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Video summaries






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    Video summaries Video summaries Presentation Transcript

    • Video Summaries
      By: Todd Beasley
    • Little Ice Age: Big Chill
      14th – 19th Century
      In 1653, a monster came upon the village of Montesay townspeople believe only God can save them from the “titanic river of ice”
      Crops failed and livestock could not be maintained by the harsh winters resulting in famines and illnesses 

    • Little Ice Age: Big Chill
      New York Harbor froze for five weeks
      Sulfur deposits in preserved ice from 115,000 years ago indicates that there were about 5 volcanic eruptions each century.
      Over 25 million people perished between a five-year period from the year 1347 to 1352
    • Story of God
      Winston explores the origins of religion and discusses belief in God
      It is the priests job to tend it, and he has to wear a mask in case his breath pollutes the flame
      Aztecs sacrifice was giving god a beating heart
    • Story of God
      People believe in God/gods to be involved in something greater than oneself
      Monotheism is the belief in the existence of one god
      Farming was described as an organized religion
    • Journey of Man
      The story consists of man named Spencer Wells and his journey.
      Information from history comes from blood
      Blood s considered by some as a time machine.
    • Journey of Man
      Well’s believes that the human race began in Africa eventually moved to the rest of the world
      Humans were able to adapt all over
      Well’s later visits the tribe of the San Bushman
    • Cracking the Maya Code
      Spanish explorer Jose Calderon rediscovered the temples of Palenque and the ancient hieroglyphs of the Maya
      Cities were filled with hieroglyphics
      Around 200 C.E. the Ancient Mayan lived in the Yucatan Peninsula
    • Cracking the Maya Code
      Hieroglyphic’s were carved on monuments and painted on pottery
      A friar “Diego” thought that hieroglyphics were a tool of the Devil
      Maya was abandoned and later discovered again by a Spanish explorer named Jose Calderon
    • Conquistadors – HernanCortés
      Born in Medellin
      Cortés was part of the generation of Spanish colonizers that began the first phase of the Spanish colonization of the Americas
      Cortes was known as one of the first conquistadors
    • Conquistadors – Hernán Cortés
      Cortes had fought several battles throughout Mexico
      First had studied law but later followed Christopher Columbus’s steps
      Was not trained in warfare
    • Engineering and Empire: The Maya
      Maya is a Mesoamerican civilization
      The Mayan’s had powerful rulers
      Writing, epigraphy, and the calendar did not begin with Mayan’s
    • Engineering and Empire: The Maya
      Bahlamand his fatherhad ruled for over one hundred years
      Maya civilization’s shares several different features with the Mesoamerican civilization.
      Scabesor white roads were causeways being up to sixty miles long