BRAND INTRODUCTIONBased in New York, Sedgwick & Cedar celebratesinnovation, creativity and pioneers across multiple genres...
INDEXRainMaker$ Relationship to Brand.....................................................................1Brand Story & S...
RAINMAKER$ RELATIONSHIP TO BRAND    RainMaker$ Relationship to Sedgwick & Cedar    As master licensee for the Sedgwick & C...
Brand Story & Significance of S&C    At the tail end of summer, on August 11, 1973, neighborhood kids crowded into a small...
THE FOUNDERS    DJ KOOL HERC, THE FATHER OF HIP HOP                                                                       ...
GRANDMASTER CAZ, LIVE RHYME MASTER                                                                       GRANDWIZZARD THEO...
PHOTO LIBRARY                                                                                             ORIGINAL PARTY F...
R                      O COLO                HAS NDJ KOOL HERC          MUSIC                                             ...
Sedgwick & Cedar begins                                                                                                   ...
Hip Hop vs. Rap                                                                                                 Hip Hop is...
DEMOGRAPHIC                                                                                                               ...
S&C MEDIA (MEDIA INTEREST)                                                                                                ...
FRIENDS OF S&C (INFLUENCER TRACTION)                                                                                      ...
S&C THELIFESTYLESedgwick & Cedar represents a movement driven bythe birthplace of Hip Hop’s rich and deep rooted historyas...
Corporate ContactsRainMaker$ LicensingMaster Licensee for the Sedgwick & Cedar BrandRainMakers Licensing4505 Las Virgenes ...
Sedgwick & Cedar Brand Book
Sedgwick & Cedar Brand Book
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Sedgwick & Cedar Brand Book


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Sedgwick & Cedar Brand Book

  1. 1. BRAND INTRODUCTIONBased in New York, Sedgwick & Cedar celebratesinnovation, creativity and pioneers across multiple genresof music. The brand is inspired by the birthplace of HipHop, driven by the first house party held in The Bronx,New York on August 11, 1973.Sedgwick & Cedar’s authenticity is enhanced by its mission to reintroduce the rich history of musicand its culture to a modern global audience with homage to the birthplace, the roots-- and theculture created by Hip Hop.BRAND MESSAGE• The Authentic Lifestyle Brand of Hip Hop which represents the ideals, original creativity and the positive roots of the culture.• Today S&C has emerged as the global authority of this lifestyle and music genre.• Sedgwick & Cedar has assets to build a major lifestyle brand inspired by the positive roots of hip hop and the sub-genres/sub-cultures that influenced the culture through grassroots marketing efforts focused on authenticity, heritage and vintage design.
  2. 2. INDEXRainMaker$ Relationship to Brand.....................................................................1Brand Story & Significance of S&C......................................................................3The Founders & Photo Library.............................................................................5Timeline...............................................................................................................11The Hip Hop Culture...........................................................................................15Demographic........................................................................................................17Brand Vision/ Product Concepts/Attributes.......................................................17Global Presence/ Current S&C Distribution......................................................17Current Distribution List (Partial store list).....................................................17S&C Media (Media Interest)...............................................................................19Friends of S&C (Influencer traction)................................................................21S&C The Lifestyle................................................................................................23Contact Information............................................................................................24
  3. 3. RAINMAKER$ RELATIONSHIP TO BRAND RainMaker$ Relationship to Sedgwick & Cedar As master licensee for the Sedgwick & Cedar brand, RainMaker$ is dedicated to the development and maintenance of the brand to insure accurate representation of all licensed Sedgwick & Cedar products in the marketplace, from original concept to deliberate retail placement. Lofty quality standards, based on the history and authenticity of the brand itself, are always met so that the high end integrity of the property is upheld. RainMaker$ commitment is to offer, at all times, world class services which enable our partners and licensees to increase the brand exposure and exceed sales targets.1 2
  4. 4. Brand Story & Significance of S&C At the tail end of summer, on August 11, 1973, neighborhood kids crowded into a small rec room at 1520 Sedgwick Ave in the Bronx, NY to hear DJ Kool Herc spin for his sister Cindy’s back to school party. DJ Kool Herc is the recognized Father of Hip Hop culture. Taking two copies of the same record, he isolated the funkiest percussion section of the song, which he called “the breaks” and extended those breaks by looping them over and over. He took 5 second breaks and turned them into 5 minutes of dance fury! Herc termed this revolutionary art form “The Merry Go Round” later termed as “Break Beat” DJ’ing, which is the foundation of Hip Hop music. He tapped his Jamaican roots, where Island DJs at yard parties would toast individuals over instrumental side “Dub” records. However, Herc used the mic to drop clever “rhymes” over the records which began the element of emceeing. He then began to organize the best dancers, which he called “b-boys”, or “break boys” to up-rock or hit the ground to go off. This was the foundation of break dancing. On that epic night Hip Hop culture was born. Subsequent events at 1520 Sedgwick became too crowded, so Herc took the party outside and down the street to Cedar Park. He overcame the lack of electricity in the park by plugging directly into the base of a light pole to power up his massive sound system he called “The Herculords”. Going outside was dangerous because of the threat of ruthless gangs. However Herc instilled values of peace and respect at his jams. Sedgwick Avenue and Cedar Park became a safe haven for poor kids that did not have much, to have a few hours where they could demonstrate a new creativity and positive energy. Soon Kool Herc and his jams became legendary. Herc would drive the Herculords around in his Pontiac Catalina convertible, moving Hip Hop music one neighborhood at a time. Although only 17 years old at the time, Herc inspired younger teenagers to follow his creativity and positive vision. These kids later became known as the pioneers of Hip Hop like Melle Mel, Grand Master Caz, Sha-rock and Grand Wizard Theodore. Soon more and more kids left gangs in The Bronx to join this creative movement. Herc and the pioneers influenced artists that eventually launched Hip Hop music on records to the world. This music has become the single largest selling music of all time. The Sedgwick & Cedar brand celebrates this humble birthplace and creative spirit that launched a world wide culture.3 Photo: DJ Kool Herc and the Herculords, 1973 4
  5. 5. THE FOUNDERS DJ KOOL HERC, THE FATHER OF HIP HOP MELLE MEL, GODFATHER OF RHYME The Father of Hip Hop Culture was born in Jamaica. His family “The Melle Mel is recognized as The God-Father of Rhyme and arguably the greatest Campbell’s” lived on 2nd street, one block over from the Marley’s (Bob Marley) emcee ever. He was inducted into the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame in 2007. on First Street in Kingston. The Campbell’s emigrated to the Bronx in 1967 Melle Mel was the first MC to explode in a new rhyme cadence which remains when Herc was 12 years old in pursuit of the American Dream. the foundation of rhyming to this very day. Melle Mel joined Keith Cowboy Wiggins, his brother Kidd Creole, and eventually Rahiem and Scorpio to On August 11, 1973, DJ Kool Herc was asked by his sister Cindy to DJ a construct the Furious Five and Grand Master Flash. They would become the “Back to School” party in the small community Rec room where they lived at first Hip Hop super group with an immeasurable impact when they recorded, 1520 Sedqick Ave. This humble event would launch a creative culture that has “The Message,” in 1982. “The Message” changed the face of rap forever. While influenced youth culture and changed the world. the masses had grown accustomed to pop rhymes like, “Throw ya hands in the air”, Melle Mel went off about the harsh realities of ghetto life, “Don’t Push Me DJ Kool Herc unveiled the ground breaking art form he called the “Merry- Cause/I’m Close to the Edge/I’m Tryin’ Not To Lose My Head”, “It’s like a jungle Go-Round,” where he took two copies of the same record and using two out there/it makes me wonder how I keep from goin’ under”. turntables, extended the funky percussion sections of the song called the breaks (usually 5 seconds) to as long as he wanted by isolating and looping them over “The Message” written by Melle Mel was recently selected by Rolling Stone and over again. This technique would be termed Break Beat Djing which is magazine as the #2 greatest Hip Hop song in history. the foundation of Hip Hop music. He tapped his Jamaican roots where Island Between 1979 to 1984, Melle Mel was untouchable with hits. Although it DJs at yard party’s would toast individuals over Dub records…Herc used the mic was under the banner Grand Master Flash and The Furious Five, it was well to move original house party crowds with shout-outs and clever rhymes over the known that Melle Mel was the principle writer behind the hits, “Super Rappin’”, records, which began the element of emceeing. His parties also featured a new “Freedom”, “White Lines” and “The Message”. style of dance where he organized the best dancers he called “b-boys or break boys” who would wait for Herc to play the breaks and on his command would go to the center of the floor to up-rock or hit the ground displaying a new SHA-ROCK, 1st FEMALE EMCEE EVER dance form (later called break dancing). In 1977 at only 16, Sha-Rock did the unthinkable when she took the mic and became the first female MC when she joined (all male) The Funky Four. These parties became too packed in the small community room at 1520 This was inconceivable at the time. Not only did she MC but she also battled Sedgwick Avenue and soon Kool Herc moved the party outside to Cedar Park. head to head with Melle Mel and the Furious Five. Sha-Rock, carried herself Since there was no electricity in the park, Herc plugged directly into the base of with poise and dignity. She won over crowds with her lyrical ability, smooth a light pole to power up his massive system called the Herculords. With just a style and flawless delivery of rhymes. small light bulb over his turntable to see the grooves of the record, thousands showed up in complete darkness that summer night in Cedar Park to witness She earned the respect as one of the best male or females to ever touch the hip Hop culture on full display. mic. Sha-rock and The Funky Four Plus 1 released “Rapping and Rocking The House” the longest Hip Hop record ever (15 minutes). Herc would drive the Herculords around in his Pontiac Catalina convertible As a pioneer, she influenced other females like Queen Latifa, MC Lyte, Alicia moving Hip Hop to one street, one park, one neighborhood and one borough Keyes. at a time. He became a myth and a legend that was bigger than life and his creativity began to spread like wild fire. Another historic contribution made by Sha-rock was the night The Funky Four Plus 1 introduced Hip Hop for the very first time to a national TV audience when she performed “That’s The Joint” on Saturday Night Live, February 14th, 1981 with Blondie5 6
  6. 6. GRANDMASTER CAZ, LIVE RHYME MASTER GRANDWIZZARD THEODORE, CREATOR OF THE SCRATCH Grandmaster Caz was born in the Boogie Down Bronx. Originally known as As a child prodigy on the turntable Grand Wizzard Theodore invented two of Casanova Fly, he became the first simultaneous DJ and MC in Hip-Hop history the most dominant DJ techniques in history: the Needle Drop and The Scratch. and has been inducted into the DJ Hall of Fame. Prior to Grand Wizzard Tjedore, other early DJ’s would use their headset to find Despite his skills as a DJ, he really made his mark as one of the all time great the beat and than cut over from one record to another. Theodore was such a emcees. A lyrical genius, Grand Master Caz became forever known as “The master of the grooves in the vinyl with incredible timing and sight that he would Live Rhyme Master”. He was one early Hip Hop’s favorite MC’s. drop the needle flawlessly on the break beat while the album was still spinning. He was only 11 years old when he invented the “The Needle Drop” technique. Unfortunately, the greatest economic injustice in Hip Hop history was committed to him when he was just 17 years old by Sugar Hill Record Label when his lyrics In 1975, while still known as little Teddy, he created “The Scratch” at only 13 were used by Big Bank Hank in Sugar Hill Gang’s Rapper’s Delight, Hip Hop’s years old. After school, while in his room, Theodore was practicing on the tables first super hit, without credit nor payment. Even his name was pilfered: “Check when his mother came home. The music was so loud that when she yelled to it out…I’m the C-A-S and the N-OV-A and the rest is F-L-Y.” “turn it down,” he could not hear her. He was immersed in a particular section of breaks in the song Bongo Rock. Like any mother, she came storming into his This tragic injustice did not hold him down as his legend grew more in the room yelling to young Teddy to “turn that music down!!!” This time he heard streets and parks of NYC where he was elevated to the title of “Grand Master”. her but he did not want to lose the placement of those breaks. So while his Grandmaster Caz joined the Legendary Cold Crush Brothers circa 1978. They mother kept screaming, he coolly slid the record back and forth to keep that were a super group that featured three MC’s rhyming simultaneously with not section of beats. In his ear phones he heard the first sounds of rudimentary one but two DJ’s. Cold Crush scratching. He immediately knew he had something. He spent hours, days and weeks perfecting the scratch in his room. When he was finally was ready to unveil this technique he did so at a Bronx house party in 1975. He literally blew peoples minds when they first heard the scratch over the record. By inventing “The Scratch,” he turned the turntable into an instrument. Today, Grand Wizzard Theodore is credited as the reason DJ turntables now outsell guitars.7 8
  7. 7. PHOTO LIBRARY ORIGINAL PARTY FLYERS JOE CONZO Joe Conzo, is recognized as the very first photographer to document Hip Hop culture visually. Joe has shared his entire library of ’70s New York photography Sedgwick & Cedar has access to the pioneer’s priceless vault of hand drawn party flyers. with Sedgwick & Cedar. These one of a kind flyers were hand drawn and then handed out one at a time to promote the original jams of Hip Hop The brand has access to rare photos, which capture the origins of the culture culture. They are an important piece of history, similar to rock-n-roll posters or rare album covers. They reflect the origin of and creative energy that changed the world. His photo essay entitled “Born In the brand’s name, capture the spirit of the first house parties, park jams and funky clubs from that special era. The Bronx” is a must have for historians of Hip Hop. JAMEL SHABAZZ Born and raised in Brooklyn, Jamel Shabazz first picked up a camera at 15 and proceeded to document the world around him without filter. His work spans decades, capturing city life for more than 30 years. His amazing photography of the 1980s aligns perfectly with Sedgwick & Cedar’s mission to pay homage to the roots, and surrounding sub-cultures of that golden era of style. Sedgwick & Cedar has access to the entire library of Shabazz’ extensive photo collection as seen in his critically acclaimed books entitled, “Back In The Days and “A Time Before Crack.” ERNIE PANICCIOLI Ernie is a Hip Hop treasure. He is a Cree Native American who grew up in Brooklyn, New York. He is considered to have taken more shots of Hip Hop than any other photographer in history. Sedgwick & Cedar has exclusive rights to his library of photos. His photography of Hip Hop began in the 1970s with shots of graffiti culture in New York. As a trusted icon, the who’s who of artists from 1980s and 1990s like Run DMC, LL Cool J to Jay-Z of gave Ernie rare access behind the scenes. Ernie Paniccioli photo essay Who Shot Ya?: Three Decades of Hip-Hop Photography showcases his rare access to the celebrities that made the hip hop music a world phenomenon.9 10
  8. 8. R O COLO HAS NDJ KOOL HERC MUSIC One of the most infamous moments inGOOD - hip hop occurred involving Grand Grand Master Flash & After seeing DJ Kool Herc Master Caz, lead emcee of The Cold The Furious Five release perform at block parties, Crush Brothers. Sylvia Robinson, “The Message” in June kids are inspired to follow owner of All Platinum Disco label of 1982, Lyrics were his creativity. Many leave (went defunct with the decline of written and performed gangs to join this new creative disco) hears DJ crowd pleaser Lovebug by Melle Mel, “The movement. Soon other DJ’s Starski rapping live over a record at Message” changed the like Grandmaster Flash, Afrika Harlem World club. That evening she playing field for what a Bambaataa, Cazanova Fly, decides to make a rap record under a rap record could do. It On August 11, 1973, DJ Kool Herc Grand Wizzard Thedoore start new label she will create called Sugar showed that you could deejays his first house party (his playing at parties all over the Hill Records. She holdsa spontane- rhyme about social sister’s Back to School jam) in the Bronx neighborhoods. Around ous audition in her car parked in front commentary in a more small rec room at 1520 Sedgwick this time, DJ Crowd Pleaser of Crispy Crust Pizza in Englewood, complex rhyme Avenue, Bronx, NY. Herc would Lovebug Starski starts referring New Jersey. One of the auditioning cadence. This is the often buy two copies of the same to this music as “Hip-Hop.” rappers is Henry “Hank” Jackson who foundation of modern record and extend the percussion Afrika Bambaataa, former actually the manager of the Cold Crush story telling through parts he called “the breaks” by using divisional leader of the Black Brothers. For his audiution, he raps to rap. It paved the way two turntables and mixing in both Spades, leaves the gang to Grand Wizard Cold Crush song which he portrays as for such acts as Public records before the break ends. He form the Universal Zuliu Theodore invents ‘the his own. Sylvia asked Hank to be the Enemy and Boogie Hip Hop achieves also drops party shouts and clever Nation built on the principles scratch.’ while trying third member in this group she was Down Productions who mainstream cross rhymes over the record which is of Peace, Unity, Love and to hold a section of putting together called the Sugarhill would also go on to over acceptance and Clive Campbell the foundation of emceeing. He Having Fun through Hip Hop. Bongo Rock record Cassanova Fly, later Gang. Rather than fess up That Grand infuse much of their success with the RUN migrates to the organizes the best dancers he calls UZN would organize Hip Hop spinning while his known as Grand Master Caz is the real rhymer , Hank music with political and DMC’s remake and United States at b-boys or break boys. They wait and spread the culture to other mom, who was yelling Master Caz joins The went to Caz and asked if he could use social commentaries of video “Walk This Way” the age of 12. for Herc to play the breaks and on sections of New York City. at him “to tuen down The Rock Steady Cold Crush Brothers some rhymes for a little thing in New the mid 1980’s. featuring Rock & Roll Because of his his command go to the center of the music!” Grand Crew, the most one of the most Jersey. Caz agreed because he figured band Aerosmith. Also size, kids at Alfred the dance floor to showcase a new Wizard Theodore respected b-boy innovative earlt Hip that hip hop was not happening out their song “My Adidas” E. Smith High innovative style of uprocking and accidentally causes crew in history Hop groups that in New Jersey and Hank, his manager demonstrates the Hip Hop music School nickname ground spinning that would be later the record to produce is formed by the feature would help him get hooked up later on. power of Hip Hop promotes enlightment him Hercules but called break dancing. Soon the the “shigi-shigi” sound original four simultaneous rhymes He never did. to drive consumer and self love through he simply prefers small rec room becomes too packed, that is now known as members: JoJo, between multiple demand in fashion and artists such as KRS Herc. He would so Herc takes the party outside to the scratch. Scratch Jimmy Dee, Easy emcees, 2 djs and footwear segments. (Knowledge Reigns later become a Cedar Park. is the crux of modern Mike, and P-Body. complex thematic Supreme), De La graff writer and deejaying and using performances. Soul, Queen Latifah. change his name the turntable as an to Kool Herc. instrument. 67 7 3 7 4 7 5 7 7 7 8 7 9 8 2 8 6 8 7 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 11 12
  9. 9. Sedgwick & Cedar begins to offer limited edition products at retail. Brand tees can be found at 25 select US sneaker and street boutiques. During CHANGED THE WORLD…WITH 2 that same year, Nike approached Sedgwick & Originally designated as TURNTABLES + 2 RECORDS + A MIC Cedar to design a affordable rent controlled limited edition sneaker Cornerston, considered housing for working families for Converse (sub-sidiary the #1 lifestyle agency by - GANGSTARR under Mitchell Lama, 1520 of Nike) under the Sedgwick Avenue loses Billboard charitable cosumer Magazine, invests inPublic Enemy launches “Don’t protection and building platform Program Red. Sedgwick & Cedar toBelieve The Hype” which talks goes up for sale to mega Other prestigious global position the brand forabout hard hitting social real estate conglomerate. brands like American worldwidecommentary about denigration Sedgwick & Cedar joins Express, Apple, Gap are long-term growth.of the black race in modern forces with DJ Kool Herc to part of Program Red. Sedgwick & Cedar nowAmerica. The song is selected protect both the history of Sedgwick & 100% of the royalties has the resources ofas the #1 greatest Hip Hop song Gangsta rap dominates the building and preserve Cedar signs from the sale of the Cornerstone in brandof all time. That same year, the airwaves. What affordable housing for 100 exclusive Hip Hop music becomes the Converse x Sedgwick & management whichNWA, hip hop group from South started as social working class families that worldwide most popular selling music Cedar sneaker are includes 100 employees,Central Los Angeles releases commentary now is will become displaced with agreement with of all time when it eclipses donated to the Global 3 offices and network of“Staright Outta of Compton” criticized as glorifying the sale. The efforts of this Rainmaker$ as country music. Even Rock-n- Fund to fight starvation 1200 DJ and 200 fieldabout social commentary on drug selling, denigration small company gain the Master Licensee Roll never topped Country in and aids in Africa. team marketers. The brandganglife, police brutality of women and negative The Pioneers of Hip Hop attention of major media. to activate theeffecting urban youth in inner is seen as the authority stereo types. Also, this the previous 50 years. join forces with apparel As a result, The United brand at retailcity Los Angeles. Many consider The media coverage of this massive lifestyle period begins the industry and footwear executive States Congress petitions across multiplethis the beginning of gangsta attracts the attention of culture and the company feud between west coast Ray Riccio, Founder of to make 1520 Sedgwick consumerrap. There is a backlash of engages the worldwide record labels Death Row Sedgwick & Cedar to Avenue a national US successful entrepreneurs categories in acritism about the explicit lyrics The company community through social launch the most authentic that want to support seamless lifestyleand imagery promoted in videos. and east coast Bad Boy builds grassroots landmark. the positive social vision media platforms like Records. Many believe lifestyle brand tied to the manner that is by selling tee shirts Twitter, Facebook and this feud leads ultimately birthplace and positive of Sedgwick & Cedar. representative at hip hop events SC73 social blog. As a to the revenge murders roots of Hip Hop culture. The company receives of the in parks throughout result, the brand opens of west coast rapper financial backing. authenticity, Eminem (the first New York City. The elite boutiques in more Tupak Shakur in 1996 than 14 countries. integrity and mega white pioneers are paid and east coast rapper vision of the rapper) storms the their first royalties! Biggie Smalls in 1997. brand through charts and wins licensing. best Rap Grammy. 8 0 0 0 3 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 98 99 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 2013 14
  10. 10. Hip Hop vs. Rap Hip Hop is a lifestyle culture made up of unique creative art forms such: - Turntabalism (DJ) - Dance (b-boy / B-Girl) - Emceeing (Story Tellers/ Crowd Pleasers on the Mic) - Street Art (Graffiti)THE HIP HOP CULTURE The origins of Hip Hop culture were built on a value system inspired originally by Kool Herc that delivered a message of Peace, Unity, Love and Having Fun through Hip Hop. Rap is the commercial off-shoot of the original art form of emceeing. However, Rap morphed into promoting negative stereo types that often promote drugs, violence and denigration of women toWhy Hip Hop – Massive Established Market drive commercial success. • Hip Hop has emerged as the #1 most popular selling music in the world, eclipsing country music for the first time in 2003. Even Rock n Roll (over 50 years) never took Goodwill Business Model the top spot from Country. Unfortunately the original pioneers did not economically benefit from their creation and • Hip Hop music has gone MAINSTREAM as seventy percent of the music most live in the same poor Bronx neighborhoods today. Sedgwick & Cedar model is to preserve purchased are by “suburban youth” and deliver the history and help pioneers along the way. The pioneers of Hip Hop that helped • Hip Hop is the music of today’s youth generation. launch the company receive royalties on sales of all Sedgwick & Cedar products. This platform is • 37 million young consumers have an urban mindset, regardless of whether they creating tremendous goodwill with superstars of today. Originally these superstars first love the live in a city, a suburb or a small country town. These trendsetters affiliate with style and authenticity of the brand but later become loyal to our brand when they understand the hip-hop culture exercise a powerful impact on the direction of the fashion, media, deeper mission. entertainment and other key consumer-focused industries.15 16
  11. 11. DEMOGRAPHIC GLOBAL PRESENCE/ CURRENT S&C DISTRIBUTION Target Consumer Profile A Global Presence Rainmaker$ views Sedgwick & Cedar as an international brand opportunity and would • Trend setting 16-34 year old influencers. implement strategies to execute global distribution. The brand has achieved retail penetration • Passion for music, technology and fashion. at elite boutiques in Europe and Asia. • Early adopters of new trends and products that drive the mainstream market. Partial List Of Active Boutiques • Rely on trusted blogs and online resources to stay on top of “what’s next.” • Deep appreciation for authenticity and turned off by artificial representation. Europe Brand Adjacencies • Paris, France – Citadium, Auguste • Hamburg, Germany – Baretta Current Apparel & Footwear Adjacencies: Stussy, Obey, Penfield, Limited Edition Sneakers • Geneva, Switzerland – Famous Ape Current Electronic Adjacencies: Skull Candy, Beats by Dr. Dre • Nottingham/London, UK – Montana Shop Future Apparel & Footwear Adjacencies: Levi’s, Adidas, Vans, Converse, Lacoste • Palma, Spain – Piel de Gallina Future Electronic Adjacencies: Pioneer • Milan, Italy – Vibra Records • Copenhagen, Denmark – Drop DeadBRAND VISION/ PRODUCT CONCEPTS/ATTRIBUTES Asia • Japan - Black Anny, DMR, Stroll, Five Star, Big SizeBrand Vision Sedgwick & Cedar licensed products provide both the vintage fashion aesthetic plus the authenticity of the culture, music, and lifestyle of today’s influencers. GLOBAL PRESENCE/ CURRENT S&C DISTRIBUTION APARTMENT 16 URBAN FLAVOURS ALLIGATOR FUNKHOUSEFashion & Footwear Galerie de l’Etape Mszalnica 195 74-5450 Makala Blvd. E 105 Sedgwick & Cedar legacy brand products are clean and classic 24 rue de l’Etape 33-334 Kamionka Wielka, Kailua Kona, HI 96740 in style with timeless appeal with clean minimal branding Poland 51100 Reims, France High quality PIEL DE GALLINA Relentless attention to finishing details COLD KRUSH STORE/ Calle de Brossa, 7 GALLERY Hardgoods 07001 Palma (Mallorca), Spain 109 Unley Road Unley, SA Focus on music, especially DJ culture 5061 Australia VIBRA RECORDS Authentic performance & technology is critical Via Anfossi 13 High quality materials 20135 Milan, Italy DANCE MUSIC RECORD Clean branding 1f Aobadai-tower Annex Packaging is critical Building3-1-18 MEMES NYC Aobadai, Meguro-ku 3 Great Jones St. Tokyo 153-0042, Japan New York, NY 1001217 18
  12. 12. S&C MEDIA (MEDIA INTEREST) -Monthly Unique Visitors: 1.2 million -Planet Rock LA mix feature -Monthly Unique Visitors: 20K Front cover of Cornerstone Mixtape #131, October 2010 -Link to included -Bread and Butter from Berlin feature -Included e-blast with ad linking to -mailing list: 10,000 -email list: 2,500 -Monthly Unique Visitors: 500K -Featured Sole School video Ad in Cornerstone Mixtape #130, September 2010 -Planet Rock t-shirt feature -Included e-blast with ad linking to -mailing list: 10,000 -email list: 2,50019 20
  13. 13. FRIENDS OF S&C (INFLUENCER TRACTION) DJ Paul Devro DJ Neil Armstrong Kid Daytona John Mayer Astro Kid Tracy Morgan Tinie Tempah DJ Obscene Lil’ Wayne DJ Kut of Power 105 John Leguizamo Snoop21 22 Murs video - Murs & 9th Wonder “I Used To Love Her (Again)”
  14. 14. S&C THELIFESTYLESedgwick & Cedar represents a movement driven bythe birthplace of Hip Hop’s rich and deep rooted historyas it is undeniably pronounced in today’s culture andlifestyle translated through sports, fashion, and themusic industries.From this evolution to today’s culture across multipleplatforms, the longevity and significance of the brandare limitless as only the authenticity of Sedgwick &Cedar can convey.23 25
  15. 15. Corporate ContactsRainMaker$ LicensingMaster Licensee for the Sedgwick & Cedar BrandRainMakers Licensing4505 Las Virgenes Rd.Suite 206Calabasas, CA 91302Phone: (818) 880-2901Fax: (818) 880-2917Stephanie ComfortSComfort@RainMakersLicensing.com24