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TBLI CONFERENCE™ is the prime annual global networking and learning event on Environment, Social, Governance (ESG) and Impact Investing.

Monday and Tuesday, June 17-18, 2013

Paul Rose
Vice President of the Royal Geographical Society
Richard L. Kauffman
Chairman for Energy Policy and Finance for the State of New York - Governor of New York's Office and Cabinet - United States of America
Martin Rapaport is chairman of the Rapaport Group and founder of the Rapaport Diamond Report

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Gate impact power point

  1. 1. Market Infrastructure for Impact Investing GATE Global Impact
  2. 2. What is GATE Impact ? • The mission of GATE Global Impact (GGI) is to create the market infrastructure that enables investors to identify and transact in investments that provide a sustainable social and/or environmental benefit in addition to a financial return • GATEway Platform – Proprietary impact investing technology • Collaborative Partnerships: – Prudential Financial, INC – Investor/Launch Client – Largest US Social Investment Portfolio – TBLI Consulting – Benefit from the thought leadership and experience of TBLI and Robert Rubinstein – Global Originator for OPIC / EDN
  3. 3. • Focus on the Institutional market bringing Top of the Pyramid capital to the Base of the Pyramid • Use traditional market constructs to evolve Impact Investing, establishing a new market infrastructure • Create a collaborative community to standardize Impact Investing practices Strategy
  4. 4. Sectors for Impact Investing include housing, rural water delivery, maternal health, primary education and financial services — for the portion of the global population earning less than $3,000 a year, we find that even this -segment of the market offers the potential over the next 10 years for invested capital of $400bn–$1 trillion and profit of $183– $667bn. ©JP Morgan Report Impact Investments An emerging asset class, Nov. 2010 Market Potential Investing for Social & Environmental Impact ©Monitor Institute 2009
  5. 5. Goals • Bring Transparency, Efficiency, and Liquidity to rapidly-expanding impact space by applying traditional market models • Empower investors through proprietary tools that facilitate accurate evaluation of investment opportunities and returns • Aggregate research/content/ratings/metrics to allow for more informed decisions, effective execution, and improved understanding of the value of potential investment • Standardize the impact investing process • Provide resources for professional services
  6. 6. Key Features • Portfolio management • Content and Research • Transactions GATEway Platform - Overview
  7. 7. • Benchmarking / Ratings • Metrics • Custom Reports Portfolio Management
  8. 8. • Company Profiles • Research Reports • Industry News / Social Media Content and Research
  9. 9. Equities Debt Funds Tax Credits • Primary Offerings / Capital Raising • Secondary Offering • Investment Listings • Due diligence on secondary offerings Types of Offerings Transactions
  10. 10. • GATEway 1.0 Application Completed • GATE Web Platform Competed • Opening platform up to a formal launch in Q3 2013 • Currently engaged in Discussions on: • Evaluating ESG offering for GATEway 2.0 Status - U.S. Advisory Services Listing Organizations Emerging Metrics
  11. 11. Institutional Managers Pension Funds Foundations Agencies • Europe leads the world in the Impact Investing / ESG initiatives and appetite • GGI in 2012 had 30+ meetings in Europe/UK with: • Became Originator for OPIC • Evaluating regulatory requirements for launch in Europe • Anticipate opening an European office in Amsterdam in 2014 • Plan to roll out in Mexico in 2013/2014 Status - Europe
  12. 12. Market Infrastructure Investors Investments Corporations Agencies Regulators Exchanges /Platforms Research Professional Services Metrics Collaborative Community
  13. 13. Email: Website: Contact Us