twitter                                         Until recently your Customers were saying:                                ...
Buzzient harvests, integrates and enables action on social media content directly within                                  ...
The Buzzient OEM Program is ideal for:                                                                                    ...
Buzzient OEM Program Steps                                  System Requirements (not applicable for the hosted            ...
Why become a Buzzient OEM?                                     To Get Started                                        • Buz...
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Buzzient Oem Program


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Buzzient Oem Program

  1. 1. twitter Until recently your Customers were saying: “We aren’t worrying about social.” But now with 1B users on Facebook, Twitter and other platforms they’re saying:The BuzzientTM OEM Program is “We NEED social, what are YOU doing about it in YOUR apps?”designed for companies who need Your challenge isn’t simply monitoring social media, It’s integrating and makingto deliver an embedded sociallayer within their software it useful within your existing applications, because that drives value. Just likeapplications for social content you probably did with channels such as email and web.harvesting, integration,presentation and action.Monitoring is not enough. Yourcustomers need actionability.They will be able to respond tosocial media posts from withinyour application. In the same way communication channels have evolved from letters → phone → email → web, social is quickly becoming a must-have for your customers. Users of your software should not have to run separate applications for collecting and responding to social content. No alt-tab or swiveling their chair to “social” apps. It’s another channel your software can address and deliver transparently. Buzzient enables you to embed social integration and action into your applications instead of spending your resources and dollars to develop it from scratch. © 2012 Buzzient, Inc.
  2. 2. Buzzient harvests, integrates and enables action on social media content directly within enterprise applications. Users continue with their same familiar apps, but can now leverage the social channel. Your customers will benefit from social engagement within their systems-of-record (your software), which preserves their investment in your applications Transparently embedding the social channel within existing apps enables users to provide better customer service, uncover more leads, enhance loyalty and more.Buzzient provides the flexibility foryou to integrate by droppingscreens into iFrames or using the Embed Social Media Integration and ActionBuzzient Open API. Treat Social as an additional Channel in your New and Existing Apps to: • Preserve your customer base – Don’t let them churn to other apps that claim to have social. • Increase Customer Satisfaction – Give your customers social capability within their familiar apps. • Drive Increased Revenues – Embed a social layer across your different versions and new applications as a sales differentiator.Software vendors with more thanone application can use Buzzientas the embedded layer in all ofthem. Your customers will benefitby gaining visibility into socialaction across, and from, yourmultiple apps. © 2012 Buzzient, Inc.
  3. 3. The Buzzient OEM Program is ideal for: Embed Content: • Companies that develop applications such as CRM, ERP, Contact Center, etc. who want to deliver more customer value by embedding a social integration and action layer. • Companies that develop applications that address use cases such as customer service, leadContinue keeping your customers generation, supply chain monitoring, etc. thatin the fold by enhancing your need to leverage the social channel.existing applications with a social • Companies with customers asking for sociallayer. content and action embedded within your software instead of losing efficiency and consolidated history by having to use separate, disconnected social apps. • Companies who want the consistency of a single social layer across multiple apps requiring socialUsers want to continue using what content and action. Embed Engagement Actions:they’re familiar with. Runningseparate applications just for Buzzient OEM Valuesocial means they lose efficiency • Keep your valuable development resourcesand risk maintaining interaction focused on your software assets instead ofhistory. building and maintaining a social layer. • Multiple options for bringing social media content and action into your application. Embed Automatic Actions: o Use the Buzzient Open API (JSON or XML) to leverage your app look-and-feel, and/or o Embed Buzzient screens into iFrames in your application • Embedded engagement capability means your customers can respond to posts via Twitter, Facebook, etc. from within your application. No alt-tab to a different app. • Pre-built harvesters for Twitter, Facebook, RSS, YouTube and more means you do not have to rely on third party data aggregators. • Flexibility to run and/or deliver Buzzient to your customers in a SaaS, hosted, hybrid or on- premises model. © 2012 Buzzient, Inc.
  4. 4. Buzzient OEM Program Steps System Requirements (not applicable for the hosted 1. Initial discussion and assessment. Technology Assessment): 2a. Technology Introduction • Buzzient is a Linux-MySQL-Python stack. • Online self-service/self-paced overview and intro o Each installation must download its own to Buzzient. open source packages (download/install 2b. Business Terms / Pricing Session scripts included in the OEM Kit) • Discussion with the Buzzient Partner team • Typical production Buzzient deployments will utilizeUse an embedded social layer as covering terms of the OEM Program and pricing, separate servers, however all tiers can run on fewera sales differentiator and as added distribution and resale parameters. (or a single) server.value to expand your footprint in 2c. Technology Assessment Period o Webyour existing customer base. • 14-day period to evaluate Buzzient as an OEM o Harvesting and Processing product. o Database • The Buzzient evaluation system will be hosted at • Detailed system requirements will be found in the Amazon EC2. OEM Installation Guide. 3. Buzzient OEM Program Agreement signed The Program Includes:There is no need to de-focus your • Buzzient OEM version for installation in yourproduct roadmap to build social environmentcontent harvesting, integration and • Right to distribute that OEM version to youraction from scratch. Keep your customers per terms of the agreementdevelopment focus on what you do • Documentationbest. • Educational materials • Sales and marketing materials © 2012 Buzzient, Inc.
  5. 5. Why become a Buzzient OEM? To Get Started • Buzzient is the only product that specializes in To inquire about the Buzzient OEM Program contact us at integrating social content and action into enterprise applications. • You have the flexibility to deploy Buzzient in a For more information about Buzzient and our products hosted or on-premises model. Pick whichever is please visit”We aren’t worrying about social.” best for you and your customers. • Choose the integration method that suits you. Embed Buzzient screens into your application and/or use the Buzzient Open API and your own toolset to bring content and action into your app’s user experience.“We NEED social, what are YOU • The Buzzient OEM Program reduces your time todoing about it in YOUR apps?” market and development cost in delivering a social media solution in your application stack. About Buzzient Buzzient uses patented technology to automatically collect information from social media sources, analyze the content based on customer specifications, then turn this social media data into actionable information through integration with applications such as CRM and contact center software. The Buzzient solution gives customers everything they need to leverage existing sales and customer support processes in the world of social media. The company is based in Boston’s Innovation District. For more information please visit: or email: © 2012 Buzzient, Inc.