Blog Positioning Statement- Gary Bembridge


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Blog Positioning Statement- Gary Bembridge

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Blog Positioning Statement- Gary Bembridge

  1. 1. Blog Positioning Statement @garybembridge
  2. 2. Who am I? !  
  3. 3. Session focus? 1.  What is it? 2.  Why do I need one? 3.  How do others use it? 4.  How do I develop mine?
  4. 4. What is it? •  Critical in marketing •  Tight definition ..and yet.. •  Defines EVERYTHING
  5. 5. What is in it? 1.  What are you about? 2.  Who are you for? 3.  What are you providing? 4.  How are you different?
  6. 6. Benefits? 1.  Focused & Consistent 2.  Easier Content Creation 3.  Specific & Loyal Audience 4.  Easier pitching
  7. 7. How develop?
  8. 8. What exactly is your blog about?
  9. 9. Olay  is  about  “high  performance  facial  an/-­‐aging”   “What is it about?” Used to ensure product & content focus & consistency Drama!cally  reduce  the  appearance   of  your  wrinkles  in  just  1  applica!on   3  transforming  results  for  younger   looking  eyes   Proven  to  reduce  the  appearance  of   lines  &  wrinkles.  Or  money  back   Every  story  always  about  “high  performance  facial  an/-­‐aging”  
  10. 10. Important Consistency         S  Consistency  is  key  to   building  a  loyal  audience   S  Audience  knows  what  get   every  !me  use  your  blog  /   content  
  11. 11. Is  the  blog  about:   Short  break  guides  and   advice   •  48  hours  in  Prague   •  Exploring  Switzerland  by  train  in  2  days   •  48  hours  in  Istanbul   •  48  hours  in  Brooklyn   Consistency   Consistency   Is  the  blog  about:   Collec!ng,  managing  &   redeeming  frequent   traveler  points   •  Collec/ng:  United  Airlines  Elite:  50%  bonus  on   some  routes   •  Managing:  What  is  the  best  app  for  tracking   Miles  &  Points?   •  Redeeming:  Discounted  awards  on  Virgin   Atlan!c  –  25,000  miles  round-­‐trip  to  London  
  12. 12. Who exactly is your blog for?
  13. 13. “Who is it for?” Used to find & drive your story “hook”/ angle Imagine  younger  looking   skin  –  without  syringes,   scalpels  and  side  effects   If  you  think  cosme!c   procedures  are  too`  dras!c,  do   we  have  an  alterna!ve  for  you   Needles.  Acid.  Lasers.  Surgery.  Is  your  skin   really  ready  for  this?  Drama!c  skin   improvement.  No  dras!c  measures   Always  use  as  hook  &  angle  for  every  story   Women  wan!ng  visibly  drama!c  results,     without  having  to  resort  procedures  
  14. 14. Important Use it to find your story angle S Many  have  wriaen  about  it   S Understanding  who  you   wri!ng  =  helps  find  your   angle   S Look  at  world  through  their   eyes  
  15. 15. Is  the  blog  for:   Career  focused  people  who   love  to  travel,  but  can’t  get   lots  of  !me  off  work   •  Best  Friday  departures.     •  Fast  ways  to  get  there.     •  Des!na!ons  close  by.     •  48  Hours.     Content   hook   Is  the  blog  for:   People  in  the  USA  who  travel   a  lot  for  work  &  want  to  know   best  ways  to  accrue  and   redeem  the  (many)  points   they  have   •  Business  &  First  Class  awards.     •  Elite  status.     •  Gold  &  Pla!num  Credit  Cards.   •  Interna!onal  Ci!es,  focus  business  des!na!ons.     •  Premium  Hotel  chains  programs.   Content   hook  
  16. 16. What exactly is your blog providing?
  17. 17. Forehead  wrinkles   Eyes   Skin  texture   Wrinkles   Sagging  /  firmness  loss   “What  is  it  providing?”   Used  to  ensure  giving  audience  what  they  want   Only  provides  what  audience  wants   Treats  the  signs  of  aging  that  audience  concerned  about  
  18. 18. Important •  Surveys •  Meet & engage with them •  Analytics •  Social Media insights Understand exactly what your target audience wants and needs
  19. 19. Is  specifically  providing:   Advice  &  !ps  on  how  to   explore  ci!es  on  your   doorstep  in  a  weekend  (48   hours)   Tips  &  advice   1.  Must  see  and  do   2.  Food/  drink   3.  How  to  get  there   4.  Where  to  stay   5.  Gejng  around   6.  Budget   Is  the  blog  providing:   Advice  &  !ps  on  the  best  USA   programs  and  deals  for   collec!ng  and  redeeming   points   1.  How-­‐To  (collec!ng,  managing,  redeeming)   2.  Current  best  collec!ng  deals   3.  Redemp!on  offers   4.  Credit  Card  Points   Tips  &  advice  
  20. 20. What makes your blog different?
  21. 21. Notable  magazines,  beauty  editors,  research  ins!tutes  –   everyone  keeps  saying  the  best  things  about   Formulated  exclusively  with  Olay  Pep!de  B-­‐3  Complex.     This  unique  complex  helps  to  regenerate  skin’s  appearance  while…     “What  makes  you  different?”   Used  as  reason  for  people  to  use  &  choose  you  over  others   Always  uses  in  their  storytelling   Unique  Ingredient  &  more  experts  recommending  
  22. 22. Important 2 essential words in differentiating your blog S Only…   S Unlike…  
  23. 23. Unlike  others:   Shows  how  to  have  amazing  travel   experiences  when  !me  is  not  on   your  side  –  and  without  having  to   quit  your  job   e.g.  Weekend  breaks  from  London  base:   •  Luxembourg   •  Stuagart   •  Seville   •  Glasgow   Unlike  others:   Uses  insider  knowledge  from   collec!ng  &  using  points  to  travel   the  world,  &  from  consul!ng  for   airlines  &  travel  providers  on  their   points  programs     Example  posts:   •  “Transferring  AMEX  points  to  BA  or  Cathy?  BA  will  get   you  and  me  further”.   •  “Never  Assume  SkyMiles  Are  Worthless:  My  Success   Booking  Low  Level  Awards”   •  “ExpertFlyer  :  How  I  Save  Time  and  Miles  With  Flight   Alerts”    
  24. 24. What is in it? 1.  What exactly are you about? 2.  Who exactly are you for? 3.  What exactly are you providing? 4.  How exactly are you different?
  25. 25. How should it be used? 1.  Reference for EVERYTHING 2.  Filter for every decision 3.  Ensure consistency 4.  Provide your unique story
  26. 26. The blog about short break guides & advice For career focused people who love to travel, but can’t get lots of time off work Providing advice & tips on how to explore cities on your doorstep in a weekend (48 hours) Unlike others shows you how to have amazing travel experiences when time is not on your side - & without having to quit your job   The  blog  about  collec!ng,   managing  &  redeeming  frequent   traveler  points   For  people  in  USA  who  travel  a   lot  for  work  &  want  to  know   best  ways  to  accrue  &  redeem   the  many  points  they  have   Providing  best  programs  &   deals  for  collec!ng  &  redeeming   points  in  the  USA   Unlike  others  uses  insider   knowledge  from  collec!ng  &   using  points  to  travel  the  world,   &from  consul!ng  for  airlines  &   travel  providers  on  their  points   programs   The  blog  about  luxurious  travel   experiences  on  land  –  and  at  sea   For  people  looking  for   inspira!on,  advice  &  !ps  on   finding  the  “must-­‐do”  luxury   travel  experiences   Providing  advice  &  !ps  on  the   “hoaest”,  “must  see”  and   sought  aoer  luxury  travel   experiences   Unlike  others  draws  on  traveling   every  month  of  every  year  for   over  20  years,  visi!ng  and   staying  in  places  mul!ple  !mes    
  27. 27. Have a Positioning Statement Key message?
  28. 28. Tools TBEX Blog
  29. 29. • • • •