Red Bull Stratos Jump


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Red Bull Stratos Jump

  1. 1. Building Brand ImageWhile Breaking World Records
  2. 2. Success #1• The Stratos jump featured a live stream with camerassurrounding the capsule that Felix jumped out of thatcaptured ever second leading up to the jump as well as hisfirst step towards earth.• The live stream could be found on the Red Bull websiteand on YouTube, where over 8 million people watched.• The jump was also featured on over 40 TV stations and130 digital outlets worldwide.Live Stream
  3. 3. Success #2• The Red Bull Stratos Twitteraccount had over 20,000mentions on the day of thejump.• The account still has over201,700 followers and theystill use it to share relevantinformation about the eventand how the data gatheredfrom the jump has been usedfor scientific purposes.• The jump was trending acrossthe globeTwitterReach
  4. 4. Success #3:• On the day of the jump, thepage had over 900,000interactions and 83,000shares.• The goal of the page was toincrease the interactivity ofthe jump so that Red Bullcould update audiences ofany changes, such as the newjump date, as well as postpictures and informationleading up to the event.FacebookReach
  5. 5. The most engaging postsoccurred on the day of the eventwhen a photo taken of Felixlanding. Because of the hundredsof thousands of shares, likes andcomments on this photo, theaverage post engagementclimbed to 193,557%.The most engaging posts occurred onthe day of the event when a phototaken of Felix landing. Because of thehundreds of thousands of shares, likesand comments on this photo, theaverage post engagement climbed to193,557%.
  6. 6. Relating the message• The existing brand message of “Red Bull give youwings” can relate directly to the overall idea of the RedBull helping Felix go into space and make this jump.• This synergy between the original message and the ideaof the jump created a stronger overall message.• The jump was not just for marketing purposes, scientificinformation was gathered in the process on behalf ofNASA.
  7. 7. In conclusion…
  8. 8. • The company made a major consumer impression andreached millions of people through one event.• Major factors that contributed to the success are:• Interactivity of event through social media• Brand association with a major event (The jump aloneattracted people)• Timeliness factor through live stream and updates• Newsworthiness through connection with scientific researchand breaking world records• Appealed to various audiences• Reached consumers through story telling technique whereconsumers could follow the event from start to finish