Tbex 2013 Toronto Building your Audience with Social Media Management Tools


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Tbex 2013 Toronto Building your Audience with Social Media Management Tools, featuring, Ian Cleary. Community Track

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  • May not discover gold at end of rainbow but we’ll discover a tool or two..
  • Social media is broad so this is what we are going to focus on. Tools related to Social Media, converting visitors that come from social media and tools to monitor results.
  • Mention influencers
  • http://www.facebook.com/StandardChartered?filter=2
  • Choose content to share from trusted Blogs, Facebook Pages, Twitter, etc
  • Search for trending content based on certain keywords
  • http://www.baldhiker.com
  • http://www.baldhiker.com
  • http://fathomaway.com/postcards/quirk/best-travel-blogs-and-websites/
  • Tbex 2013 Toronto Building your Audience with Social Media Management Tools

    1. 1. Building Your Audience with SocialMedia Management ToolsIan Cleary
    2. 2. Takeaways for to-day• Discover at least 1 tool you can start using today• Learn some simple tips that you canimplement immediately to grow traffic orincrease conversions• Hopefully have had a few gigglesalong the way
    3. 3. SUCCESSMonitorResultsConvertVisitorsCreate &OptimizeContent
    4. 4. So let’s take a trip…Create &OptimizeContent
    5. 5. Be Organized & ConsistentEditorial Calendar for Your Blog• Plan out general topics• Outline your post ideas• Schedule the posts in the calendar• Implement a review process
    6. 6. Plan your IdeasOrganize your thoughtsand brainstorm ideasThink about generaltopics as well as specificpost ideaswww.betaout.com
    7. 7. Assign out to your Team
    8. 8. Build your Calendar
    9. 9. Be Efficient• Organize your followers• Automate what makes sense• Schedule out posts / tweets so you can spendtime doing more important tasks
    10. 10. Social MediaManagement• Twitter, LinkedIn,Google +• Scheduling• Filteringwww.hootsuite.com
    11. 11. Filtered ColumnsCreate streams forspecific keywords..or for groups of keyconnections
    12. 12. Automate Variations of Tweets• Create multiple variations for your blog post• Create schedule for sharingwww.socialoomph.com
    13. 13. Schedule PostsTargeted Posts…www.postplanner.com
    14. 14. Find Trusted Content
    15. 15. Find Trending Content
    16. 16. Monitor What’s Working
    17. 17. Be Targeted with your content
    18. 18. Optimization Process1. Check popularity of keywords2. Check Google listing - who’s on top3. Write content4. Optimize contentRESULT = Appear higher in search results
    19. 19. Check Popularity of Keywordshttps://adwords.google.com/o/KeywordTool
    20. 20. Who’s on Top?
    21. 21. OpenSite Explorer (or Moz toolbar)• Check Open SiteExplorerwww.opensiteexplorer.org
    22. 22. How we beat them?Optimizing your content• Title• Description• Page Name• Heading• Content
    23. 23. SEO Plugin for WordPresswww.yoast.com/wordpress/seo/
    24. 24. Transcribe Video and Podcasts!
    25. 25. Next stop on the tour…Convincethem toconvert
    26. 26. Generating ConversionsConversion: Any action undertaken by a user on your sitethat you deem to be valuable• Email subscribers• Ad clickers• Buyers – products / services
    27. 27. Email SubscribersThe more focused the better
    28. 28. Email Subscribers
    29. 29. Email SubscribersPopups / Banners
    30. 30. Email SubscribersTips for Increasing• Social Proof• Location and number of subscription boxes• Incentives to subscribe• Colors and Words• Be Pushy!
    31. 31. Display Banner at Top (can also do a popup)www.lead-converter.com
    32. 32. Track the clicks and conversions
    33. 33. More Clicks on Ads.. Heat Mapwww.crazyegg.com
    34. 34. Product Sales• Sell eBooks, Guides, Services• End to end sale directly on your site• Lead Converter to attract them with an offer• Sell through your email subscribers
    35. 35. Next stop on the tour…MonitorResults
    36. 36. MonitorKnow what is working• Analyze what is getting traffic and optimize• What traffic sources are converting?• Who is referring you traffic?• What is your bounce rate and how to improve it
    37. 37. Optimize existing postsCheck Google Analyticsto see what keywordsare the most popularwww.google.com/analytics
    38. 38. Who is sending you traffic?
    39. 39. What traffic source is converting the best?
    40. 40. What is my bounce rate?• Arrive and Leave• Desktop v Mobile• Give them options– Links to other content– Email subscription– Related posts
    41. 41. Facebook Likealyzerwww.likealyzer.com
    42. 42. TweetReach for Twitterwww.tweetreach.com
    43. 43. Key Actions!• Follow the process for optimizing your content• Use relevant tools• Be as organized as possible!
    44. 44. Social Media Tools Guide..Download a free copy..www.razorsocial.com/tbex