Classroom rules and procedures


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Classroom rules and procedures for a student in a school or any learning point

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Classroom rules and procedures

  1. 1. Classroom Rules and ProceduresThe following discipline procedureswill be used in class!
  2. 2. Classroom Rules• 1. Students are to bring all required materials andsupplies to class each day.• 2. Students are to be in their seats, quiet, and ready towork when the tardy bell rings.• 3. Students are to follow directions the first time they aregiven.• 4. Students are to raise their hand to be recognizedbefore speaking.• 5. Students are to remain in their seats unless givenpermission to get up.• 6. Students should not eat, drink, or chew gum in theclassroom.
  3. 3. Disciplinary Procedures• 1stoffence- Warning• 2ndoffence- ParentNotification• 3rdoffence- Detention• 4thoffence- Referral tothe office• This procedure maybe altered accordingto the severity of theoffence!!!!
  4. 4. Incentives• 1. Praise• 2. Parent contact• 3. Nomination forstudent of the monthaward• 4. Homework passes
  5. 5. Classroom Procedures
  6. 6. Being Prepared and Writing Utensils• Being PreparedBring required materialseach day. (3-ring binder,loose leaf paper, writersnotebook, pen and apencil• Writing Utensilsa. Students may use apencil or a pen (blue orblack ink)b. Blue or black ink shouldbe used for formalwriting assignments.c. Typed or computergenerated work will beaccepted with priorapproval of the teacher.
  7. 7. Entering and Exiting Class• Entering ClassA. After entering the room,students may not leavewithout permission.B. Students may not leavebooks and materials outsidethe classroom for any reasonC. Upon entering, studentsshould go to their assignedseats and prepare for class.D. Begin working on sentencecorrections and analogies• Exiting ClassA. The teacher will dismiss theclass Not The Bell.B. Do not pack books to exitclass until instructed to do soby the teacher.C. Students will be dismissedby rows.D. Students are responsible forcleaning the area aroundtheir desks before leaving theroom.
  8. 8. Maintaining Your Notebook and Writers Notebook• Your Notebooka. Keep the following in yournotebook: Class rules, classprocedures, class notes,vocabulary assignments,D.O.L, Daily analogies, andPACT materialsb. All materials must be datedand in the right order.c. Notebooks will be checkedevery nine weeks. This gradewill count as a test grade.• Writers Notebooka. This will be a black and whitecomposition notebook(Hardback).b. This notebook will be usedfor private entries as well asclass assignments andwriting starts.
  9. 9. PapersPaper usage• Writing on theback ofhomework andclass work ispermitted andencouraged.• Do not write onfinal drafts.• Do not write onthe bottom line ofthe paper, go tonext page.Heading Papers• Write your nameand date in the top-right hand corner ofthe first page.• Write your last nameand number anyfollowing pages in theupper right handcorner.•Do not fold papers!!!Passing in papers•Each student shouldplace their paper ontop of the paperbeside you and passthem across the row.• The student on thelast seat should collectall papers place themon the teachers desk.
  10. 10. Restroom and Water• Restrooma. Students should use therestroom before class.b. After entering theclassroom, students willnot be allowed to leaveunless it is an extremeEmergency.• Watera. Students should getwater before class•
  11. 11. Pencil Sharpening and Trash• Pencil Sharpeninga. Students are to sharpenpencils upon enteringthe classroomb. If your lead breaksduring class and if yourhave no other writingutensil, raise your handand wait for furtherinstructions.• Trasha. Trash will be thrownaway when your aredismissed from class.Keep it at your desk untilyou are dismissed.b. Pick up all paper aroundyour desk before leavingthe room.
  12. 12. Walking In The Hallways As A ClassA. Students are expected to walk in astraight line when in the hallway.B. There will be NO TALKING in line.Other students are still in class.C. All class rules apply in the hallway.
  13. 13. Library Privileges and A.R. Requirements• Students will visit the library as a class once every twoweeks. They may also visit the library during their StudyHall, at Lunch, and during their Break.• All students will be required to read and pass a test ontwo Accelerated Reader books each nine weeks. Thesegrades will be counted as a test grade in my grade book.• If the student fails to meet this requirement they willreceive a zero for a test grade in my grade book.• Failure to comply with assigned work in the library willresult in the loss of library privileges.