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Ls greece brochure
Ls greece brochure
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Ls greece brochure


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Published in: Education, Travel
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  • 1. GREECE Present day Greece is located in southeastern Europe on the Balkan Peninsula. It is west to the Ionian and Italian sea while east there is the Aegean Sea. Mountains cover nearly three fourths of Greece’s mainland. In between the mountains there are narrow valleys and small plains. The climate is mild, never too hot , or too cold. During the winter the water causes great winds, but during the GREECE summer it is wonderful. Greece is a wonderful place to go.You can visit the Agora and Acropolis,but also learn about the mysteriouslegends, myths, and mythology of theinteresting country. The climate is greatand the people are friendly, so hop on ainternet and plan your next visit toGreece!
  • 2. Another great place to visit is the In the following paragraph there are Acropolis. An Acropolis is a fort built interesting facts about Greece: In Greece, on a large hill for when enemy attacked. 776 B.C. the Greeks held a large athletic Many people in the vicinity came into it festival to honor the god Zeus. They did for safety. Later it became the center of this for four years in a row in Olympia and religion in many city- states. later became known as the Olympic Games. If you are a big shopper a great place People in Greece were very connected toto visit would be the Agora. The Agora religion. They based natural eventsis a meeting place for farmers, according to the Gods. For example, if theyfisherman, merchants, and crafts had very bad thunder storms or lightningworkers to bring there goods to sell. storms they would say Zeus was angry.Some stuff you can find there are Children in Greece learned to read andpapyrus, sponges, olive oil, hand spun write, but there main focus was on physicalfabrics, and many different styles of education. Such as running, gymnastics,pots (pottery). Make sure you bring boxing, and wrestling. Greece was alsoyour coins, because you will want some known well for there legends and this site. Designed by Lizzy Stokes