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Final powerpoint Final powerpoint Presentation Transcript

  • Final PowerPoint
    Tommy Beasley 796352
    History 30
    Mr. Arguello
  • Porfirio Diaz
    PorfirioDíaz was a general of the Liberal army. He was President of Mexico from 1877 until 1911. The time period was known as Porfiriato becausePorfirioDíaz ruled it.
    The time period in which he ruled, the economy grew; new railways and telephone networks were built; new banks opened; industry, mining, agriculture and commerce expanded. He had served 8 terms in the office.
  • Francisco Madero
    In 1910, the Mexican Revolution began as a result of frustration that Diaz's promise of free elections was not kept and he declared that he had won yet another election.Francisco Madero and his forces took over Ciudad Juarez, the event that marked the first major victory for the insurgents. "The Treaty of Juarez" provided an end to hostilities and the resignation of Porfirio Diaz.
  • General victoriano Huerta
    In 1913 he plotted secretly with Madero's enemies, and overthrew the president.Victoriano Huerta was a Mexican general who served as president from February, 1913 to July of 1914.He was supported by large land owners, the army, and foreign companies.. Eventually driven from Mexico by a loose partnership, he spent a year and a half in exile before dying of cirrhosis in a Texas prison.
  • Pancho VILLA
    Pancho Villa was a Mexican revolutionary leader who advocated for the poor and wanted agrarian reform. PanchoVilla led peasant rebels in the north and attacked the Federal Army.  Villa  lead and fought in a decades worth of battles for the cause with his army known as "The Dorados”.  During the course of the Revolution in Mexico, Villa seemed to be blessed never sustaining life threatening injuries. He retired from revolutionary life in 1920 but had only a short retirement for he was gunned down in his car on July 20, 1923.
  • zapata
    Zapata grew up to become the most famous leader of the Mexican Revolution. He was elected leader of his village in 1909. Zapata started recruiting a rebellious army even before the Revolution beginning in 1910. This overthrew the dictator PorfirioDíaz. In 1920, Carranza tried to set up a President that was favorable to him. However, he lost all support from the people.