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  • 2. CALIFORNIAfind yourself here.● only Alaska and Texashas more land thenCalifornia.●in 2009 thepopulation was36,961,664.●California is home tothe most largest tree-General Sherman.●More turkeys areraised in California.●The Hollywood Bowlis the worlds largestoutdoor amphitheater.
  • 3. SOUTHDAKOTAGreat faces Great places●milk is the state drink.●the black hills are a verypopular destination forfamilies.●Tom Brokaw of NBCgraduated from YanktonHigh School and theUniversity of SouthDakota.● Bowdle is known forthe tallest water tower inSouth Dakota.●South Dakota is thehome of theDakota, Lakota andNakota tribes, whichmake up the SiouxNation.
  • 4. NEW YORKI love New York●The first Americanchess tournament washeld in New York in1843.●New York City has 722miles of subway track.●The first Boys Clubwas established in NewYork City in 1876●New York State ishome to 58 species ofwild orchids.●New York has over70,000 miles of riversand streams
  • 5. HAWAIIThe Islands Of Aloha●The word Hawaii is fromthe Proto-Polynesianhawaiki, meaning “place ofthe gods” or “homeland.”●Only two types ofmammals are native toHawaii: the hoary bat andthe monk seal●The southernmost state inthe United States is Hawaii●Hawaii has its own timezone and does not observeDaylight Saving Time●Oahu draws more visitorsthan any other island ofHawaii
  • 6. NEW MEXICOland of enchantment●The state of New Mexicois the most importanthub of American Indianculture.●New Mexico has morecattle than human beings.●New Mexico also boastsof the fourth longest riverin all of North America -the Rio Grande.●The Rio Grande Riveralso serves as a naturalboundary between Texasand New Mexico.●The total area of theState of New Mexico isaround 121,665 squaremiles.
  • 7. SOUTHCAROLINASmiling Faces BeautifulPlaces●South Carolina is the nationsleading peach producer andshipper east of the MississippiRiver.●Duncan Park Baseball Stadiumin Spartanburg is the oldestminor league stadium in thenation.●Johnston is known as thePeach Capital of the World.●The Upper Whitewater Falls isthe highest cascade in easternAmerica; it descends for nearly411 feet●The Lake City tobacco marketwas established in 1898, andhas grown to become one of thetwo largest markets in SouthCarolina today.
  • 8. MARYLANDSo Many Thing To Do SoClose Together●The United States NavalAcademy was founded onOctober 10, 1845 atAnnapolis.●The first dental school inthe United States opened atthe University of Maryland.●The National Aquarium islocated in BaltimoresInner Harbor.●The Maryland StateHouse is the oldest statecapitol still in continuouslegislative use.●Maryland was first toenact Workmenscompensation laws in 1902.
  • 9. NEW JERSEYNew Jersey●New Jersey has thehighest percent urbanpopulation in the U.S. withabout 90% of the peopleliving in an urban area.●New Jersey is the onlystate where all its countiesare classified asmetropolitan areas.●New Jersey has the mostdense system of highwaysand railroads in the U.S.●New Jersey is a majorseaport state with thelargest seaport in the U.S.located in Elizabeth.●New Jersey has the tallestwater tower in the world.
  • 10. ALASKANorth! To Alaska●Alaska officiallybecame the 49th stateon January 3, 1959.●The state of RhodeIsland could fit intoAlaska 425 times.●Alaska officiallybecame the 49th stateon January 3, 1959.●Alaska has been calledAmericas Last Frontier.●Alaskas geographiccenter is 60 milesnorthwest of MountMcKinley.
  • 11. OHIOHeart of it all●The first ambulanceservice was established inCincinnati in 1865.●Cleveland is home to theRock and Roll Hall ofFame.●Ohio has an area of116,103 sq miles. It ranks34th in state size.●Ohios state flag is apennant design. It is theonly state flag of thatdesign in the UnitedStates.●Ohio is known as theBuckeye State.