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TBLI CONFERENCE™ EUROPE 2011- London - United Kingdom

TBLI CONFERENCE™ is the prime annual global networking and learning event on Environment, Social, Governance (ESG) and Impact Investing.

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Valerie issumo

  1. 1. Ethical Water ExchangePrivate and confidential solution designed by Valérie Issumo, Economist (MBA) Sanitation global pricing for better environment, conflict prevention & water procurement security 1 Prana Sustainable Water, Valérie Issumo, picture: Mbandaka 2011
  2. 2. Challenges Prana Sustainable Water, Valérie Issumo 2
  3. 3. Waste & polluted water jeopardizing our life *2,6 bn people without U$D access to 180 sanitation bn/a * 90% wasteneeded water withoutfor the treatment, balnext 20 ance not years enough for treated waterutilities Trans-(World boundary Bank) pollution Climate changes 3
  4. 4. Innovative solution Prana Sustainable Water, Valérie Issumo 4
  5. 5. Wastewater priced resource > incentive to produce withcommoditizedtreated water > New revenues > Ecosystem & public health protection, > Reused water for securityFinancing, pollution andprocurement constraints 5 Prana Sustainable Water, Valérie Issumo, All rights reserved
  6. 6. • Supplies of standard treated H20 • Int’l supplies of treated water footprints• Treated Ethical water Water buyers Exchange• Treated water • Matching & sellers pricing offers &demands of• Investors treated waterTrading of • Monitoring, Ethical Water Clearing Titles house (futurescontracts) Hedging > Time > Deliveries execution 6 Prana Sustainable Water, All rights reserved
  7. 7. Commoditized treated waterGlobal pricing benefit Prana Sustainable Water, Valérie Issumo 7
  8. 8. Ethical Water Titles BUYERS Ethical Water Titles SELLERS Water procurement & price - Certified wastewater purchaser security, and treatment capacity To produce what + where + - “PLANET CLEANING SHARE” how it makes sense security to collect & treat storms/floods water & sell part of it as treated water Internalizing & insuring externalities (environmental exposures) Benefiting public utility & incentivized productions effects Conflict prevention, Accountability, Branding & Sustainability 8 Prana Sustainable Water, Valérie Issumo, All Rights reserved
  9. 9. Commoditized treated water: benefit for a State Sanitation via Ethical Water Titles Current situation : e.g. export licenses if water Environmental Fines footprint hedged Treated water Higher (footprint) purchase prices or commitment less sales or lost jobs New Sustainable taxes, forec production & No asting & public debt for welfare Financing sanitation Capacity of States Green jobs & new business, hydro- diplomacy 9 Prana Sustainable Water, Valérie Issumo, All rights reserved
  10. 10. Practicalities Global solution, local executionDiscount/Premiums to global price Prana Sustainable Water, Valérie Issumo 10
  11. 11. Phase I : H20 Phase II: Matching Phase III: assessment & trading Ethical Deliveries & Input & ownership Water Titles reporting* Paid & used water for our security* Soil & water International viameasured impact Water Volumes & water footprints ofwater footprint Quality goods produced with commitments treated water* Storm water :potential victims of Cap& trade Local certifieddamages leaving their waste/pollutants treatments and/orrights to wastewater removals treated waterinfrastructure supplies Human rights :3000 Philanthropy incl. liters/capita/day incl. environment fund Waste water food water footprint and water banks 11 Prana Sustainable Water, Valérie Issumo, All rights reserved
  12. 12. Physical flows // Trading flows Input: sellers of wastewater household ≠ heavy industrial wastewater (-) Wastewater purchase discount if (+) Premium rewarding non-polluting heavier pollution production ways and/or pre-treatment Monitoring & supervision Bid&Ask of treated standard water with philanthropy via EWT trading Monitoring & supervision Output: treated wastewater reusers Water banks to produce What, Where & How it makes sense (-) discount if only cleaningcompensation, WAREX Water (+) premium REWEX Reclaimed Water Exchange via Reclamation Exchange treated water used in products/services Prana Sustainable Water, Valérie Issumo, All rights reserved 12
  13. 13. Reuse water- Nature (e.g. groundwater recharge)- Irrigation & fish farming- Energy- Industry- CRS, SRI & sustainability Prana Sustainable Water, Valérie Issumo 13
  14. 14. EXAMPLE: traded water footprints from water-rich regions, towater-poor regions incentivizing food & energy productions Demand of ethical products or investments Matching Ethical Water Commitment to Titles Commitment buy treated to sell treated water wastewater Ethical Water Exchange with clearing Water procurement security Sanitation Biogas electricity Prana Sustainable Water, Valérie Issumo, All rights reserved 14
  15. 15. About 50% more energy needed in the world by 2030 (International Energy Agency): Water-Energy nexus• Ethical Water Exchange facilitating thewastewater collection to produce energy: e.g. growing algaes for biofuels, hydroelectricity, sludge gas• Reducing interdependence of water & energy consumed to pump groundwater and use potable water thanks to direct supplies of treated water for irrigation, mining …• Treated water => clean nature absorbing CO2 emission• Gas from sewage and agri-activities generated by traded water footprints to de-carbonize the energy supply 15 Prana Sustainable Water, Valérie Issumo, All rights reserved
  16. 16. Measured CSR Hotels willing toConsumptions > 200 l/guest/day concretizehedged by Ethical Water Titles their CorporateEvery hotel resident enablingaccess to sanitation to Socialdisadvantaged persons Responsibility Eco/philanthropic consumers> Hotel guests benefiting leverage effects : new consumers, safer global environment & geopolitics>Hotel: image + sustainable growth beneficiarySystem replicable for increasing water projects synergiese.g. – fair trade chocolate including sanitation part- Ethical Water Titles bought by cooperation/int’l agencies 16 Prana Sustainable Water, Valérie Issumo, All rights reserved
  17. 17. « 5P » Impacts Prana Sustainable Water, Valérie Issumo 17
  18. 18. PLANET 10 PEOPLE Prices/Value 8 Biodiversity 6 4 DIGNITY FOR ALL 2 0 EnvironmentAccess to sanitation & equal chances to sell wastewater Ethical water titles «5P» Ethical Water Exchange IMPACT VALUE CHAIN Governing is foreseeingPROFIT PEACE* Leverage effects as per WHO* New jobs Hydro-diplomacy,* New reuse+depollution markets Conflict prevention* Accounted waterfootprintincentivizing productions PHILANTHROPY* Full costs recovery Water Banks 18 Prana Sustainable Water, Valérie Issumo, All rights reserved
  19. 19. Catalyst for global governance, cleantechnologies, dignity, health, jobs creation & nature protection Prana Sustainable Water, Valérie Issumo 19 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  20. 20. Valérie Issumo, Laureate of the Prize of the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Trade, 15 yearsexperience as soft commodities trader 20 Prana Sustainable Water, Valérie Issumo, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED