TBEX 2013 Toronto Where's my ROI?  Campaigns & Strategies in Digital Marketing
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TBEX 2013 Toronto Where's my ROI? Campaigns & Strategies in Digital Marketing

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TBEX 2013 Toronto Where's my ROI? Campaigns & Strategies in Digital Marketing featuring, Stephen Oddo,

TBEX 2013 Toronto Where's my ROI? Campaigns & Strategies in Digital Marketing featuring, Stephen Oddo,

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  • 1. Stephen Oddo - Co-Founder, CTO, Marketing DirectorWhere’s my ROI?Campaigns & Strategies inDigital Marketing
  • 2. What is Walks?Walks specializes in day trips, activities andunique experiencesHistorical tours, bike rides, cooking classes, winetours, boat tours, gondola rides, undergroundvisits, volcano hikes, special access. Also groundtransport services.Small groups: 12 maxHand-picked experts/leaders - fluent in EnglishEmphasize off the beaten path, sustainabletravel, green company.
  • 3. What is brand marketing?Definition: The marketing practice of creating aname, symbol or design that identifies anddifferentiates a product from other productsEntrepreneur magDevelopment of a personality to your company,setting standards and following them, consistency,develop positive reputation. Core values.Ex: Four Seasons Quality, Luxury, Top of the line, 5*, beauty… expensiveEx: RyanAir CHEAP, CHEAP, CHEAP. (or is it?), uncomfortable, fees
  • 4. What is content marketing?Creation of media content such as text,photography, video or combination of these to builda core audience, establish a brand reputation,increase interaction/engagement: Good contentbreeds good interaction, expands reach.BRANDED content marketing, pull vs push:‘Content that is developed or curated by a brand toprovide added consumer value such asentertainment or education. It is designed to buildbrand consideration and affinity, not sell a product orservice. It is not a paid ad, sponsorship, or productplacement.’ –Forrester Research
  • 5. What they say…"Blogs are the third mostinfluential digital resource(31%) when making overallpurchases, behind retailsites (56%) and brand sites(34%).”Technorati Digital Influence ReportNearly half of travelershave changed or decidedupon a trip based on whattheyve read on socialmedia! – World traveltourism council (WTTC)
  • 6. Push vs. Pull Marketing
  • 7. Setting Goals• Everyone’s goal is to grow revenues!• Marketing departments are looking for 1 to 1correlation between investment and ROI as a clear,linear relationship.• Walks of Italy’s goals, long term marketing strategy:– Increase PR of online properties– Increase overall organic search results, especially viatraffic to blog– Increase following and engagement on social mediasites– Become an “influencer” or “authority” for Italy travel,increase SSOV– Leverage “indirect” marketing voice
  • 8. Affinity & AdvocacyCorporations are peoplelikesometimesFor brands and companies, affinity begets advocacyMore advocacy, more word of mouthMore word of mouth = more bookingsHigh word of mouth = high sales!
  • 9. Reciprocity: The key to evergreen• Don’t think that just because a blog review isonline, the collaboration ends there.• Marketing team should continue to engagebloggers: reshare, +1, like, comment, RT, pin,rinse, repeat.• If you invest the time in social media, socialmedia will work harder for you.• Often times simply reaching out to bloggers orinfluencers will result in higher engagement.
  • 10. Direct ROI from travel blogs$20,582.83If your ROI analysis stops here, then I would agree that itdoesn’t seem that lucrative to work with travel bloggers.But remember, this is just the people that clicked off theirblog.Time to go beyond the blog!
  • 11. Started workingwith bloggersOrganic search resultsCase Study: Walks of Italy
  • 12. Direct hitsCase Study: Walks of Italy
  • 13. Case Study: Walks of Italy
  • 14. Case Study: Walks of Italy
  • 15. Click-throughs from blogger review to walksofitaly.com.When done right, they’re evergreen.Case Study: Walks of Italy
  • 16. Think outside the (blog) box• Bloggers are more than review machines• Content creation talent + audience/affinitybuilding abilities = great skill to bring toyour organization• Utilize their skills to enhance yourmarketing campaigns in other ways:videos, photos, text, PR, productcollaboration/development, softwaredevelopment, hosting, social media.
  • 17. Final thoughtsIt is not enough for companies to have adigital department, they must becomeintrinsically digital if they are to meet theservice demands of consumers”Phillipe Baumlin. Global digital program director. ChanelAnother great ROI case study on Hawaii:http://www.slideshare.net/rdarling/lvb-rox2011casestudy