July 2011 Newsletter


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July 2011 Newsletter

  1. 1. Volume 1, Issue 3 July 2011 Talking with Taylor READY FOR THE HEAT? Here are some energy efficient, cost effective ways to improve your cooling: Change your air filter regularly - During summer months this means monthly. Dirty filters slow down air flow, making your system work harder. Tune up your HVAC equipment annually - Think of this as your car’s main- tenance - It improves your gas mileage...this essentially does the same in your home, causing it to not have to work as hard during our heat waves. Install a programmable thermostat - Ideal for people who function on set time periods (during work or sleep hours...so, pretty much everyone). Used correctly, it will save you around 10%. Find leaks - Obvious one I know, but most people look over this. Check doors, windows, etc. because your nice, cold, expensive air is finding these leaks and quickly leaving your home. Cong ratulBuying Versus Renting... on y our ation Que succ essfu l clo sing sThat’s the hot question Realtors are getting asked right now. Surprising, even K en P s! ris V erezthough Houston isn’t feeling the recession as bad as others, we sure are playing on H ;it safe. Houstonians are creating a market where rent is the popular choice (for ohnseveral reasons - credit, commitment, uncertainty).“The apartment market is hot across the entire nation...Texas, one of the few states with positive job growth, isregistering strong growth in its apartment occupancy rates and rents. Across the nation, droves of people are giving up on the American dream of home ownership and electing to live in rented dwellings instead, said Stan Humphries, chief economist of the Zillow real estate company. Over the next year...between 1.2 million and 2.2 million people will be shifting from being home- owners to being renters...With foreclosures still plaguing the housing market and consumers worrying about more declines coming in home prices, moving into rental housing is an appealing option.”So, if you’ve been thinking about obtaining an income property (I know some of you are!) then nowmight be the time to start finding those “deals”.
  2. 2. Taylor Skidmore Direct: 281-728-6806 Texas Realtor® Email: taylor@realestatewithtaylor.com 8817 Louetta Rd. Web: www.realestatewithtaylor.com Spring, TX 77379 Blog: blogs.har.com/TaylorSkidmoreLocal Resources:Ever wonder how you can utilize the Internet more than you already are? Start visiting these web-sites, and get to know your hometown a little better: www.har.com - Houston Association of Realtors is not just a website for when you’re in the market for a new house. This site provides information on local market trends, neighborhoods, school districts. So if you aren’t planning on moving soon, you should still stay educated on the Houston market. www.h-gac.com - Houston-Galveston Area Council provides local information, region-wide plans, and services to support the region’s local governments. Key H-GAC governmental ser- vices include transportation planning, homeland security, air and water quality planning, fore- casting, and mapping. http://houston.culturemap.com - This website provides fun information for all things local. It ranges from where you can catch the next theater arts show, what museum is having a free ad- mission night, who is having a concert over the weekend, where the hottest places to eat are, and it even has a real estate section☺ Local Restaurant Spotlight: Festive Food Creations [Peli Peli] is an “upscale casual” restaurant in Northwest Houston’s Vintage Park. It is a South African inspired experience, where Peli Peli is actually a spice that is used in most of the dishes. To start the experience, order the Peli Peli Bellini and the South African Flatbread (seasonings and Parme- san cheese), then get the Garlic Filet with couscous on the side (very important), and finish off with the Grilled Fruit Passion (a nice, light ending). Peli Peli also offers a great brunch on the weekend - Be sure to ask about the bottomless Mimosas!