Orient Customer Relationship Management Project Report

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Orient Customer Relationship Management Project Report in Supply Chain management By Tayyab Aways

Orient Customer Relationship Management Project Report in Supply Chain management By Tayyab Aways

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  • 1. CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT - ORIENT1PROJECT REPORTCUSTOMER RELATIONSHIPMANAGEMENT OF ORIENTGROUP INDUSTRIESPRESENTED TO: Mr. Sajid MahmoodPRESENTED BY:Mr. Muhammad Tayyab 111405Mr. Bilal Ahmad 103145Mr. Farooq Haider 103119Ms. Rabiya Khalid 131754Ms. Amina Imtiaz 131753Ms. Huda Javaid 131756
  • 2. CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT - ORIENT2Contents1. COMPANY PROFILE 51.1 Vision 51.2 Objectives 51.3 Quality Control 51.4 Service Centers 52 CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT 63 CUSTOMER REALTIONSHIP MANAGEMENT OF ORIENT 83.1 CRM Objectives of Orient : 83.2 Customer Value 83.3 Commitment 83.4 Life Styles 84 PRODUCTS AND SERVICES OF ORIENT 94.1 Products: 94.2 Services: 94.3 Value Added Services 105 CUSTOMERS’ RELATIONSHIP STRATEGY 116 EXPERT RECOMMENDATIONS- MAXIMIZE CRM PAYBACK 147 SUGGESTIONS TO IMPROVE CRM 15
  • 3. CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT - ORIENT3ACKNOWLEDGEMENTWe would like to pay our praises and humblest thanks to AL-MIGHTY ALLAH, the mostMerciful and Beneficiate of all, who bestowed us with the ability to complete this project. Itgives us immense pleasure and honor to extend our thanks to our kind & cooperative. SirSajid Mehmood from Faculty of Institute of Management Sciences, Lahore for his valuableadvices and suggestions throughout our semester, in order to perform well & up to mark.Finally, we pay regards of gratitude to our parents, as they and their prayers for. Our successare always been a pillar of strength for us in our life.
  • 4. CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT - ORIENT4PREFACEQuality without creativity is meaningless. As changes grow ever more unpredictablecreativity is rapidly becoming recognized a core management skill. Today’s businessenvironment demands that manager’s posses a wide range of knowledge skills andcompetencies, as well as sound understanding of management process and function.Managers need to be able to make best use of their time, talent and of other people to workwith and through others to achieve corporate objectives. They also need to demonstrate theirability not merely to solve problems, but to transform them and design ways through them.This report concerns needs and changing needs and their satisfaction level, which are theimportant function in every organization.
  • 5. CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT - ORIENT51. COMPANY PROFILEOrient Group of Companies has been on the forefront ofdesign and development, by coming up with new products andincreasing its presence in all its featured markets. Establishedin Lahore in1957, today the Orient Group of Companies is oneof the largest consumer goods companies of Pakistan.Orients products have proven themselves in functionalperformance parameters set by international industry experts. With the vision to becomeleaders of the industry, Orient strives to make each of its products, with careful R&D andintensive innovation. Orient aims to give its customers new and original products each year,which can be value beyond the ordinary in every household.1.1 Vision“Our Vision is to be the leading provider of Consumer Electronics goods in Pakistan anddeliver the best to the nation and our country.”1.2 ObjectivesTheir target is to become Pakistans top manufacturers in electronics and home appliances,photographic and lighting industries. They are evolving themselves toward upgrading theirproducts and services to serve their customers the best.1.3 Quality ControlTheir stringent quality parameters and rigorous testing and re-testing allows for 100%confirmation of standards. From their services to their workforce, they are employed toensure the best quality on offer.1.4 Service CentersWe have around 1 location around the country, with 17 orient center brand shops, 17 orientcare service centers and 14 branch offices.
  • 6. CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT - ORIENT62 CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT CRM includes the methodologies, technology andcapabilities that help in enterprise managecustomer relationships. It focuses on creating and maintaining lastingrelationships with its customers. Enhances an organizations ability to see thedifferences in its customers’ and prospectsbehavior and needs. It tracks new opportunities to better serve theircustomers and act, instantly and profitably, on those differences and opportunities It costs a company less to retain and grow an existing client, than it does to courtnew ones. It is said that : It is seven times more expensive to acquire a new customer than tokeep an existing one. CRM includes the storing of customer information in a database (or datawarehouse) and using the information in a way that improves the customers"experience”. Today it is widely acknowledged how you treat your customer in determiningfuture profitability.
  • 8. CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT - ORIENT83 CUSTOMER REALTIONSHIP MANAGEMENT OF ORIENTOrient share a strong and long term business relationship with its customers. Its customersfeel pride in having a supplier like ORIENT.3.1 CRM Objectives of Orient : customer loyalty Greater customer satisfaction Higher sales and marketing performance Improved marketing efficiency Stronger brand consistency Improved customer profitability More cost-effective customer service3.2 Customer ValueThey value their customers and are devoted to deliver tothem in a timely and professional manner. Customer’s value is very high. They satisfy theircustomers through qualitative values. They claim their vendors if they find any defects in theproduct because they don’t want to lose their customers due to lack of the quality.3.3 CommitmentAt Orient Group of Companies they are driven first and foremost by their customers. Thetalent, energy and determination of each and every employee enable them to deliver the bestto their customers and play a role in boosting the country.3.4 Life StylesTheir exquisite range of appliances is designed to bring vibrant changes in our lifestyle.Their attractive products certainly add more meaning to our life.
  • 9. CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT - ORIENT94 PRODUCTS AND SERVICES OF ORIENTOrient offers wide range products and services to its valued customers. Products includeelectronics including refrigerators, air conditioners and many more.4.1 Products::Orient Entertainer Orient Refrigerators:Orient Washing Machine Orient Cassette Type Air ConditionersOrient Floor Standing Air Conditioners Orient Vacuum Cleaner4.2 Services:
  • 10. CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT - ORIENT10 Orient offers an array of CRM and business applicationservices that allow customers and subscribers tosystematically record and store business data. They offer a uniquely integrated approach to CRM thatenhances every customer interaction you have throughoutthe organization Orient offers a comprehensive CRM solution set withcustomization tool, like they up-to-date information. The orient web-based service gives more enhancements in customer servicecapabilities. They provide online services for troubleshooting. They have customer sales centers in big cities of Pakistan. Their response time towards customer’s complaints is very quick. They send their representative within 24 hours. If the problem is minor then thetechnician solve at the spot, if it is bigger than the machine is send to theirheadquarter. If the problem is major, then they replace the item. They give warranties. They conduct seminars for their retailers periodically, in which they conductexhibitions and make them experienced and give knowledge about the product.4.3 Value Added Services Service Desk for personalizedAssistance Dedicated Offline Equity Dealing Desk Online services Orient Summer Gala Orient Center Wedding Offer.
  • 11. CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT - ORIENT115 CUSTOMERS’ RELATIONSHIP STRATEGYThey don’t directly deal with the customers. They supply their products throughretailers.1 Business Goals- Customer Retention, Acquisition And DevelopmentThey retain their customers by doing innovations .They are working togetheron a mission to provide the innovative products to the customers. They havedeveloped their own orient centers, but their orient center setup is not sosuccessful due to consortium.2 Business StrategyThey have the high inventory cost because their inventory is available in theirwarehouses all the time to increase their responsiveness. They incorporate newtechnologies and components into its product offerings.3 Utilizing Of Resources In Managing Customer RelationshipThey focus on the resources to manage their customer relationships. Theyorganize events, customer awareness programs and through social media likefacebook, twitter, LinkedIn, blogs etc to interact with their customers.4 Customer Service CenterCustomer service center is available for 24/7 hours to handle the inquiries.
  • 12. CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT - ORIENT125 Availability Of Customer InformationEvery customer information is not available in the customer care center becausethey didn’t interact directly with the customers due to the retailers.6 Training Programs For Deepening Customer RelationshipInternal and external training programs are conducted in order to acquire addeepen their customer relationship.7 Strategies To Capture Its Competitor’s Client They have market intelligence They map the prices They set the pricing policy decisions If the competitor change the pricing policies obviously they change their pricepolicy.8 Corporate ClientsThey have almost seventy percent of the corporate clients of the air conditions and the waterdispensers.9 Rewards For The Employees The employees performance is measured and rewarded on meeting the customerneeds on successfully serving the customers in terms of: Cash incentives World tours (China, Thailand and Indonesia).10 Measures To Obtain Customer Feedback Questionnaires Marketing agencies Source of social media ( Face book ,Twitter and blogs) Market survey11 Evaluation of Customer FeedbackCustomer feedback is evaluated by setting the market plan , in which everything is discussedwhat to deliver in the market according to the customer feedback.
  • 13. CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT - ORIENT13Recommendations & Suggestions
  • 14. CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT - ORIENT146 EXPERT RECOMMENDATIONS- MAXIMIZE CRM PAYBACKTo help you move your CRM initiative forward, here are five top tactics to make yourinitiative meet or exceed expectations.1. REWARD ADOPTION.No CRM application will perform unless staff and salespeople actually use the system.Therefore, high adoption rates are essential to success."Once you have CRM implemented and your sales people trained, start with a simpledeclaration that they will only be paid commission if their contacts and opportunities are inthe CRM system," advises James Wong, CEO of Avidian Technologies.2. REVAMP AND REFOCUS THE METRICS.Shift from efficiency-focused metrics to effectiveness metrics."Average handle time and other efficiency metrics cannot capture your organizations abilityto differentiate the brand, and in fact, success in such areas can actually be huge detractorsin customer satisfaction and thus, brand value," says Taylor Allis, Executive Director,Product Marketing for TeleTech.3. REFINE YOUR RATIONALE.Look at problems and opportunities from a three-dimensional perspective instead. Evaluateeach change and execution according to how it impacts each of these three decision-makingperspectives."A CRM practitioner should look for tool and solution rationalization for the three layers ofdecision making — Strategic, Tactical and Operational," advises L. N. Balaji, President ofUS Operations for ITC Infotech.4. CREATE YOUR OWN CRM COMMUNITIES"As brands begin to positively influence the customer experience through both traditionaland emerging channels, customers will be open to company branded forums, or onlinecommunities, which can be used as another extension of your overall CRM approach, anddone well, another boost for customer satisfaction and brand value," says Allis.
  • 15. CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT - ORIENT155. MARK MOBILE AS A TOP PRIORITYMobile CRM is no longer a stand-alone function. Today, mobile is a necessity for employees,vendors, partners, and customers to interact with the company and each other."A well-defined mobile CRM strategy can significantly improve employee productivity,increase customer satisfaction, enhance collaboration with partners and ultimately reducethe cost of operation and increase business revenues," says Fabre.7 SUGGESTIONS TO IMPROVE CRM Response rate to the complaints and queries registered online mustbe answered at earliest. Improve retention by identifying dissatisfied customers and actingon them promptly.. Maximize positive word of mouth by posting feedback to socialnetwork pages. Reduce calls to your help desk by pointing people to self-service content.