  • 21. Bad Camera Good Light
  • 22. Indoor photography
    • Dial down the flash if possible. If not turn it off and place camera on flat surface or use tripod.
    • Try to find some light in the room, move.
    • Look for indoor dark room setting on camera.
    • If photo is blurry it is because of low light and camera shake.
  • 23. The Rule of Thirds
  • 24. Photos for blog posts
    • Do not have to be high quality but they can be.
    • They should either be interesting or have something to do with your post.
    • A little editing can make all the difference.
    • You can get images that will work from your phone.
  • 25. How to learn - practice Carry a camera at all times - make a list It takes practice so start taking photos Take a couple of shots. Move around, zoom in, fill the frame. Picture the picture. What do you want it to look like? Look at amazing photography every chance you get.
  • 26. Learn More No film - keep shooting Join Flickr - looking at great photos is learning DPS - A must read. Scott Kelby books Digital photography 1, 2 & 3. Helpful how to videos on you tube
  • 27. Editing
    • Crop
    • Brighten
    • Sharpen
    • Resize
    • Photoshop elements
    • on the Internet.
    • Programs built into the camera.
  • 28. Crop
  • 29. Editing options in WordPress
  • 30. Adding an image
  • 31. Plug-ins I like
    • NextGen gallery.
    • Slimbox 2 - simple overlay and float.
    • Floatbox 2 - overlay with the ability to customize transitions.
  • 32. NextGEN Gallery
  • 33. Slimbox 2 or floatbox 2
  • 34. Photography For Websites
    • Just do it!
    • Teresa Boardman 651-216-4603
    • [email_address]
    • @tboard