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  • 1. Sociology 100
    • Megan Taylor
  • 2.
    • In the twentieth century, where in some states gay marriage is now legal, it is then also socially expectable for gay married couples to have children?
    • 2.  Why does society believe that children that come from a mixed family will have social difficulties while growing up due to the fact that they do not know which race to identify with?
  • 3. 1. Why is it not socially acceptable   for a man to cry? 2. Why is it not socially acceptable for women to be the main source of income, and a man to stay at home with the children while she is at work?  
  • 4.
    • 1. Does a person’s place of origin contribute to whether a person continues in the religion they are brought up in?
    • 2.   How many people in the twentieth century, are bringing their children up in any kind of religion at all in the United States of America?
  • 5.
    • How much does television desensitize society to violence, and therefore what are the effects of that?
    • How does our social class affect the likelihood of adult violence?
  • 6. 1. Why do some states in America accept the death penalty while others do not? 2. Why is the number of people incarcerated in America increasing every year?
  • 7.
    • How many younger generation adults, cherish their right to vote, and how many put it into practice?
    • 2. How much as a society do we value our right to vote for and choose our leaders as compared to other societies?
  • 8.
    • How does your social class affect the quality of education you receive?        
    • Does a child’s social class also effect the events that lead to a child bringing a gun into school with them?
  • 9. 1. Does a child’s family income effect how a child mentally develops very early on in life? 2. At what age do young children begin to feel social pressure?
  • 10.
    • Does a person’s place of origin effect the amount of respect they have for the environment?
    • 2. Does your gender also effect the amount of respect you have for the environment?
  • 11.
    • 1. Does income effect how far a teen mother will go in life?     
    • 2. In America, is teenage pregnancy more accepted today than it was in the nineteen fifties?