SEO, Authorship and Brands- David Tutin


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SEO, Authorship and Brands by David Tutin

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  • So what I want for you to get from this is not to be that person
  • Is the link relevant and natural then its relevant and natural
  • Bloogers now can cover what to do in.., why go to that destination…, how do I get to…. and when is the best time…
  • What would make you happy? If you don’t tell us we don’t knowRealised writing the presentation we don’t know what makes you happy
  • SEO, Authorship and Brands- David Tutin

    1. 1. SEO, Authorship and Brands David Tutin, Snr SEO Specialist UK &IE
    2. 2. About Me
    3. 3. There is more to it than SEO Build relationships Learn how brands and bloggers can collaborate together Because we are interested in travel To learn from each other
    4. 4. Google Updates Do we really need to worry about all these animals? If you do your job as blogger right, you don’t need to worry You don’t want to be the person that wakes up every day to check your rankings and that you’ve been tanked!
    5. 5. Lets talk a bit about SEO What to do with old content and what to do with new content
    6. 6. This is what you want to know.. ? Is it worth going back to old posts to add SEO information? ? What effect does duplicate content on your own site have on SEO?
    7. 7. This is what you want to know.. ? How much does Google+, Twitter and Facebook influence SEO? ? Can you clear up any confusion regarding Google’s policies with regards to things like links?
    8. 8. This is what you want to know.. ? What do the recent Google changes mean for travel bloggers. Lots of bloggers have experienced a drop in traffic recently following the recent algorithm changes?
    9. 9. Authorship Going beyond the picture in the SERPs
    10. 10. Standing out from the crowd Disruption  It can be a good thing to help you stand out  Create something that is worth writing/linking/socialising about
    11. 11. Standing out from the crowd Standing out well vs. badly (think about the social reject – make sure you stand out in a way that others can relate to and are interested in)
    12. 12. Why whoring builds credibility
    13. 13. Be careful who you get into bed with…  Do it in a way that relates to multiple sectors  Work with several different brands i.e. Camera/ tech, tourist boards, fashion/food/design etc.
    14. 14. This allows you to build momentum and allows you to keep going
    15. 15. You don’t need to start from zero There are tools that will help you get off the ground quicker:  Blogs de Voyage  Google+ communities for networking  Hootsuite  Klout
    16. 16. It’s never too late .. There will always be innovative content to be created
    17. 17. Keeping Google happy • • • • Relevance Freshness Credibility Helping Google to keep going and keep its users happy
    18. 18. Keeping Companies happy     Relevance Freshness Credibility Helping companies to keep going and keep its users happy
    19. 19. And you?
    20. 20. • Ultimately what we think about is keeping everyone happy! • delivering value for your visitors and the partners you work with • be flexible in how people can work with you • Its not always about the money!
    21. 21. Questions ???? Add in tools