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  • 1. What is History
    By: Todd Beasley
  • 2. Journey of Man
    According to studies the human race started out in Africa then migrated throughout the World. It is thought that all human beings arrive from one man 60,000 years ago.
  • 3. Journey of Man
    From using DNA scientists are able to determine where the history of human begins. The Y chromosome is a part of DNA that can show where it all began.
  • 4. Journey of Man
    One of the first places that people migrated to was Australia. This was the first wave of migration which later led to many more
  • 5. Catastrophe
    In around A.D. 535-536 there was a huge climatic catastrophe that changed everything. An enormous volcano had erupted and brought fear into the ancient world.
  • 6. Catastrophe
    The sun had went down and did not come back for 18 months. This caused famine, droughts, floods and storms throughout the ancient world.
  • 7. Catastrophe
    The century’s collapse of the Arabian civilization under pressure from floods and crop failure had created an apocalyptic atmosphere that set the stage for Islam's emergence.
  • 8. The Columbian Exchange
    Columbus had changed the world by bringing crops, animals and plants from the Old World into the New World.
  • 9. The Columbian Exchange
    The adoption of efficient healthy American foods such as corn, potatoes and cassava helped diminish diseases from the Old World and enhance peoples health.
  • 10. The Columbian Exchange
    By 1800 the Europeans population had grew to almost 150 million while the Americans were only at 25 million. The Europeans had much success throughout the U.S.