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  • 1. Sustainable Technologies Capital, LP TBLI Presentation November, 2006
  • 2. Topics
    • Sustainable Technologies Capital
    • Sector Focus and growth
    • Why Now?
    • US compared to Europe
    • Applying a Sustainability Perspective
  • 3. Introduction
    • Sustainable Technologies Capital , LP, working together with Sustainable Technology Partners AB, an early stage private equity manager.
    • We seek investment opportunities in what we call “Sustainable Technologies”, also referred to as “Clean Technologies” or “Cleantech”.
    • We look for small and medium sized growth companies (€ 0-30 million in sales) in Europe with a special focus on the Nordic countries.
  • 4. Andre Heinz, Investment Director
    • Founder of Sustainable Technologies Capital LP
    • Co-founder of The Natural Step International and Director of International Affairs
    • Researcher and analyst to Paul Hawken on the book “Natural Capitalism”
    • Researcher and analyst to green architect Bill McDonough
    • Board and Finance Committee member on Vira I. Heinz Endowment, a 450 MUSD foundation
    • Masters in Environmental Management, Yale University
  • 5. Investment focus
    • Renewable energy generation
    • Energy efficiency
    • Energy transmission
    • Energy storage
    • Bio fuels
    • Sustainable materials and chemicals
    • Recycling and waste management
    • Water, soil and air purification
  • 6. Growing investment category
    • In the US, Cleantech has become the third largest venture investment category.
    • A record $ 843 million was invested in Q2 2006, a 129% increase from Q2 2005.
    • $ 594 million was invested in energy related investments.
    • During Q1-Q3 $ 1,4 billion has been invested in Cleantech, up 99% from 2005.
  • 7. Sign of the times May 2006 July 2006 May 2006 September 2006 July 2006 August 2006
  • 8. Why now?
    • Higher energy prices
    • Resource security
    • Global Climate Change
    • Rapidly Developing Countries
    • Technological improvements
  • 9. Source: NREL Energy Analysis Office (www.nrel.gov/analysis/docs/cost_curves_2005.ppt) 1 These graphs are reflections of historical cost trends NOT precise annual historical data. DRAFT November 2005 Renewable Energy Cost Trends
  • 10. Strong growth in renewable energy Source: World Watch Institute, 2006
  • 11. US compared to Europe
    • More activity in the US (More funds, larger funds, more deals e t c)
    • Signs of over allocation in the US
    • An increasing activity in both East Asia and Europe
    • Energy by far the largest sector in both US and Europe
    • Still relatively little activity in Nordic countries
    • Nordic countries are however seen as a future “hot” spot in Cleantech
  • 12. Why Nordic countries? Country rankings according to the 2005 Environmental Sustainability Index (ESI) and OECD
    • World leaders in many Cleantech technology fields:
      • Wind, solar and wave
      • Bio fuels
      • Geothermal
      • Recycling
      • Purification
      • Energy efficiency
      • District heating/cooling
    • Long consistency in political
    • initiatives to support growth
    • The 4 most active acquirers
    • of Cleantech companies worldwide
    • are German and Swedish (ABB,
    • Danaher, Siemens and Schneider)
    • Large pool of small- and medium sized cleantech companies
  • 13. Company Database
    • An estimated 1000-1200 Cleantech companies in Nordic countries
    • Certain Cleantech Clusters are being formed in university cities such as Gothenburg, Lund and Uppsala
    • Intense activity in geothermal, energy efficiency and bio fuels
  • 14. Investment approach
    • Sustainability Analysis
      • Thermodynamics
      • System conditions
      • Back Casting perspective
      • Resource scarcity and toxicity
    • Invest in Nordic region – Grow in the US and China
  • 15. Thank You !