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UMUC Tip Outlet Media Kit Presentation for COMM 495 Capstone Senior Seminar Course

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Blandford 7 presentation

  1. 1. Generating recommendations and tips to guarantee a successful college career UMUC Tip Outlet By: Tabatha Blandford COMM 495-7980 December 8, 2013
  2. 2. Content Introduction Background Significance to Communications Research Making these the best years of your life
  3. 3. Introducing the UMUC Tip Outlet Upperclassmen helping Freshmen succeed
  4. 4. UMUC On-Campus Tip Outlet • • (Wikipedia, 2005) • (UMUCTV, 2013) The UMUC On-Campus Tip Outlet will provide freshmen with advice on anything they need to know. • Tips include things like where to go to eat, who throws the best parties, where to study, what professors to take, etc. The Tip Outlet will require support from the parents of incoming freshmen and Alumni in order to facilitate the staffing and creation of the tip outlet on campus. Instead of going to a career advisor or a counselor to find advice, you can seek recommendations from students who have already been there done that.
  5. 5. UMUC On-Campus Tip Outlet Statistics: • • • • • • • • 33% of students drop out of college 40% of students will never get a degree In a survey, 75% of respondents agreed that freshmen would benefit from a tip outlet that would help them navigate through the first year college experience. These statistics are precisely why a University Tip Outlet is needed to ensure the success of our incoming freshmen. Most freshmen are either the first of their family to attend college or have never left the nest. They are inexperienced and most are not used to having to survive on their own. The University Tip Outlet will work with students in order to decrease the number of drop-outs and students not graduating. They will not only gain advice on how to survive in the classroom but how to survive socially as well. (S.R., 2013)
  6. 6. Background Information The importance of tips and how they contribute to your success
  7. 7. UMUC Mission Statement “The mission of University of Maryland University College is to offer top-quality educational opportunities to adult students in Maryland, the nation, and the world, setting the global standard of excellence in adult education By offering academic programs that are respected, affordable and accessible technologically and through a variety of face-to-face formats, UMUC broadens the range of career opportunities available to students, improves their lives, and maximizes their economic and intellectual contributions to Maryland, the nation, and the world.” (UMUC)
  8. 8. Creating the UMUC Tip Outlet • • • • • • • It is important to incorporate the mission of University of Maryland University College when creating the Universities Tip Outlet. With the mission in mind we can not only meet our own goals but also the goals of the University as well. The tip outlet will be formed by a team of four UMUC seniors who will gather advice that will answer the questions of college freshmen. Because the questions and responses will be varied it is important to have a diverse team that can attempt to cover all aspects of campus life We want to offer advice students can trust, and what better way then to receive recommendations from their peers who have already gone through what they are currently going through. The tip outlet representative is the Director of Student Organizations Dr. Terres who has been organizing and supporting student organizations and activities for the last 10 years. The Tip Outlet will cost roughly $3,000 to create, this includes finding the staffing, a facility, and marketing to the community in order to create awareness.
  9. 9. Branding Awareness • When creating the logo, I wanted to incorporate everything the UMUC Tip Outlet represents. • It is about the importance of easing the minds of parents who send their children off to college. They want to know that their kids will have succeed and survive without them. • It is about the importance of preserving the memories of the alumni and those who were there before them. By capturing the history of college life they will be able to share insight on what life was like when they were on campus. • It is about the importance of guiding and advising college freshmen through the best way we know how, word of mouth.
  10. 10. Foundation The UMUC Tip Outlet will be located at the main office on: 3501 University Blvd E, Adelphi, MD 20783 If you have an questions or would like to seek advice via telephone you can call: 301-985-7000 The Tip Outlet will be accessible January 2014 (Lytle) It takes just $30, from 100 parents and alumni to create the UMUC Tip Outlet. If you donate to the Tip Outlet your name will be engraved in the tile outside of the office. When students walk up to the tip outlet door they will be able to see who helped make this all possible. (Olaf, 2012)
  11. 11. Significance to Communications Research Preserving History, Easing Minds, Providing Advice
  12. 12. Social Learning Theory » The Social Learning theory states that “personal factors, such as beliefs, expectations, attitudes and knowledge [cognitive] plus environmental factors, such as resources, consequences of actions, physical setting [behavioral] plus behaviors, such as individual actions, choices, and verbal statements influence learning and motivation.” » This correlates with the need for a University Tip Outlet because personal, environmental, and behavioral factors all influence how a freshmen's first year of college will be. » In different settings whether it be work, family, or with our friends we determine how we behave in certain situations based on our personal beliefs, values, and environment.
  13. 13. ? Questions, Comments, Concerns
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