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Measuring the impact of investments remains a main challenge for sustainable finance professionals and, together with Climate Change, an overarching theme at TBLI. Sixteen related workshops offer debate on ESG and Impact Investing trends, private equity, portfolio strategy, food production, emerging markets, sustainable energy or philanthropy investing.

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Yvonne bakkum

  1. 1. Adding value to capital INVESTING IN GREEN INCLUSIVE ECONOMIC GROWTH YVONNE BAKKUM, FMO Investment Management TBLI Conference - November 2013 Thank You
  2. 2. FMO, A NATURAL IMPACT INVESTOR Our mission - We empower entrepreneurs to build a better world
  3. 3. FMO INVESTMENT PORTFOLIO GLOBAL REACH AND GROWING SCALE 2012 Committed investment portfolio (x EUR mln) of which Dutch government mandates 2011 2010 6,281 5,874 5,292 831 828 726 World map: FMO’s investment portfolio year end 2012 5
  4. 4. CASE STUDIES SCALING UP IMPACT INVESTING THROUGH A PORTFOLIO APPROACH ECONOMIC FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS Sacom Bank – long term finance for SMEs in Vietnam ENERGY ECONOMIC Eolo de Nicaragua – clean energy for the unserved population AGRIBUSINESS, FOOD & WATER ECOM – sustainable supply chain certification for farmers
  5. 5. KEY SUCCESS FACTORS  Long term perspective  Partnerships and local networks  Portfolio diversification  Active value add approach, including ESG integration throughout the investment process Our track record demonstrates that a well executed and diversified emerging markets impact investing program can generate attractive financial returns We offer investors: • Access to growth markets (emerging and frontier countries) • Market based risk / return profiles to suit investor appetites • Proven sustainable investment approach
  6. 6. We look forward to BUILDING A BETTER WORLD with you. Thank you! DISCLAIMER The information used in this document is strictly confidential. By acceptance of this document, the recipient agrees to keep the information in this document confidential to such person. The information is neither to be disclosed to any other person, nor copied or reproduced in whole or in part, without the prior written consent of Nederlandse Financierings-Maatschappij voor Ontwikkelingslanden N.V. (“FMO”). The distribution of this document in certain jurisdictions may be restricted and accordingly persons into whose possession this document may come are required to have themselves informed of and to observe any such restrictions. This document is intended to present general information and does not constitute an offer for, or an invitation to subscribe to or acquire, any interests in one or more investment funds and does not constitute investment advice.
  7. 7. FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS Accessible finance is a cornerstone for viable economies and strong private sectors. A healthy financial sector can bolster entrepreneurs and individuals alike.
  8. 8. LONG TERM FINANCE FOR SMES IN VIETNAM FMO INVESTMENT • Sacombank, SME bank in Vietnam • USD 25 mln; total USD 110 mln subordinated loan arranged by FMO in 2011 KEY FEATURES • Subordinated loan to strengthen Tier II capital of the bank • Sacombank has a clear SME strategy with a country wide reach • First bank in Vietnam to open women only branches IMPACT • Large finance gap between micro finance and corporate finance: “the missing middle” • This loan supports Sacombank’s strategy to enlarge the SME portfolio • Technical assistance to support implementation of environmental and social management system
  9. 9. ENERGY For developing countries, access to reliable and affordable energy is essential for economic and social progress. FMO finances long-term projects that can fuel economies, open gateways to access, clear the way for low-carbon systems and safeguard energy supplies.
  10. 10. CLEAN ENERGY FOR THE UNSERVED POPULATION FMO INVESTMENT • Eolo de Nicaragua, wind farm • USD 40 mln; total USD 91 mln senior and subordinated loan arranged by FMO in 2012 KEY FEATURES • 44 MW wind farm in the province of Rivas • The project also comprises the construction of a new substation and interconnection to the national grid IMPACT • Generating energy for 80,000 households • Currently 70% of electrification comes from expensive oil-fired plants • Wind farm Eolo is one of the cheapest suppliers of energy in the country
  11. 11. AGRIBUSINESS, FOOD & WATER A surging global population demands long-term accessibility to affordable food. FMO finances sustainable agribusiness companies throughout the value chain, including farming, processing and distribution operations.
  12. 12. SUSTAINABLE SUPPLY CHAIN CERTIFICATION FOR COFFEE AND COCOA FARMERS FMO INVESTMENT • ECOM, agricultural commodity merchant • USD 40 mln; total USD 110 mln loan arranged by FMO in 2012 KEY FEATURES • Enabling purchase of certified coffee and cocoa in Uganda, Vietnam, Papua New Guinea and Ivory Coast • Technical assistance to train farmers in sustainable farming, waste management and best labor practices IMPACT • Investment in supply chain infrastructure will help to certify an estimated 37,000 farmers, improving their livelihoods and reducing their environmental footprints • More sustainable business practices in large number of farms all around the world