The Social Media Command Center/Control room is a dead end | buzzient


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The Social Media Command Center or Control room is as much of a dead end as the "Dot-Com" subsidiary or department.

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The Social Media Command Center/Control room is a dead end | buzzient

  1. 1. Why the Social Media Command Center/Control Room is a De... Customer Login | Resource Center Products Pricing Trials OEM Resources About Blog Search Blog Why the Social Media Command Request a Free Trial Center/Control Room is a Dead End January 26, 2013 Recent Blog Posts Customer Service, Social Media Analytics for Technical Trading? The Integration, Social Media Boeing Earnings Call Analytics, Socialmedia In followup to our previous post on how social media... tbj Read More » 1 Comments Why the Social Media Command Center/Control Room is a Dead End There’s been a lot of conversation about Social Media... Read More » The Boeing Dreamliner crisis in the era of Social Media Analytics Boeing is under siege right now. When the flagship new... Read More » Tag Cloud adam metz Buzzient CRM Customer Service Customer Support echo chamber Enterprise Enterprise Integration Entrepreneurship Social Media Command Center = DotCom department revisited Facebook Innovation District Instagram Integration Interactive Intelligence Lead Generation There’s been a lot of conversation about Social Media Command Centers in the past. As 2013 emerges, lessons learned Loyalty M&A Open Social we believe at Buzzient that this is going to be shown to be a dead end. In reality, social media data for Enterprise Oracle Press Radian6 Retail customer care and other purposes needs to be a part of the application experience, and not a standalone sentiment Siebel siebel crm “department”. Social CRM SocialCRM social Remember DotCom subsidiaries? These were the specialized groups in the company that “handled” the social enterprise customer internet in the late 90′s. If you wanted to post something outside the corporate firewall, you had to go applications Social Media through these gatekeepers. DotCom groups were also chartered with figuring out the internet business Social Media Socialmedia model for the corporation. In the meantime, normal everyday use of the internet was actively discouraged Analytics social media unless sanctioned. integration Social Media Management Social Media Marketing Social Media Publishing social media reach Social Media Tools social network analysis Techcrunch Technology Twitter workflow Social CRM and the Enterprise Adam Metz Enterprise Software Insider Oracle CRM Blog Paul Greenberg CRM DotCom team Web Strategy by Jeremiah Xenophon Strategies1 of 2 2/11/13 6:01 PM
  2. 2. Why the Social Media Command Center/Control Room is a De... Think of how silly that sounds today. Having to sanction a web search, or the creation of a web-based marketing campaign or test. At Buzzient, we believe that shuttling the social listening, customer care, and analytics efforts through a standalone department will seem just as silly by year end. Posting to Twitter or Facebook, or responding to a customer on one of these channels shouldn’t be the domain of people who in many cases know nothing about the underlying business processes of customer care or ecommerce. Social will need to be integrated with the CRM, ERP, ecommerce and other applications used by the business unit, and not left up to these “outboard motor” standalone teams. Look on the bright side, though. The LED/LCD screen makers have had a good run at these companies… Post to Facebook 7 7 7 51 1 Comments Pingback: Why the Social Media Command Center/Control Room is a Dead End | Buzzient | Social Media Article Sharing | Leave a Reply Name* Email* Websites Comment SUBMIT Follow Us Contact Us Buzzient, Inc. Phone: 1.800.308.BUZZ (1.800.308.2899) E-mail: Copyright © 2009-2013 Buzzient. All rights reserved. | Privacy Policy2 of 2 2/11/13 6:01 PM