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Social Media Strategy


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How to write a social media strategy and what it should include.

How to write a social media strategy and what it should include.

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  • 1. Social Media Strategy
    Presented by:
    Terrance Barkan CAE
    1 June 2011
  • 2. Why does having a “Social Media” strategy help to reduce your social media legal exposure?
  • 3. How does having a “Social Media” strategy help?
    Defines desired versus prohibited behaviors.
    Provides a governance structure for social media management.
    Defines a process for social media use, management and dispute resolution.
    Provides a framework to protect Intellectual Property and your brand.
    Helps to select and delineate which platforms you intend to use.
  • 4. What do you want Social media to do for your organization?
  • 5. What do you want Social Media to do for you?
    To maintain my organization’s competitiveness in a rapidly changing social media landscape
    To engage my customers / members / community through high quality communications
    To improve the performance of my existing business by growing customers and sales
    To improve the effectiveness of my staff team through increased communication and transparency
  • 6. How are other associations and association members actually using social media?
  • 7. How are organizations using social media?
    SOCIALSTRAT Survey Data*
    * More than 900 organizations surveyed.
  • 8. Level of social media use / maturity
    SOCIALSTRAT Survey Data*
  • 9. Who “owns” social media?
    SOCIALSTRAT Survey Data*
  • 10. Social Media Budgets
    SOCIALSTRAT Survey Data*
  • 11. SOCIALSTRAT Survey Data**
    Age demographics…
    **More than 8,300 white collar professionals surveyed from the fields of medicine, business management, engineering and law.
  • 12. SOCIALSTRAT Survey Data**
    What is their level of social media use?
    This distribution reflects a typical "Bell Curve". When comparing individual associations, it helps to identify if your members are leading or lagging in the use of social media for professional purposes.
    These three categories; "Not Comfortable", "Not Yet Used" and "Do Not Use" are all treated as "non-users" of social media.
  • 13. What do they use social media for?
  • 14. Social Media in the workplace
  • 15. ROI
    What does a “Social Media Strategy” include?
  • 16. The key elements to social media strategy are:
    • Social Media Goals
    • 17. Measures and Objectives
    • 18. Defined audiences (target groups)
    • 19. Key messages and themes
    • 20. IP and Content development strategy**
    • 21. Identification of “Community Champions”
    • 22. Inventory of technology tools and applications used
    • 23. Implementation and measurement guidelines**
    **This includes social media policies and guidelines!
  • 24. Social Media Goals
    • Long term objectives, big picture objectives
    • 25. Includes; maintain competitiveness and relevance, member engagement, development of content and IP, new sources of revenue, etc.
  • Measures and Objectives
    • How are you going to monitor and measure progress?
    • 26. Includes things like; ROI, levels of engagement, new member acquisition, retention rates, amount of content development.
  • Defined audiences (target groups)
    • Who are you trying to reach and how are they using social media?
    • 27. Which of your target groups are the highest priority?
  • Key messages and themes
    • Communications planning and integration
    • 28. Part of your overall marketing mix:
    • 29. email, direct mail, live events, etc.
  • IP and Content development strategy**
    • User Generated Content (UGC) creation strategy
    • 30. Ownership rights
    • 31. Monetization

  • 32. Identification of “Community Champions”
    • Catalyst for your online group
    • 33. Thought leaders and experts
    • 34. Your member representatives to their peers
    Disney & Pixar Films
  • 35. Inventory of technology tools and applications used
    • Understand where your organization is on social media (official and “un-official” sites)
    • 36. Understand social media outlets your members are using
    • 37. Define which channels you will use and why
  • Implementation and measurement guidelines**
    • This is your written social media strategy which includes your community management guidelines and policies
    • 38. Critical to your legal risk mitigation approach
  • Social Media Strategy
  • 39. Want more information?
    or call +1 202 294 5563
    Terrance Barkan CAE
    Chief Strategist & CEO